Easy Hair Arrangement For Bob. Catalog Sample Special Feature: 2022

Bob hair that is easy to handle and easy to arrange. If you get tired of your usual bob style, why not change your mood by arranging your hair? We will introduce hair arrangement styles for bob hair, such as one knot, up arrangement, and curly hair arrangement. The procedure for self-arrangement is also explained, so please check it out.

Make Your Proud Bob Hair Even More Cute With a Hair Arrangement!

Bob’s hair is characterized by its rounded shape and wide length definition. It is popular as a hairstyle that can be easily cleaned because it can create a different atmosphere depending on the shape to be taken in. However, because the original hairstyle is cute, it is difficult to get out of the usual style, and the hairstyle tends to become into a rut. If you are tired of the usual atmosphere, why not make a cute hair arrangement? Bob Hair, which has a wide range of lengths from short bob to long bob, has many hair arrangements. So, in this article, I will explain the hair arrangement for Bob Hair from the procedure with illustrations. We will also introduce a recommended hair catalogue that will serve as a model.

One Knot Arrangement That Can Be Done Quickly

Let’s start with the easiest ponytail arrangement. The ponytail that makes hair quickly in the back is very simple. However, if you adjust the tying height, you can make a girly or adult-like style! 

Other Bob x One-tie arrangement style sample

Roughly tied simple ponytail.

For Bob Hair, who has a long tie, let’s start with a simple ponytail. The pop atmosphere created by the short hair is cute. It is recommended to wrap the hair around the face or pull out the top lightly to finish it loosely. 

A twisted pony that twists the ends of the hair

For medium bob and lob style, this kind of arrangement plays up to the tip of the hair. It is a hairstyle that makes a ponytail at the nape position and twists the tip of the hair bundle. Lightly wrap the whole thing in front of the pony and squeeze the styling product all over to make it easier to organize!

Add a ribbon and add an accent.

Simple pony arrangements can be made even more fashionable by adding accents such as hair accessories! It’s better to choose a slightly larger accessory than a smaller one. If you prepare a ribbon that is longer than the hair bundle like this style, not only will the girly stand out, but the balance of the entire hairstyle will also look good! 

A Wide Variety of Ups and Half-up Arrangements

There is a wide range of atmospheres depending on your arrangements, such as casual ones and those that give a good feeling. Dumplings and chignon are common, but if Bob Hair challenges you, half-up hair that can be done regardless of length is recommended! Here, we will introduce how to make a half-up that adds knitting to make it look cute.

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Step (1) Separate the hair from either the left or right side in front of the ears. While pulling the separated bundle toward the back of the head, divide it into three hair bundles.

Step (2) Take the upper hair bundle (pink) of the three hair bundles and stack them on the “top” of the middle bundle (yellow). Take the lower hair bundle (blue) and “top” of the middle bundle (pink). Layer on

Step (3) Overlay the hair bundle (yellow) on the upper side in step ② on the “top” of the middle bundle (blue).

Step (4) Bring the tip of the braided hair bundle to the desired position on the back of the head, insert it inside the hair at that position, and pin it as it is.

Step (5) While holding down the pinned part, pinch the braided hair bundle with your toes and loosen it. Repeat steps ① to ⑤ for the hair on the other side to complete!

Other Bob x Half-up Arrange Style Sample

Casual half-up with only top hair

It is a half-up style made by putting together the hair from the top of the head to the top of the bee. After tying them together at the back, pull them out to give volume to the top and complete. I have less hair to tie, so the overall impression is casual.

A half-up style that is cuter with an outside splash

It is a half-up style that separates the hair from the temples. The trick to arranging your hair is to loosen it rather than separating it exactly. If you leave the ends of the hair outside before arranging, the ends of the hair bundled in half-up will look round and cute.

Half-up style with airy sides

Roughly remove the hair on the bee and make it half-up by pulling out the side roots and top of the bundled hair. 

Cute Crochet Arrangement

The crochet that gives you a feeling of sticking to it all at once is also a recommended hair arrangement for Bob Hair. Depending on how you knit, you can create a girly atmosphere. It’s easy to think that crocheting can’t be done without length, but you can make it regardless of length if you have a certain amount of hair. Once you learn how to do it, you can use it as an accent for other arrangements. Here, we will introduce how to make crochet especially noticeable.

Step (1) Brush the entire hair.

Step (2) Divide a small amount of hair around the face and use a trowel or straight iron to remove the tips of the hair. In the same way, remove the entire hair.

Step (3) Separate the hair on the top of the head from the temples and let it flow in the direction you want to make a braid.

