Explore Prague: 10 Reasons You Should Travel to Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. The city has a good climate. Prague is the place with many cultural attractions and many other places and Parks. We will be discussing some of the reasons why you should visit Prague.

Historic Building And Architecture

One of the best things about Prague is the architecture of its historic buildings despite being bombed during the Second World War. Many of its most stunning buildings remain intact. Check out the Prague Castle that’s played an important role in the city for over a thousand years. Is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site or admires the church of our lady before teen a fantastic example of Prague’s Gothic architecture. You can also see examples of marvel at the Art Nouveau design in the celebrated municipal house.

Gorgeous Parks

Within the city, there are hundreds of parks and gardens to explore. They’re often laid out and designed in the popular style of the period during which they were created. Often hosts concerts and theatrical performances in summer. Petrin Hill is one of the largest parks in the center of Prague with more than 2,000 fruit trees. A variety of walking paths and a magical view of the city. It’s a quiet oasis for a little break from the hustle and bustle of Prague.

The Astronomical Clock

Your smartphone can tell you the time whenever you need it we promise this timekeeper is worth a visit installed in 1410. This historic clock is the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world. Not only does this historic clock tell time it also tells the month and the position of the Sun and Moon. You may see tourists and spectators standing around staring at the clock waiting for something. This is because it also features wooden statues of the Apostles and gothic sculptures that animate every hour on the hour.

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Get Your Walk On

Even after you think you visited all the attractions in any given area there’s always plenty more to see. Take an evening stroll along the iconic Charles Bridge for a pretty view of the Volta. The longest river in the Czech Republic and enjoy a stunning sunset along the water. Another very different but still colorful attraction to check out is the Lenin wall. This graffiti-filled wall became a political focus for the Prague youth. Who was not allowed to listen to Western music during the communist regime of the 80s but remains to this day a wall of positive messages and images?

Breathtaking Views

Prague has a plethora of towers for some of the most breathtaking views of the city. Go up to the observation deck of the tower at Old Town Hall to gaze upon the ancient heart of the city. Get some exercise by climbing the 287 steps of the great South Tower of the st. Vitus Cathedral. Enjoy peering down on the rooftops below one a more natural view and over too late in a park for a great place to sit and enjoy more unbeatable views of the city.

Fantastic Shopping

What’s a vacation without buying a few treasures good thing. Prague is a fantastic place to shop. If you’re looking for luxury brands look no further than padishah Street. Where you’ll find shops like Louie Vuitton, Cartier and Gucci like something unique. Prague has many antique shops where you can find your own hidden treasure. For more local experience check out one of the lively farmer’s markets. Where you can pick up some local meat, cheese produce, and craps. While listening to street performers playing music. Whatever you’re looking for Prague has a shopping experience for you.

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Hopping Nightlife

Europe is famous for its bustling nightlife and Prague is no exception for an exciting evening. Visit one of Prague’s many wild nightclubs where you can dance the night away for a more chill vibe. Grab a beer at one of the local bars and with friendly locals or hang out of one of the many jazz clubs or beer gardens. Whether you’re looking for a crazy or relaxing night out Prague has something for everyone. Don’t worry about finding a designated driver because Prague’s night tram runs all night long and travels throughout the city.

The Cafe Scene

Those who cannot start their day without a cup of joe Prague has got you covered with cafes located on virtually every corner. Prague has a thriving and delicious coffee culture long rooted in history. Each cafe in the city offers something unique whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe to start your morning with a cappuccino. Sit curbside on a casual outdoor patio or enjoy a more elegant experience in one of the many cafes that offer extravagant interiors. However, you like your coffee Prague certainly delivers and then there are the pastries.

It’s Still Relatively Cheap

Some travelers avoid European vacations because they can get pretty expensive. Thankfully people on a budget can get a wonderous European experience without breaking the bank. Though not as crazy cheap as it was back in the day. A Prague public transport 72-hour pass costs only about 15 bucks which include all of the city buses, trams, and Metro. If you’re willing to explore for perhaps double that you can find a nice meal or two even the beer is cheap and often less than a bottle of water.

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Here’s the deal Prague is the beer-drinking capital of the world. Czechs consume the most beer per capita and with Czech beers being world-famous for their quality this isn’t too surprising. During the summer visitors can find a large number of family-friendly beer gardens were both children and dogs are welcome. There are a variety of tourist attractions surrounding Prague’s beer culture. Including brewery tours where visitors can try the local brew beer spas. Where visitors can soak in a bath of hoppy bubbles or even shops that specialize in selling beer-based creams and shampoos. Prague is a must and drink destination for beer lovers.

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