Even With Short Hair, You Can Transform Into A Feminine From Short To Medium!

I don’t want to forget femininity, even with short hair such as short and medium. Even with short hair, if you do not make a mistake in choosing a hairstyle, it will be a girly and feminine finish. We will deliver the latest hair catalog that can transform you into a feminine look from shorts and bobs to medium hair.

If You Want to Change an Image, Use a Feminine “Short & Medium”!

I want to challenge short, bob, and medium hair to make a bold image change! But I don’t want to forget about femininity. We have carefully selected “girly & feminine” hair catalogs recommended for such women. Let’s make a change to feminine short hair and nail his gaze.

“Short & Bob X Straight” for a Clean and Cute Style

Cute mash bob

“Mash bob” with a short neckline and a rounded top. The smooth silhouette emphasizes femininity. By making the bang longer, you can make it even more feminine.

Center part bob

Hair in the center part may be too desirable or unfashionable if it is long. With Wanrenbob, it is refreshingly organized while producing moderate femininity. As it is short with a soft and airy feeling, the small face effect is outstanding.

Natural beloved bob

Natural bob hair cut along the chin line. It is a style that can emphasize the beauty of the nape. The style tends to be heavy, but it is lightly organized when combined with the see-through bang.

Light, airy short bob

Cut the ends of the hair so that the entire hair has a fluffy texture. By putting shaggy around the face, the finish will be even lighter. The gradation color adds a sense of trend.

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You Can Transform Into a Girly Girl “Short & Bob X Perm”

Adult cute short bob

A natural short bob finished with a random curl-like frizz. Creating a diagonal bang around the eyebrows creates a cute atmosphere while retaining a mature look. It’s also a nice point that styling is easy.

Ennui Airy Short

An ennui airy short made with a casual perm. The thick bang emphasizes the softness and roundness. It is an adult short style that is cute but also has an ennui lovemaking appeal.

Adult fluffy bob

A fluffy “fluffy bob” made with bouncy swing curls. By finishing with a Greige color, transparency is added. If you make the bang a little shorter, it will add a moderate amount of cuteness.

Foreign-style mash bob

“Mash Bob” with a rounded top and back of the head. We chose a high-tone beige color to give it a foreigner look. If you apply a one-curl perm to your bangs, you can make flowing bangs just by drying them.

Be a Neat and Loved Girl “Medium X Straight”

It is the royal road! Mote medium straight

A medium straight hair that can express the smooth and glossy hair that men love. If you make a slightly straight bang, it will give you a more cute impression.

Medium straight with a cocoon silhouette

Medium hair with a “cocoon silhouette” wraps the entire face like a cocoon. The rounded silhouette gives her a feminine and gentle atmosphere. Since it wraps her face in a circle, you can expect a small face effect.

Exotic black hair medium

The gradation color from black to ash creates an exotic atmosphere. A feeling of slipperiness and cuteness are also added by making a short bang.

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Recommended for adults and girls

It has a neat atmosphere, so it is a hairstyle that men and superiors prefer. If you apply for a perm, you can save the trouble of styling.

Feminine Hair Is Completed “Medium X Perm”

Loose fluffy perm bob hair

Perfect for women who are about to stretch their hair. “Bob di hair” made with a loose fluffy perm. By making her bangs, the attractiveness of an adult woman is being refined. It’s a light and cohesive style, so it’s also recommended for women with black hair.

Adult cute one curl medium

One-curl medium hair that is easy to style. Choose a brown color to create a calm and mature atmosphere. Thick bangs that look childish will give an adult acute impression if you make them longer. If you want to make them even cuter, we recommend using bangs on the eyebrows.

Nuance medium made with a casual perm.

With nuance perm, for a rough adult finish with a frizz style. The ash-based gradation color adds a sense of transparency. It is also a nice point that it is easy to clean.

Adult feminine medium

Adult feminine medium hair made with ennui curl. She has a pink color and a bang on her eyebrows, adding to her cuteness. Medium style with shimmering hair tips and shining texture.

Let’s Make a Feminine “Short & Medium.”

We have delivered a collection of feminine hairstyles, from short to medium. Let’s imitate feminine short hair and grab his heart. If you are uncomfortable with short & bob, why not try medium hair for the time being? Once you have decided on your hair length and the image you want to be, we recommend that you first consult with a hairdresser.