For Dark Hair That Is Transparent With Dark Greige. Dark Greige Color

For Dark Hair That Is Transparent With Dark Greige. Dark Greige Color

Dark Greige, a darker version of Greige, is the perfect color for fashionable dark hair. Even if it’s dark, it’s transparent, and you can get an adult’s pure atmosphere and sharp coolness. We will introduce the features and recommended styles of such dark Greige! Please refer to it.

For Dark Hair That Is Fashionable With Dark Greige

I’ve enjoyed bright colors, but I want to darken my hair once. I want to change the image to an adult-like atmosphere. I think many people think so. However, even if you want to darken your hair, if you dye it black, it will look heavy, and it will be difficult for the next color to come in, so you tend to hesitate. Dark Greige is recommended for you. 

When choosing a dark hair color, it is better to choose a transparent color not to give a heavy impression.

What Color Is Dark Greige? Why Do You Recommend It?

Dark Greige is natural and develops color without bleaching, so even those new to hair coloring can easily try it. We will introduce the features of such dark Greige and styles by length and tell you all about its charm!

It’s dark, but it’s very transparent!

Dark Greige is a mixture of gray and beige with a stronger greige. Gray cancels out the redness, and beige gives a sense of transparency, so it will not be heavy even if you put it in the dark!

It looks like black hair, so it’s easy for anyone to take in.

Dark Greige looks like black hair when the tone is dropped considerably. However, under natural light, you can feel a sense of sheerness. People who say, “I can’t enjoy hair coloring because of strict regulations at school and work …” should be easy to challenge. It also has a clean feeling, so it is recommended for those who want to darken their hair for job hunting!

Looks beautiful even after discoloration

Dark Greige becomes a subdued brown with less redness when discolored. Without bleaching, there is bleach. Even if the color fades, it will not easily become the yellowish color peculiar to bleached hair, and it will settle down to a soft beige. The color fading process is also beautiful, so it is a big attraction that you can enjoy for a long time.

Recommended Dark Greige Catalog by Length: Short & Bob

We will pick up the recommended styles of Dark Greige by length. Try to find the style you want to be. First of all, pay attention to Short & Bob!

Handsome short x dark greige

The rounded handsome short with long bangs is a cool and cute style. With the moderate transparency of Dark Greige, it does not look young and gives an adult-like impression.

Feel light and mellow with outside honey hair!

Dark Greige with Illumina color, a transparent colorant. Gives a glossy and soft impression even without bleaching. For the uncut bob with the tips of the hair styled with outside splashes, incorporating dark Greige will give you a mellow finish.

Natural and cool with bob falling forward

An adult bob style cut in the front. The dark greige color adds roughness. Recommended for those who like a cool atmosphere style.

Recommended Dark Greige Catalog by Length: Medium Edition

Next, I will introduce medium hairstyles! We recommend the medium length for those who want to enjoy the delicate color texture.

Straight x dark greige

Pass the iron lightly and knead the oil to complete the straight style with a mellow feeling. The texture of dark Greige, which becomes more vivid when exposed to light, creates a fragile impression. The bangs that are cut sharply add to the loveliness.

The trendy Egyomori is also decided coolly.

A recent trend is a Korean hair with a large constriction on the medium clavicle. You can also get cool by combining it with the transparent dark Greige!

It goes well with the inner color.

Classic medium bob with a fluffy impression. Dark Greige is a color that is easy to combine with the inner color. The achromatic inner color has a modest impression, but the dark Greige makes it stand out firmly!

Recommended Dark Greige Catalog by Length: Long Edition

In the end, I will introduce the recommended style of long. The long style of dark Greige gives a strong luster and gives an adult impression!

The royal road! Glossy straight

For simple straight hair, make a difference by color! Dark Greige gives you a glossy look different from your usual black hair. A loved style with just the right amount of neatness.

Loose desirable wave

The loose waves that are not too tight and the exquisite depth of dark Greige create a sexy look. A rough style that is both mature and mature is completed!

See-through highlight x greige

A foreign-style style with see-through highlights on the whole to give a more three-dimensional effect. The transparency of Greige is further increased to give a refined impression.

Get Dignified Transparency With Dark Greige.

Dark Greige, which is not only dark but also transparent, is a color that is currently attracting attention. First of all, why not consult with a beautician and find a tone or style that suits you? It’s a nice point that it goes well with various fashions because it has a natural color. Let’s enjoy winter fashion more by incorporating dark Greige!

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