Future Ready Motorcycle Helmets That Are on Another Level

The motorcycle helmet is a necessary one who loves speed. Helmets not only bring safety, keeps you fresh and style too. Today we are showcasing 7 futuristic helmets which are on another level. Check out Future-ready motorcycle helmets that are on another level.

Cross Helmet

Traditionally motorcycle helmets have a number of serious drawbacks. If if you examine an open helmet you can see it is convenient to wear and provides an optimal view. It doesn’t guarantee total safety at the same time a full-face helmet provides a higher level of safety but it lacks the comfort of visibility. You’re now seeing the cross helmet a unique helmet that combines the best of open and full-face helmets without any of their drawbacks. The design is completely closed and the helmet is made out of polycarbonate.

The large glass panel, as well as the integrated rearview camera, improved visibility. It projects onto a semi-transparent screen located in the field of view of the biker. In other words, the cross helmet provides a 360-degree view. In addition, the screen can display the route, the weather, and other useful data. Other advantages of cross helmets are the built-in Bluetooth headset and the noise reduction system which allows you to talk even on the move the price is $1,800.

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Brake Free

The main problem for motorcyclists is not being noticed especially in the dark. It affects everyone as it reduces the safety of all road users. That’s why the helmet we’re showing right now is so effective. It is equipped with the break free, ultra-bright LED system which makes the rider much more visible. Let’s compare break free with other standard stoplights to show you all the important benefits.

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First of all, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the break free stop signal is in the field of vision of car drivers. Which means that it’s more visible. In addition, the LEDs automatically light up brighter during braking. It doesn’t matter what caused the breaking of either engine failure or red traffic light. You can buy this device for a hundred and fifty dollars.

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If you own a motorcycle and have always dreamed of feeling like Tony Stark then you definitely gonna love this helmet. The no points to the fact that the helmet will give its owner a superhero experience. Jarvis is a smart motorcycle helmet with augmented reality. Technology is also equipped with the virtual voice assistant, Amazon Alexa inside the helmet as a microphone and built-in speakers. They allow you to give your assistant voice commands while riding your bike.

You can call someone, check your notifications and even launch entertainment content on the screen. All relevant information such as the weather or the traffic is displayed on the inside of the helmet. It is right in front of your face just like in an iron man’s helmet. Among other notable features is a high-resolution camera that provides a 360-degree view. You can order it at a price ranging from 700 to 1600 dollars depending on the number of functions.

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Argon Transform

The creators of this invention believed that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to purchase a smart helmet. It is much easier and cheaper to turn an existing helmet into a smart one. Its a set of compact handy devices that greatly expands the functionality of motorcycle helmets. The device includes two cameras that are attached to the helmet as well as a special Bluetooth controller for the handlebar after installing and launching the device.

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The rider has access to many new features, for example, he can answer calls, get speed and time data or check the route in the GPS system. All of this is without removing the helmet or putting anyone’s life in danger. It is noteworthy that the argon transforms easily connects to the Internet to download new maps. There’s also a rear-view camera that eliminates blind spots and increases its driving safety. Of course, the device can work as a DVR all videos are stored on a microSD card. You can install the device at less than 20 minutes and the price is about $800.

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Traffic safety is something that everybody should be concerned about in the first place. For this reason, the motorcycle helmets were shown today are designed to increase safety what you’re seeing right now is no exception riding a motorcycle. Rainy weather is no easy business. The problem isn’t getting wet it’s actually the water on your helmet preventing you from seeing the road properly. Wipey is a device that solves this problem. It’s a compact product that you can install in just a second. It acts as a wiper removing water from the visor. You can purchase it for a hundred and fifty dollars.

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This helmet boasts a combination of relatively high affordability and a wide range of features. The ICR is yes another clever invention that can transform the way you ride a motorcycle. In the back of the helmets that are not one but two cameras. They provide a 210 degree rear view instead of the usual 180. This eliminates any blind spots making the rider feel more confident on the road. There’s also a special sensor that monitors the movements around.

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If a car gets dangerously close to the bike the yellow warning LEDs inside the helmet light up if the car gets too close. The yellow color changes to red and the helmet starts to vibrate. Built-in speakers will inform you about traffic jams ahead low helmet battery charger and much more. The ICR connects to your smartphone on the Internet. Amazingly the developers managed to put 16 gigabytes of memory inside the helmets. The price of this awesome helmet is 850 dollars.

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Heads Up Display Helmet

The last interesting invention we’re going to show you today was created by BMW specialists. Although the helmet was shown at the CES exhibition back in 2016. It’s definitely worth checking out. The helmet is capable of displaying all the information that can be useful to the rider. Such as speed, current transmission, fuel level warnings and more. The information is arranged in such a way that the users not distracted from the road under any circumstances. The helmet also includes built-in computer speakers and a Bluetooth headset module. The battery capacity is enough for five hours of continuous operation.

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