Fashionable Hairstyle Arrangement With Special Constriction

Fashionable Hairstyle Arrangement With Special Constriction

“Constriction roll” that curls hair and makes a constriction in the form is a topical winding method that can quickly become the latest hairstyle. In this article, I will introduce the technique and precautions when making such a constriction roll yourself. We have also picked up recommended types, so check them out!

Show Sharp and Feminine Constriction.

Recently, it has become a hot topic among SNS and fashionable girls. It is attracting attention as a feminine hairstyle that can add a little lovemaking appeal. There are many excellent merits, such as “you can see a small face” and “you can make a Korean style.” Here, we will explain in detail the prices of such a constricted winding.

Point 1: You can see a small face by tightening the neck.

The constricted role creates a considerable constriction in the inner roll and has a significant small face effect! By making the neck look tight and creating a flowing line with the bangs, any face type can make a face look smaller. I tried to show a small face with other hairstyles, but it didn’t look right.

POINT 2: You can create a Korean-like atmosphere

Constriction roll is a trendy style in Korea. You often see Korean idols wearing this hairstyle! Idol children often make constrictions from cuts, but if you learn constriction winding, you can become a longing idol style without cutting! “I want to be a Korean beauty I often see on SNS!” “I want to imitate the hairstyle of Korean idols.”

Before Making a Constricted Roll! Points to Know About Winding

A cute “necked roll” with a characteristic shape. To make such a constricted role, it is essential to learn how to arrange it firmly. I will explain the points to be careful when placing. 

Point 1: If you have a trowel, it’s easy, even with a straight iron

The curled shape is essential for the constriction roll. When winding, it is better to use a trowel that can make a beautiful curl. You can also make it with a straight iron, but some skill is required. If you want a natural, fluffy, beautiful finish, use a trowel as much as possible! “I want to buy a trowel, but which one is better?” “How to choose an iron?” In

such a case, please check the article below!

Point 2: A styling product is essential for keeping!

Keeping is the life of a constricted roll with a solid shape. To keep your hair tight, use a styling product that suits your hair quality! That said, there are many styling products, such as oils, balms, and mists. If you don’t know what to choose, check out the following article. How to choose a styling product with high keeping power, how to choose according to the mood of the hair you want to be, and how to care with styling products Are also introduced.

Now Practice! An Easy Method of Constriction Winding Even for Beginners

Once you understand the points, let’s challenge the constriction winding! This time, I will introduce how to arrange using a trowel. Before using the iron, brush it to remove the entanglement of your hair.

Four easy steps! How to make a constricted roll

  1. Divide the entire hair from the temple into upper and lower parts and block it
  2. Step to wind the tips of the left and right blocks around the outer hair
  3. Step to wind the upper part of the outer hair inward.
  4. The lower block When it becomes an S-shaped curl, remove the pin, remove the hair bundle in front of the ear, and wrap only the middle part outside to complete!

When completed, lightly apply a styling product to shape it. The key to winding well is reducing the amount of hair you wind at once! When using a trowel, if you try to wrap a lot of hair, the heat will not be transferred evenly and will come off immediately. If you have a lot of hair, block it and roll it up!

Constriction Winding Style by Length

Once you know the tips on winding it, it’s time to put it into practice! Let’s challenge your favorite constricted hairstyle. If you haven’t decided on a style yet, look at the style features introduced here! We have picked up recommended constriction rolls according to the length of your hair, so please refer to them.

Short bob x constricted winding style.

Constricted winding with a trendy feeling × Bob

A combination of Constriction and bob gives a trendy look. If the color is dark, it will provide a favorable impression. 

Omnidirectional mote constriction winding

Hair that emphasizes the Constriction by strengthening the middle curl of the hair. With a soft and loose style, it is a hairstyle that is sure to be famous from all directions. By incorporating a reddish color, you can create a more feminine atmosphere.

Bob is a constricted roll and looks like an adult.

A constricted role that makes Bob look more mature. High-tone hair color gives a light impression. Perfect for those who want to be fashionable. 

Medium x constricted winding style.

With a sharp and constricted style, it looks like it is now

A manner in which medium hair sticks to the shoulders is arranged in a constricted shape. Match the brown color to give a natural and cute impression.

Constricted winding style with plenty of back hair

Medium hair is tightened to form a rhombus silhouette. The small face effect is perfect with the back hair around the face, and the small face effect is perfect! By making the bangs a see-through bang, a Korean feeling is added!

Adult-like constriction winding style in the center part

A technique that combines a Korean-style center part with a medium-sized constriction with a special small face effect. It is a style that looks like an adult and is fashionable. If you put a layer on the hair’s surface and wrap it, you can make beautiful constricted hair.

Semi-long x constricted winding style.

Royal Korean style layer style

Korean style with a layer of semi-long hair and a constricted roll. Create a gap with a see-through bang to create an adult, cute atmosphere. Recommended for those who want to give a feminine impression.

Korean style rhombus constriction winding arrangement

A Korean-style arrangement features constricted roles and see-through bangs. You can aim for a small face effect by creating a diamond-shaped silhouette. Since it has a large and loosely tightened winding, it creates an adult-like and feminine atmosphere. 

Outer splash x desirable cute style with Constriction

Semi-long hair with a diamond-shaped silhouette that also has a small face effect. Constriction roll plus hair tip perm makes adults attractive! The whole hair will flow, giving you a more fashionable impression.

Long x constricted winding style.

Korean style constricted layer style, desirable

Long hair x constricted layer iron plate Korean style. It is a style that is feminine and sexy. The constricted rhombus silhouette is excellent for the small face effect, even with long hair.

Long bangs constriction style

A curly hair arrangement creates a constriction by making a roll around the ears when rolling the whole. The see-through bang gives a feeling of omission. The color is beige and elegant.

High tone color long x constriction winding style

An elegant Korean style with a see-through bang and a constricted roll. The cherry pink color makes your hair shine like a Korean idol! If you wrap the iron with a thick one will have a Korean-like natural finish.

With a Constricted Role That Anyone Can Do, Get Fashionable Now!

How did the editorial department recommend the constriction winding style? Constriction winding can be quickly challenged as long as you have a trowel. If you don’t want to arrange it every morning, applying for a perm is easy! Please try to make a style while consulting with a hairdresser at the salon. Let’s aim for clean hair with a fashionable Korean-style “necked roll.”

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