Hair Color Ideas for Men and Women to Look Charismatic

Hair Color Ideas for Men and women

Hair Color Ideas for Men and Women. Bright highlighting, toning, or coloring of strands is increasingly relevant not only for the fair sex. Hair color for men can also be part of a trendy look. For example, during the trend for nautical tones, “mermaids” with blue-green hair and beards appeared more and more often on the catwalks and streets of the world’s largest capitals. However, it is not at all necessary to go to extremes. When deciding what color to dye men’s hair, you can limit yourself to the natural range of colors.

Bright personalities can also indulge in the pleasure of emphasizing their individuality. Greens and chestnuts, brown-haired and purple shades, blue and black tones, radical platinum blond and soft wheat – all these colors are quite appropriate in male coloration and, with the right selection, can become a real decoration of the everyday look.

Men’s hair colors are not something given by nature once and for all. Men, like women, can change hair color just as boldly and equally well.

The appearance of grey hair in men is genetically determined, and it can be quite early. At the same time, any event, for example, a stressful experience, can trigger the appearance of grey strands. If you have a little grey hair, you can ignore it or camouflage it.

Choosing a shade close to your natural hair color in the second case is important. You can also tone your hair at home. Modern tinting products are quite persistent: on average, you need to wash your hair about 20 times before it comes off. Also, try a special treatment to help prolong color hold – Bed Head Color Goddess Oil Infused Color Protect shampoo and conditioner.

If you have a lot of grey hair and want to leave it, it is important to maintain your hairstyle properly. Try the TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo to keep the color from turning yellow.

Natural shades

Men are naturally rewarded with a much less rich palette of hair colors. 

Let’s designate the main types.


Light-colored hair can be genetically related and may be signs of albinism. But much more often, they are inherited by the northern peoples: the Scandinavians, the inhabitants of the northern part of Russia, the Germans. Natural blond is rarely cold. Usually, there is a yellow pigment in it, which gives the hair shades of wheat, honey, rye, and flax.

Coloring in light colors is always associated with the discoloration of the strands. Otherwise, it will not work to get the desired color palette.


White hair can be the result of a complete loss of pigment. Natural grey hair is clear and cool in color or slightly yellow. Dark-haired men, turning grey, can acquire ash-colored hair. They are often tinted with violet and blue dyes to nobility.


A topical option for men with a bright southern type of appearance. Black and dark brown hair is found in residents of the East, Latin America, Mexico, Arab countries, the Caucasus. Eyebrows and eyelashes, in this case, are also always dark.

Hair color names in this case often emphasize the sub tone, for example, bluish-black, with a purple tint.

Brown hair

This includes all chestnut tones: light to dark, brown, close to cocoa, or cinnamon. The gradation of shades can be cold, medium, warm, and saturation also varies from dark blond to almost brunette. Brown-haired hair is rarely uniformly colored – there are overflows and versatility in them. This color is found in most residents of Europe, the United States, with a European type of appearance.


The palette of red tones is the rarest. Red-haired men can have carrot hair, mahogany hair, buckwheat honey. If you have plans to change the color, be sure to consider that the red pigment is the most difficult to repaint.

All these hair shades belong to the natural range; when dyeing, they are chosen to hide the signs of grey hair and correct or refresh the tone of the strands. In this case, the tone of the paint should be as close to natural as possible. Then the color change will look harmonious.

Unusual tones

Colored coloring is increasingly chosen by bold young men who are not burdened with an office dress code framework in choosing their style. Multicolor variants in double or triple design look interesting. Moreover, modern men are often ready to tint a beard, and the more contrasting the colors, the better. The palettes of such dyes are also called very brightly: from “siren” to “fire.” The most popular tones in an unusual range include 9 options.


These are platinum and silver, copper, and mercury shades that modern hairdressers love so much. The more brutal the image and haircut are, the more impressive the color change looks. Very light shades are difficult to achieve on dark hair.


In vogue – shades of lime peel and green lawn, as well as “mermaid” tendencies close to marsh, emerald, khaki. The brighter the palette is, the better. Young men can afford shades of light green, but it is worth considering that in combination with fair skin, they can give a sickly, tired look.

Purple and lilac

Option for brutal men. Interestingly, these colors are well accepted even in a conservative society. The ink shade can be universal for grey hair with a short graphic hairstyle. On long hair, it evokes associations with the fairy godmother from cartoons.

Delicate lilac is often combined with undercut haircuts, men’s buns, bright lilac – with elongated asymmetric bangs.


A bright shade of egg yolk or pale lemon, mustard or gold – all these colors are chosen by owners of short haircuts. Shades of yellow go well with curly or afro hair, dark skin.


Option for the most brutal men. Dyeing is often performed in a fuchsia shade or combined with other tones in a multicolored hairstyle. It looks attractive toning the ends of the strands in combination with the same border around the edge of the beard.


Brutal and at the same time non-standard color. Depending on the initial shade, it can turn into “pepper and salt” or “wet asphalt” but always has a characteristic silver-grey undertone.

Blue and light blue

The most trendy colors highlight individual strands and for full dyeing. They look bright and unusual, radically transform the image, fit well with grey hair. Blue dyes are not very persistent, the brightness is quickly lost, but it can be not easy to completely wash out the pigment from the hair.

Sea wave

Blue-green hair shades are universal, and they can be used for fair-haired men and typical brunettes. It is better to paint in a salon, and otherwise, instead of a fashionable tone, you can get the effect of diamond green, which brings up the idea of ​​a pharmacy. Especially good shades of navy blue look on asymmetric haircuts with long bangs.


Today, this color is rarely found in male coloration in its original juicy orange tone. You can often find a version in the spirit of “pink flamingos” with orange-crimson transitions or “sunset in the jungle” with a predominance of fiery red colors of flaming dawn.


It implies smoothness in transitions in which the border between colors is not noticed. Often men choose a smoky transition that looks very original.

Ash and silver shades

The silvery icy hair color is a real hit, especially for those who have accepted their gray hair and only want to shade it slightly. The perfect example is the fashionable hair color of actress Helen Mirren.

Natural light brown

Natural light brown shades are a current and practical trend. The most delicate highlights are still in vogue if you get them by coloring.

Brown and chocolate

Shades of chestnut, milk, or dark chocolate promise to be relevant all year and beyond. Shades of chestnut, milk, or dark chocolate promise to be relevant all year and beyond. These are shades which you can do without any doubts. It looks classy and beautiful.

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