Facts You Never Knew About You Can Easily Style The Wolf Cut Yourself

Facts You Never Knew About You Can Easily Style The Wolf Cut Yourself

Are you worried about wolf cut styling? It’s a wolf-cut set that looks difficult at first glance, but it’s easy. I will explain how to set the wolf cut for each length. We will also teach you fashionable arrangements, so please refer to them.

What Is a Wolf Cut?

Features a round top and layered hair tips

A wolf cut is a hairstyle in which the top is mashed and rounded, and a layer is added to the neckline to create a constriction. The long neckline is called a “wolf” because it resembles a wolf. It is the latest fashion of ladies’ wolf hair to make a soft and light cut while adjusting the amount of hair and finishing it as a woman.

High small face effect

Wolf cut is a hairstyle with a high small face effect. Curled hair hangs around the face, which naturally hides the contours of the face. Even if you are concerned about the size of your face, it will look like a small face when the outline is hidden. Making bangs makes your face look smaller. If you don’t have bangs, you can create an adult-like atmosphere.

It’s feminine and cute that the neckline is fluttering outside.

Wolf cut is a cute hairstyle with a long neckline that bounces outwards. The neckline will naturally bounce by cutting the top hair short, making it easy to set. The fluffy hair tips give a cute impression. If you use a curling iron to wind the curls in different directions, your hair will move and become more feminine.

[Short] How to set a wolf cut

① Hair tip Kururin Wolf Hair

It is a styling that wraps a simple short wolf-cut hair tip with a curling iron. If it is short, the hair is short, so a thin curling iron is recommended. After blowing the top hair naturally, wrap only the hair around the neck and face with a curling iron. The trick is to wrap the neckline outward and around the face along the face line.

Blow the see-through bangs that shed diagonally into a naturally rounded shape. You can also expect the slanted bangs to have a small face effect. You can complete the morning set if you have curly hair by blending the wax without using a curling iron.

② Perm short wolf hair

Just rub the wax to complete the set for a short wolf cut with a perm applied to the whole. Matte wax is recommended when you want to give a dry impression. Take the matte wax on the palm of your hand and apply it to both hands, then rub it over the entire hair. If you want a wet finish, use a perm hair mousse.

With a perm short wolf cut, the tips of the neckline will bounce naturally, so you don’t have to blow or roll. If you find it difficult to set her hair every morning, permit it.

③ Curling wolf hair

Both the neckline and the top are wolf cuts curled by curling the ends of the hair with a curling iron. Use a curling iron to remove the ends of the hair on the neckline. The top hair is gently rolled inward from the root. Wrap it tightly so that the ends of the hair are curly. If you wrap the hair on the side softly, it will look like a girl.

[bob] How to Set the Wolf Cut

① Natural wolf hair

Use a hairdryer to finish the medium wolf cut naturally without using a curling iron. Use a roller brush and a hairdryer to remove the bristles on the neckline. Short hair on the top should be loosely rolled inward. Finally, rub a small amount of wax to create a natural medium wolf.

② Adult wolf hair

Try styling it like an adult with a thick curling iron if you have a medium wolf cut with long top hair. Use a curling iron to remove the hair from the neckline firmly. Use a thick curling iron to wrap the top hair inward to be voluminous. Spray it all over and arrange it, and you’re done.

③ Perm wolf hair

Just rub in the mousse for medium wolf hair with the perm to complete the set. Rub the perm mousse all over while it is a little wet. It does not require styling with a hairdryer or curling iron, so it is recommended for people who do not have much time to set in the morning.

If you have frizz, you can make it look like perm hair by moistening it and rubbing the mousse without applying a perm. Even if you find it difficult to style a wolf cut, you can easily set it with a perm.

[medium] How to Set a Wolf Cut

① Carl Wolf Hair

For a medium wolf cut, we recommend styling the ends of the hair with a curling iron. Wrap the ends of the face line loosely so that it flows naturally. If you wrap the ends of the hair on the neckline around the outside, you can create movement and create a cute look. For the short hair tips on the back, it is recommended to wind it inward or in a random direction. After winding it, break it by hand and style it with wax for a cute finish.

② Straight mash wolf hair

Use a hairdryer to finish it naturally for medium mash wolf hair with a large difference in length between the top and neck. There is no need to force the hair on the neckline, as it will naturally become fluffy at the part that hits the shoulders. If you are worried about swells, straighten it with a hairdryer or straight iron.

Blow short hair on the top with a roll brush while gently wrapping it inward. You can do it without fail if you are conscious of giving it a fluffy and voluminous feel. Finally, spray the whole thing and arrange it, and you’re done. It’s very easy to style, so it’s also recommended for people who find it difficult to set.

③ Simple wolf hair

If the layer position is low and the wolf cut has strong overall straightness, you can style it by blowing with a dryer. Blow the top hair straight, keeping in mind that it is slightly inwardly wound. Try curling only the hair along the face line with a curling iron if you have time. By adding movement to the hair around the face, cuteness is added. It will be a hairstyle that can fully demonstrate the charm of the wolf cut.

[long] How to Set a Wolf Cut

① Hair tip perm wolf hair

Permed long wolf hair makes morning styling easy. There is a perm on the ends of the hair, so there is no need to wrap it with a curling iron. All you have to do is rub the perm mousse with a squeak. Even if you find it difficult to style, you can easily do it.

② Natural long wolf hair

It is recommended to set the long natural wolf cut with a thick curling iron. For short-surfaced hair, use a curling iron to wrap it inward. The long bristles of the neckline are wrapped in random directions. Don’t forget to loosen it by hand when you’ve finished rolling the whole thing. If you loosen it with a small amount of wax, the curl direction will be random. Adult-like natural long wolf hair will be completed.

③ Straight wolf hair

For straight wolf hair, blow it straight to complete the styling. If you have a strong habit, use a straightener. There is no need to wrap the ends of the hair, so even people who are not dexterous can easily set it. Of course, depending on the mood of the day, you can also curl the ends with a curling iron. The impression of straight and curl changes considerably, so try changing the styling to suit your outfit and mood.

Fashionable Arrangement of Wolf Cut

It is a popular wolf cut among ladies’ hair, but many people may find it difficult to arrange it because it has many layers. However, if you devise it, you can make a fashionable arrangement. Here are three recommended arrangements for wolf cuts. Please give it a try.

① Onion hair arrangement

An onion hair arrangement with cute pointed-back hair. Onion hair is tied with rubber in 3 to 4 places, so the hair will be easy to get together even if there is a layer. Medium length is enough. First, make a ponytail at the desired height and tie a few places toward the ends of the hair. Pull out the hair between the tied rubbers and add volume to make it round, and you’re done. It’s cute if you pull out the top hair a little so that the height is on the top of your head.

② Crochet arrangement hair

It is a hair arrangement that divides the top hair into left and right and braids it. You can also tie up the short hair on the top if you braid. Crocheting can produce a girlish look, so it is a recommended arrangement for those who want an attractive finish. The hair on the side does not fall off, so please try it when you want a clean hair arrangement.

③ Hat arrangement hair

  • For those who are worried that “You cannot put the short hair on the top together,” we recommend using a hat. Please put it in your favorite styles for long hair, such as ponytail or twist. Even if the top hair isn’t tied together, it’s okay if you put on a hat.
  • Even caps that look like men’s hair can be tied up like women’s hair by making lagging hair. Straw hats are recommended in the summer, and knit hats are recommended in the winter. Let’s arrange it with your favorite hat.
  • If you want to know more about Wolf cut arrangements, please read the following articles. Many fashionable wolf-cut hair arrangements are introduced, so it will surely be helpful.

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