30 Hair Colour Ideas For Men To Look Fashionable In 2022

Men’s hair colours have few variations, but the impressions differ greatly depending on the details, so choosing the colour suits you is essential. Today we will introduce 30 kinds of hair colours, from standard to widespread ash, so please refer to them.

If you are looking for an easy way to change your look, you can change your hair colour. If you still don’t know which colour is perfect for you, we will tell you the hair colour trend for men.

Do not miss the latest trendy men’s haircuts. You can go from one colour for all your hair, choose two colours that go well together, or add volume to your hair with highlights.

You feel like you want to change your hair colour, but you don’t know how to deal with drastic changes. On the one hand, hit what makes you feel good. On the other hand, it can be achieved by selecting bright spots or trend colouring for 2022. If you consider your skin tone or eye colour and have questions about which colour is the most pleasing, keep reading. We have prepared a super complete guide for you to find the tips and tricks. Over the years, light-coloured hair tends to turn black and lose its original childhood blonde hue. The hair colour’s rest will lose its original brilliance and shine with age. That’s why the key to vital hair colour is naturalness.

Hair Colours for Men Today:


Light hair shades may be genetically related and may signify albinism. But much more often, they are inherited by northern peoples: Scandinavians, residents of the north part of Russia, Germans. Natural blonde is usually rarely cold. It contains a yellow pigment that gives the hair shades of wheat, honey, rye, flax.


It is an actual option for men with a bright appearance. Black and dark brown hair is found among residents of the East, Latin America, Mexico, Arab countries, and the Caucasus. Eyebrows and eyelashes, in this case, are also always dark.


White hair colour is recommended for events, and unlike the surroundings, you can create your personality. The colour is similar to silver, but white is more transparent than silver, which has a glossy feel and is recommended for creating an extraordinary feeling. Although it is an excellent white colour, it may be bleached multiple times, so please consider the damage to your hair before incorporating it.


These are platinum and silver, copper, and mercury shades that modern hairdressers love so much. The more brutal the image and haircut are, the more impressive the colour change looks. Very light shades are difficult to get on dark hair.


Violet is a colouring that has a more vital red element than the silver purple introduced earlier. The appeal of violet is the vividness of the colour itself and the fact that it is less likely to be worn by people. If you want to incorporate violet into your hair colour, we recommend the center part with a perm applied to the entire surface. Finishing with grease gives a glossy look and enhances the reproducibility of hairstyles.


Transparent colouring such as ash is the trend, but gold, which is a high-tone colour of the royal road, is still a standard for men. For this season’s gold colour, it is recommended to make the gold a little dull to give it a highly transparent and refined impression. The suggested arrangement is to leave the roots black instead of unifying the whole with gold.


The palette of red tones is the rarest. Red-haired men can have carrot-coloured, mahogany-coloured, buckwheat-honey hair. If there are plans to change the colour, it must be considered that the red pigment is the most difficult to repaint.


In fashion – shades of lime peel and green lawn and “mermaid” trends close to the marsh, emerald, khaki. The brighter the palette, the better. Young men can afford shades of light green, but it is worth considering that in combination with fair skin, they can give a sickly, tired look.


Today, this colour is rarely found in men’s colouring in its original tone of juicy orange. You can often find a version in the spirit of “pink flamingo” with orange-crimson transitions or “sunset in the jungle” with a predominance of fiery red colours of flaming dawn.


A bright shade of egg yolk or pale lemon, mustard or gold – all these colours are chosen by the owners of short haircuts. Shades of yellow go well with curly or afro hair swarthy skin.


Option for the most brutal men. Colouring is often done in the shade of fuchsia or combined with other tones in a multicolour hairstyle. It looks interesting toning the ends of the strands in combination with the same border along the edge of the beard.


Brutal and at the same time non-standard colour. Depending on the initial hue, it can turn into “pepper and salt” or “wet asphalt” but always has a characteristic silvery gray undertone.


White hair can be the result of a complete loss of pigment. Natural gray hair has a clean and cold colour or a slight yellowness. Dark-haired men, turning gray, can acquire ashen hair. They are often tinted with purple and blue dyes to nobility.

Ash gray

Ash colour, famous as a trend colour, is becoming a standard colouring. Among the ash colours, ash gray dull gray will become more popular. Ash gray can suppress the redness characteristic of hair quality, giving a gentle finish. Single-coloured hair colours such as brown hair and blonde hair are also excellent, but you can create a refined atmosphere by incorporating colouring that combines colours such as ash gray. Since it is not a unique colouring, it is also attractive because it is a trend colour but easy to incorporate.


This includes all chestnut tones: light to dark, brown, close to cocoa, or cinnamon. The gradation of shades can be cold, medium, warm, and saturation also varies from dark blond to almost brunette. Brown-haired hair is rarely uniformly coloured – they have overflows and versatility. This colour is found in most residents of Europe, the USA, who have a European type of appearance.

Ash brown

By adding ash to brown, you can create a light atmosphere while having a dark colouring. Especially for hairstyles that have a feeling of a bunch or are made with outside splashes, the movement can be emphasized more, so it can be said that the colouring is compatible. On the other hand, although it is a dark colouring, it isn’t easy to get into hair quality, so that bleaching will improve hair colour’s reproducibility. The impression will change depending on the tone, so it is essential to consult with a beautician and use the style that suits you.