Step (4) Take the left bundle (blue) of the three parts and bring it under the middle bundle (yellow). Similarly, take the Right bundle (pink) and bring it under the middle bundle (yellow). come

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Step (5) Scoop the left bundle (yellow) and the hair under it (green) and bring it under the middle bundle.

Step (6) Scoop the bundle (blue) on the right and the hair (green) under it and bring it under the middle bundle. Repeat the process from step ⑤ and knit until the braid is above your ears.

Step (7) When you have crocheted to the top of your ears, braid the three bundles to the bottom of your Ears. When you reach below your ears, tie them with rubber and hang the braided hair bundles on your ears.

Step (8) While holding down the rubber of the knot, pinch the braided hair with your toes and loosen it.

Other Bob x crochet arrangement style sample

Crochet hairstyle

Short bob hair is recommended to be crocheted from the side. If you knit the side part like crochet, it will look good even when viewed from the front.

Braid arrangement that is completed quickly

If you’re a long-length bob about to stretch out, you can try braided hair. This is a style of braiding with a thick bundle while putting the hair together, like making a low ponytail. After trying it, loosen it loosely, and the back hair will come out naturally, so the feeling of looseness will come out naturally, and it will be cute.

When You Want to Add an Accent Without Tying. Curly Hair Arrangement

I want to take advantage of Bob’s silhouette! In such a case, it is recommended to try arranging curly hair. You can enjoy various atmospheres depending on the winding method and the styling texture. Let’s get closer to the impression you want to be according to the day’s mood. In the following article, we will introduce the curly hair styling of bob hair in detail. Why not check it out with a sample hair catalogue?

Bob hair curly hair arrangement style sample

Outer honey-style bob style with high likability

Short bob hair suits casual hair wrapping style! Here, the tips of the hair on the surface are wound outward, and MIX wound inward. You can create a casual style by applying a styling product and loosening it. When wrapping, it is better to use a thin trowel and curl it to the extent that you twist your wrist a little.

Wave winding style that can be fashionable overseas

The wave that winds the hair like a wave is a winding method that creates a sophisticated atmosphere like an overseas model. In this style, we make a wave that starts with the outer hair so that a light movement appears around the tip of the hair. It is a style that can produce a rough atmosphere while leaving the silhouette of Bob.

You Can Do It Without Bangs! Bangs Arrangement

Among Bob, Bob’s Style without bangs looks more mature. The style is full of charm, but many people say that they have trouble with variations in hair arrangements. In such a case, changing the way the bangs are treated is recommended and adding an accent! Therefore, here we will introduce a bangs arrangement style that can be done while keeping the charm of Mr No bangs.

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Bob x Bangs Arrange Style Sample.

All-back arrangement style with plenty of lovemaking appeal

First of all, the hair ends are fluffed, and the styling agent is used to make the bangs look like an all-black style. By making the bangs and the whole wet texture, you can make the most of Bob’s mature and cool expression without bangs.

Pompa style half-up style

A style that makes the half-up arrangement look like a pompadour that brings up the bangs together. It is perfect for those without bangs who leave their bangs the same length as other hair. Mix the raised bangs and top hair into a braid, and use a trowel or iron to remove the rest of the hair for a fashionable look.

I Want to Know About the Event. Gorgeous Hair Arrangement

So far, I have introduced basic bob hair arrangements that are easy to challenge, even by yourself. However, at each event, such as a wedding ceremony or graduation ceremony, I want to finish it more gorgeously than the usual hair arrangement. So finally, I will introduce a sample of a gorgeous hair arrangement that is perfect for the event. Hair arrangements that can be luxuriously finished while using accessories can be difficult on your own. It is recommended to reserve a salon and have your hair set.

Bob x hair set style swatch

A half-up arrangement that makes Valletta shine

A half-up arrangement in which the upper hair is loosely woven. If you hide the knot with a gorgeous hair clip, you will have an arrangement style that suits any event you are invited to!

A cute chignon arrangement that will never forget the item

The Chignon arrangement, which gives an adult-like and elegant impression, can be loosely broken to give it a cute look that looks like it is now. Because it is simple, it will look great on a dress if you add a strong accessory such as a flower.

Up-style with crochet in the back

A hair arrangement that weaves the hair on the side and puts it together in a Chignon style at the back. You can make a gorgeous hairstyle without accessories like this by pulling out and impressing the braided hair!

Change the Atmosphere by Arranging and Getting Rid of a Rut!

When you get tired of your usual style, arrange your hair and get rid of it! Please enjoy various hair arrangements while tying and wrapping bob hair using the styles introduced as a sample. If you consult with a hairdresser when you cut or colour at the salon, they may tell you the “easy-to-use hair arrangement” that suits your style. When changing hairstyles, you can enjoy more fashion by going to the salon expecting hair arrangements.

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