Father’s Day: Selection Of 20 Men’s Watches For All Budgets

Father's Day 2022 our selection of 20 men's watches for all budgets

Men like exquisite watches. Based on this observation, (to be) offered on Father’s Day can be the best gift idea. Yes, but which model to choose? A smartwatch, a quartz watch, or an automatic? Leather or steel bracelet? Everything will depend on your tastes and your budget. To help you in your purchasing process, here is our selection of watches to offer to a man for Father’s Day.

Cheap Watches Under 100€

  1. Casio Collection A168WA-1YES: €34.90
  2. Timex Quartz TW4B14200: €50
  3. Skagen Colden SKW6610: €90.30
  4. Kelton Jungle Carbone: €85

If we are to believe the Veblen effect, an object is all the more desirable. The higher its price, the cheaper objects are necessarily perceived as lower quality. Sometimes, this is true, but you can still buy beautiful watches without breaking the bank. In this category, brands like Ice-Watch and Swatch seem essential. Timex, Skagen, Kelton, and even Fossil also offer attractive accessories in this price range.

Affordable watches between 100 and 500€

  1. AW.01 Triple Black Awake: €280
  2. Charlie Paris Open Heart Initial: €395
  3. Tissot PRX: €375
  4. Chrono Eco-Drive Solaire Citizen : €219

This is one of the most “provided” price categories. For example, the one that allows men who are new to watchmaking to buy their first automatic watch. But also the one that will enable you to find authentic, beautiful quartz watches (yes, yes, it exists!). In terms of styles, you will be spoiled for choice between a model like the AW01 from Awake, designed from recycled fishing nets, a Festina watch, a Charlie Paris Automatic, or even a pretty Citizen.

Beautiful Automatic Watches Between 500 and 1000€

  1. Jules Automatic Gustave & Cie : €759
  2. Cap Camarat Automatic Michel Herbelin: €790
  3. Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB159J1 : €680
  4. Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto H42535730 : €671.25

Not quite luxury watches, but almost. Over such a price range, watch enthusiasts will be able to find some pretty nuggets from brands that are not always very popular but which nonetheless deserve attention.

A Flygraf from Yema, the first collection of automatic watches from Gustave & Cie, a sporty-chic look from Alpina or Michel Herbelin: here are gifts that will appeal to men who like to be stylish right down to the wrist!

Luxury Watches Accessible Between 1000 and 5000€

  1. Chapter 4.1 TVD BA111OD: €4772
  2. SI Retro Automatic Hegid : €2800
  3. Big Crown Pointer Date Caliber 403 Oris: €2900
  4. MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line: €1642.50

We are starting to get into (very) serious things here. If you have a 4-figure sum in your budget, you will be able to discover gorgeous models, generally automatic watches with one or more complications.

Among the brands that we have already mentioned on Masculin, we think, for example, of the elegant single-hand timepieces from MeisterSinger, the interchangeable Hegid concept, or even the first BA111OD tourbillon. As for the brands best known to the general public, we could mention a Breitling Navitimer, a Longines moon phase, a TAG Heuer Aqua Racer and even a Seamaster from Omega.

Dream Watches Over 5000€

  1. Rolex GMT-Master II 16710: € 12,840
  2. Royal Saphir Péquignet : €9,000
  3. Turbine Limited Vegas Perrelet: €
  4. 5,680 Clifton Baumatic Pink Gold Baume & Mercier: €7,300

Welcome to the big leagues! Of course, the watches presented here are only intended for the most generously endowed purses (if one can say so). Collectors will be able to find what they are looking for, and those who want to make a real investment or have a big crush! Even for a Father’s Day gift, this can be an opportunity to turn to a prestigious second-hand watch, a legendary model like a Rolex Pepsi, for example!

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