Get A Cute Outside, Honey Bob! Styling Procedure & Hair Sample Collection

The silhouette is cute and casual, and the outer honey bob always goes up in trend style. For those curious but don’t dare to make a change, this article will introduce you to a wide range of items, from styling of outer honey bob to catalogs of various outer honey bob styles!

Outside, Honey Bob Is Fashionable.

  • The outer honey bob arranges the outer honey to the bob, the length from the chin to the shoulder.
  • The curly and fluffy hair tips have a cute shape no matter where you look.
  • It has a rough feeling that it is not over-decorated, which is a big attraction.
  • In addition, by making the tips of the hair flutter, the area around the face looks neat, and the small face effect is enhanced.
  • The outer honey bob is completed by making a bob of a certain length and then arranging the outer honey.
  • It looks neat, but the hair doesn’t get that short.
  • In other words, this hairstyle is highly recommended for those who do not dare to cut short hair but want to shorten it. If you stick to the length and form of Bob, you will be able to enjoy a more casual style.
  • In addition, the outer honey bob has a hairstyle that is relatively easy to set.
  • Even if you already have bob hair and think, “I want to add a little arrangement.”, it’s easy to incorporate.

How to Style the Outer Honey Bob

As I explained earlier, the outer honey bob is easy to set! First of all, I will introduce the styling method of the outer honey bob for bob hair now. Use the straightener or iron you have at home and try the following steps.

  1. Separate the hair around the face, but the trowel in the middle part of the hair, lower the trowel straight toward the tip of the hair and heat the hair 2-3 times.
  2. As in step ①, lower the hair from the middle to the bottom while passing heat and let the tips of the hair fly out.
  3. When the bundle is finished, divide a small amount of other hair in the same way, and use the same procedure to remove the tips of the hair.
  4. Spread the hair oil on the palm of your hand. After stretching it, apply the oil to the entire hair in the order of the inside of the hair and the tips of the hair.
  5. Re-arrange the hair with a brush etc., and complete!
  6. For beginners, if you want to make a good outside splash, it is recommended to use a trowel that is easy to wind.
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If you want to use a straightener, it’s good to twist your wrist outwards and roll it away so that it doesn’t get jerky.

Choose the Outer Honey Bob That Suits You With Your Face in Mind.

Even though the length of the hair is not so short, if you have medium or long hair now, you may be a little confused about cutting it. For those who want to enjoy outer honey styling with bob hair from now on, if you find an outer honey bob that suits your face shape, you can enjoy fashion without failure.

The width of the face is conspicuous, and the round face has a cute and plump shape. If it is left, the volume will be too large on the side, so it would be nice to put a layer on the bob itself to give it a fluffy feeling or make the bangs see-through or scraped bang to emphasize the vertical of the form.

The base face is a little square outside.

Base face with the volume on cheekbones and Ella. The outside honey bob suits a little bit for the base face that doesn’t dare to make a lot of honey. The voluminous part should be kept clean with straight hair, and it should be slightly outside the ears, as shown in the photo. You can also create a natural and cute atmosphere.

There Are Many Variations. Hairstyle Sample Collection of Outer Honey Bob

There are many variations depending on the length and type of bob, even if it is called “outer bob.” In the end, I will introduce a sample of such a variety of outer honey bobs by style.

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Uncut Bob x Outer splash

The uncut bob with the tips cut off is a trendy and mellow style. Adding an outside splash will give you a rougher and more casual impression. It’s a fashionable bob style, so it’s also attractive that you don’t have to style it after setting it. Just finish it with oil to make wet hair, and the feeling of pulling out will be outstanding.

Layer cut x outer honey bob

The layered bob made by adding steps has a diamond-shaped cell and silhouette combined with the outer splash. Therefore, the balance between the face and hair is neat, and it becomes easier to look like a small face!

Wolf Cut x Outer Honey Bob.

Wolf cut whose boom is reheating these days. Bob Wolf is a style that is not too enthusiastic and can set you apart from the surroundings. Put a layer around the face like a wolf, and take in the outside splash firmly on the back to make the whole look neat. Combining it with black hair like this will be fashionable hair with an ennui atmosphere!

Constriction winding × outer honey bob

You can create a feminine atmosphere by wrapping around Bob’s face. It is attractive that the hair tips are casual with the outside splash, but it looks like an adult woman. Also, since the hair around the face is just wrapped outside with a trowel, it is a nice place to arrange it. Unexpectedly! 

Short bob x outside splash

The impression of the outer bob changes depending on the length of the original bob. For example, this is a combination with Short Bob. The neck is visible, giving a refreshing impression even in the outer honey bob. In the case of a short bob, it is recommended to make it lighter, as it will be too short if the ends of the hair are flung too much.

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No bangs x outside honey bob

The outer honey bob with bangs gives a relatively cute impression, while the outer honey bob without bangs gives a cool and “good feminine” impression. It is a part style with a soft root. There are various variations of styles without bangs, such as center part and scraping.

High tone color for a light atmosphere

High tone color that everyone longs for once. The combination of high-tone color full of transparency and outer honey bob with a rough impression makes it outstandingly light.

Make Your Usual Bob More Fashionable With the Outside Honey Bob.

It has a rough atmosphere and a cute silhouette that looks like a small face no matter where you look.