Four-strand Braid Hairstyles To Get The Best Look

Four-strand Braid Hairstyles To Get The Best Look

Looking for an easy way to braid that lovely braid you saw on a girl or online? Yes, a four-strand braid is eye-catching. Although it looks complicated, you can easily copy the hairstyle.

Interesting ways of weaving braids have been invented. One of them is a Four-strand braid. Quite simple, but at the same time, amazingly beautiful weaving, with which you can create many beautiful hairstyles used both for everyday wear and for special occasions.

A Four-strand braid is an unusual hairdo whose weaving method is explained below. Today’s women constantly think about their appearance and must always seem appropriate. Braids are an alloccasion hairstyle.

Themes with braids are great for females with long, thick hair that needs to be tamed. A ponytail is too typical. Therefore a braid, especially a four-strand, is more interesting.

Who looks good in a four-strand braid?

four strand braid

  1. First of all, let’s talk about what this pigtail is and who it works for. It is made up of four identical strands. It ends up being quite flat, and it looks best on curly hair that has been highlighted or dyed. At the same time, it looks good on both thick and thin hair, and it can be worn by people with any face shape.
  2. By the way, you can change the braid by how you twist the curls. For instance, you can replace one strand with a small pigtail or weave with just one central strand instead of many.
  3. But so that this doesn’t seem so hard, let’s start with the simple version and slowly look at how this weaving is put together.

Getting ready to braid hair and accessories

Getting ready to braid hair and accessories

To weave a 4-strand braid, you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary. All you need are hands, hair that has been washed and combed, and time.

Some good advice:

  1. If you want to weave with four strands, you should straighten your curly hair first.
  2. It is best to pre-wet the hair or treat it with mousse so that the braid looks neater and the strands don’t fluff up as you weave.
  3. For this weaving, the hair needs to be long enough, and you can get the length you want by crossing strands over each other.
  4. When styling hair with a four-strand braid, ribbons and beads of many colors are welcome, and studs with pearls and bows can decorate all kinds of flower stems.

In the process of weaving, these things will be helpful:

  1. Scallop with a thin tail massage brush
  2. Spray water into the bottle
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Elements for decoration (optional).

Different ways to weave a four-strand braid

Single-thread or ribbon weaving

Single thread or ribbon weaving

Weaving is done around one strand in this case. Most of the time, the third role is played by the main role. The result looks like the classic braid, but many people find this version easier to make. You can fix the main strand with an elastic band or even replace it with a different tape color. In this case, the first thread goes on the third, the fourth thread goes under the third, and the second thread goes on the third.

Adding an extra pigtail to the weaving

Adding an extra pigtail to the weaving

Here, we do the same thing as in the classic version or the method with the central strand, but first, we need to make a thin braid out of one of the four curls.

Weaving the wrong way up

Weaving the wrong way up hairstyle

This is the same french braid but with a four-strand weave and pickup. On the other hand, the pattern of weaving is the opposite: we start with the fourth strand and lead it to the third, then under the second, and finally under the first.


Hair waterfall

Here, a horizontal four-strand braid frames the hair sheet, while the bottom part is left loose. It is done similarly, but the weaving process starts at the temple.

Four strands french braid

Four strand french braid

  • It would help if you started with the right strand, put it under the next one, and immediately to the next one.
  • The leftmost strand must be placed on top of No. 1, which is now nearby.
  • Again, start on the right side and do the same steps again, but with the addition of new hair from the free mass to the outer strands (additional strands should always be placed under the bottom, even if the strand itself lies on top).
  • Continue braiding in this pattern until you run out of new hair, braid to the end as described in the first two paragraphs, and tie the braid with an elastic band.

Greek-style braid with four strands

Greek style

The Greek look will give the girl grace and softness. But it’s important to remember that this hairstyle opens the neck and makes the face look rounder. If your face or neck shape isn’t perfect, you might want to try something else.

Here, the braid is woven the same way as before, but it needs to look like it’s going around the head. You have to start weaving at the top left corner and work your way to the right side. You can also put a ribbon, flowers, or hairpins in your hair to make it look nice.

Wide braid with four rows

Wide braid with four rows

Make four-strand braid to surprise your friends and get men’s attention. Use this as a guide!

  1. Use a comb to separate your hair into four parts.
  2. Put the third piece on top of the first one.
  3. Put the fourth on top of the second.
  4. Cross the second and third.
  5. Instead of putting the third block under the fourth, put the second block on top of the first.
  6. Stretch the weave gently to make it look like an openwork.
  7. Put the broken hairs back into the pigtails and sprinkle varnish on them.

Some Advice

Here is a list of small tips that can help people just starting to weave a braid with four strands.

  1. When making a braid, you must sit near a large, comfortable mirror to see the result.
  2. You must give the work your full attention and do things in the order they are told to you. Because if you lose focus, you’ll miss the step you want to take, which will break the texture of the braid.
  3. Please do not make the braid too tight, or it will look unnatural and sloppy.
  4. You can use hairdressing wax to fix small pieces of hair that don’t look right with your hairstyle.
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