Light brown

It is a standard colouring recommended for those new to hair colouring. Even from the perspective of skin colour and eye colour, light brown often blends in naturally, and the reason is that it has a long-lasting colour. As for the hairstyle to match, if it is a men’s short style, it goes well with most types. Since it does not require bleaching, it is characterized by minor damage to the hair, so it is also recommended for those concerned about damage.

Coffee brown

Our first batch of men’s hair dyes is for those who prefer natural tones. For example, a deep coffee brown will help you blend into any environment effortlessly. We recommend it for men who want to go from light hair colour to a darker one.

Cool brown

If a shade similar to coffee is too dark for you, tone it down with a more excellent medium brown. It’s just as discreet, regardless of the eye or skin colour. At the same time, it can be an intelligent approach to lighten black or dark brown hair gradually.


Generally speaking, the weakest tint can make the most significant hair colour difference. A considerably lighter shade can highlight dark eyes as a prominent feature if you have dark eyes. In this sense, a reddish-brown tone could be the best trick to improve the look for you.


One of the high tone colours makes it easy to incorporate silver hairstyles. As I explained initially, some people may think that silver hair is hidden from the white coat. Still, it becomes a trendy colouring by incorporating it by young men. It goes well with men’s make-up, which has been attracting attention among men with high sensitivity these days and can be said to be a hair colour that looks great on make-up.

Silver purple

Silver purple is a colouring that suppresses redness and creates an ennui atmosphere with transparency and purple. By incorporating silver purple, the hairstyle will be lighter and more fashionable, so you will be able to make a difference. Mash hair that can show a lot of hair is recommended to emphasize the colour. Bleaching is required when incorporating silver purple, so be sure to consider the damage to your hair.

Smoky ash

Smoky ash is a hair colour that gives a stronger gray impression by incorporating ash into the gray colouring. Ash is usually not good because of the redness of hair, but smoky ash improves the colour by layering ash on gray. By combining it with the men’s short style, there is also the advantage that you can emphasize the movement of each bundle and the movement of the outside splash. On the other hand, discolouration is delicate, so adding colour once a month is recommended to keep the colour.

Dark ash

Dark ash, a hair colour that has a tone comparable to that of natural hair, is recommended for men who want to create a pure atmosphere while maintaining a natural atmosphere.

Mash hair goes well with this hair colour, and you can maximize the hair colour’s attractiveness by styling it with a nuanced hair bundle.

Blue Black

Blue-black is recommended for those who want to create a sense of transparency in dark hair that tends to be heavy. Men with mashed hair, in particular, tend to have heavy hairstyles, so incorporating a blue-black colouring can reduce heavy rime dictionaries.

In addition, since the impression of blue-black changes greatly depending on the presence or absence of bleaching, it is recommended to consult with a beautician before deciding how to incorporate it.

Blue and cyan

The most trendy colours highlight individual strands and for complete colouring. They look bright and unusual, radically transform the image, fit well on gray hair. Blue dyes are not very persistent, the brightness is quickly lost, but it can be not easy to achieve complete washing out of the pigment from the hair.

Sea wave

Blue-green hair shades are universal, and we can apply them to both-haired men and typical brunettes. It is better to perform staining in the salon. Otherwise, instead of a fashionable tone, you can get the effect of brilliant green, evoking thoughts of a pharmacy. Shades of the sea wave look especially good on asymmetrical haircuts with elongated bangs.

Purple and lilac

Option for brutal men. Interestingly, these colours are well received even in a conservative society. The ink shade can be universal for gray hair with a short graphic hairstyle. On long hair, it evokes associations with a cartoon fairy godmother.

Delicate lilac is often combined with undercut haircuts, men’s buns, bright lilac – with elongated asymmetrical bangs.

Milk chocolate

We get a creamy milk chocolate hue as we move into warmer browns. Honestly, it looks fantastic on any hair type, from straight to curly. Despite its remarkable intensity, it is still a natural-looking earth tone suitable for all men.

Caramel colour

Are you in the mood for adventure? Talk to a reputable hair colourist about combining various shades of brown and blonde. You can achieve a beautiful colour gradient, whether it’s through highlights, lowlights, ombre, or balayage. Don’t worry if you don’t know the terms we just mentioned; your stylist will know what to do.

Hair Care Tips:

  • To preserve the new colour as much as possible, it is necessary to use shampoos with a unique composition.
  • The cosmetic product must be free of sulphates. The same goes for air conditioners. It is essential to protect the hair from the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays. To do this, it is enough to use hats.
  • Water-rich in iron provokes the appearance of a red tint on the hair.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to check the water composition at home. If it is not satisfactory, it is better to use purified or filtered shampoo.
  • Tinted shampoos, offered in a wide range, help maintain the ashy shade of hair.
  • However, such compounds greatly dry the strands and skin of the hair. To maintain a healthy state, cosmetics should be alternated, not forgetting masks and balms.
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