Not Just Looks! Five Characteristics Of People Who Look Young

Not Just Looks! Five Characteristics Of People Who Look Young

Men and women want to look younger no matter how many times they become! Is there a “longing existence” around you that looks younger than you are?

Therefore, this time we thoroughly research the “characteristics of people who look young”! I tried to pick up the secret of youth that does not make you feel aged, referring to the questionnaire about “people who look young” for 20 men and women aged 19 to 28.

Five Characteristics of People Who Look Young

1. The spine is stretched

“I think people with a straight spine, whether standing or sitting, are actual age-5 years old or older.’Women, as well as men, look much older when walking on their stoops. I hear that basal metabolism increases when you have a good posture and do all the good things!

People with good posture look youthful no matter how many times they become. Be careful of your posture when using your smartphone and desk work!

First, put a lot of effort into your abdomen to loosen the muscles of your back and shoulder blades. Not only will you look younger, but you may also be free from stiff shoulders and back pain.

2. The skin is glossy

“Maybe it’s because of the hospitality business, but when I look at the customer’s skin, I can understand the actual age. It was the second half. I was stunned because the gloss and aura of the skin were utterly different even when I saw it up close.

Have you neglected to take care of your skin because you are wearing a mask these days? The gloss of the skin that looks glancing may cause the actual age to fall.

The skin of a person who looks young is healthy, glossy skin with a good balance of water and sebum. First, let’s thoroughly carry out daily moisturizing care and UV protection. It would be best if you got closer to youthful skin.

3. The body line is tight

“Beyond a certain age, men and women will loosen their body lines. For men, it feels like the flesh of the stomach is on the belt. Every time I see that, I’m disappointed, and I’m also worried. I think I have to put it on. People who exercise daily have tight ankles and waist, and their movements are agile and youthful.

It may signify that your muscles have decreased and your fat has increased with age. Let’s start exercising within a reasonable range!

Nowadays, there are plenty of core training and exercises that you can practice between desk work without going to the gym. It is essential to continue steadily aiming for a toned and youthful body with moderate muscles.

4. Always positive thinking

“Every time I meet a ten-year-old senior, I’m assertive and positive thinking, and my age is unknown! I was impatient because I thought I was of the same generation until I heard my age.

Even if trouble occurs, people who take it positively and try to move forward look youthful. People with positive thinking who try to tackle everything with all their might are spending time with high goals, so small mistakes in front of them may not bother you.

If you have a habit of thinking hard every time something happens, first look at your strengths and be confident in yourself. Keep in mind that you are always smiling! The evaluation from the surroundings should change drastically.

5. I have a lot of time

“A boss who can work has his world, is flexible in thinking, and returns an exquisite response that does not make you feel age. I feel younger than my age because I have the power to look around, and I can afford it.

People who enjoy their hobby time, as well as work, look healthy and youthful. It may be because we have a mental margin to be able to respond flexibly to troubles with flexible ideas.

Why don’t you find a hobby in which you can forget about time and immerse yourself? Let’s enjoy a fulfilling time by enjoying the hobbies of physical activity such as yoga, dance and road biking!


With a bit of care, you should be able to join the ranks of “longing existence” who look younger than your actual age! Let’s review the points introduced this time and start with what we can do!

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