Fashionable Girls Are All Crazy About It! Nowadays Ash Color

Fashionable Girls Are All Crazy About It! Nowadays Ash Color

Now, it is a big break among influencers who are fashionable with ash that gives a foreigner-like texture and a sense of sheerness and softness. You, too, aim to improve your sense with ash.

Nowadays Ash Color

A feeling of the discerning street with transparent silver

Curly short with high-tone silver, eye-catching. Make the curls look three-dimensional by adding thin highlights to the surface for a casual look. Finish with shea butter and oil for a glossy finish.

Lavender greige is fashionable with a whitish feeling

A care-bleached high-tone base is covered with white lavender greige to create a street-mode atmosphere. A fashionable design color that you can enjoy even if the color goes out is realized.

Nowadays Ash Color

Gray x ash adds a sense of mode.

A well-balanced casual bob with a heavy cut line and form and a gray ash high tone color gives it lightness. It’s right not to overdo the styling.

Increase transparency with dark hair gray ash

Add gray ash that brings out lightness and transparency with one make, making it a mote bob with outstanding likability. Her bangs should be a see-through bang just before her eyes, and the key is to incorporate a modern look.

Nowadays Ash Color

Smoky greige color that creates retro cuteness

Add highlights to Greige x Ash Beige for light baked ash. A fashionable color that looks spicier with hair cut heavily and sharply is realized!

Foreign-style pink ash that looks soft and fluffy

The long bang that has been scooped up and the soft pink ash match create a romantic atmosphere like a French girl if you dye it naturally brightly toward the ends of the hair.

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Nowadays Ash Color

The calm gray ash gives it a glossy and fluffy feel.

The smoky gray x ash color is a fashionable brush-up for loose fluffy semi-di. Bring out the modernity with a long see-through bang and wet styling.

Blue ash greige that enhances the feeling of fraying

For a mood style with a soft wave that frays and clear blue ash that is transparent. The trend is improved by blending the oil and finishing it semi-wet.

Nowadays Ash Color

Dark ash saves redness elegantly.

The casual bob with a colon and heavy form gives elegance with natural blue ash. Make a gap in the bang on the eyebrows and finish it wet with shea butter for a modern style.

Add pink to ash for a sweet girly look.

The heavy and light bob that started to move on the tip of the hair is changed to lovely with the ash color that makes pink work. Roll it with MIX with iron to let the tips of the hair play, and use cream-type wax to give it a glossy feel.

Nowadays Ash Color

Tone up your skin beautifully with a slight pink

The calm tone of pink ash, which makes you feel reddish, adds sweetness to the mature semi-di. It also makes your skin look lively and bright, so it’s recommended for busy people!

Blue x ash color with a soft transparency

A slide cut on the shoulder-length bob gives it a light texture. The calm blue ash suppresses redness and improves transparency—a casual style with loose waves.

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