Does The Short Rounded Look Good? Short Catalogue Collection By Face Type

Does The Short Rounded Look Good Short Catalogue Collection By Face Type

When you want to make a makeover, short hair is always popular. However, many people are reluctant to cut their hair. Therefore, we recommend rounded shorts. This article will explain the charm of such round shorts and recommended styles by face type.

If You Want to Shorten It, I Feel Like a Rounded Short

  • I want to change my mind and shorten my hair! There should be many people who yearn for refreshing, fashionable hair.
  • If you use a shortcut, the impression will change dramatically, and it is a perfect hairstyle for you to change your mood or perspective.
  • It is always popular.
  • I want to try a shortcut! Even if you think about it, there are many types, and you will be worried.
  • Especially for those who challenge short hair for the first time, it is difficult to imagine the finished image, and it is difficult to decide on short hair. Rounded shorts are recommended for such people! It features a rounded shape, giving it a feminine atmosphere.

Three Reasons Why a Short Rounded Style Is Recommended

Rounded short is a style that features a round silhouette, as its name suggests. Here are three reasons why we recommend rounded shorts for your first fast.

Part 1: The round silhouette gives a feminine finish

Isn’t short hair too boyish? Many people should be worried—about a hairstyle with a feminine impression and a round silhouette with rounded shorts. You can also finish it cutely with a soft appearance.

Part 2: It is easy to challenge because it leaves the hair longer

Rounded shorts do not have steps when cutting to create a round silhouette. Therefore, the length of each hair remains firmly, so it is easy for people who are uneasy about cutting it completely to take on the challenge.

Point 3: Easy to try, even for people with frizz!

Many people have avoided short hair because the habit of short hair is easily noticeable. For those suffering from hair habits, dealing with habits is a matter of life and death. If it’s a long rounded short, it’s hard to get into a habit, and it’s recommended. Rather, it may be possible to create a style that uses that habit as the flow of hair.

You Can Find a Rounded Short That Suits You! Hair Catalogue Collection by Face Type

It is a rounded short with a lot of charm, but choosing a style that suits your face shape makes it look more refined and stylish! We will introduce the crucial points for rounded shorts according to the shape of the face.

The point of the round face is the vertical width!

It is recommended that you not make bangs or make it lighter and be aware of the vertical width! Since the area around the face looks neat, you can make a rounded short that does not become too heavy.

Cool in the centre part

The centre part style creates a cool atmosphere at once. The roundness is short, and the roundness behind it gives a feminine impression.

Bring the height to the top for a sharp impression

Bringing the crown to the top neutralizes the roundness of the face and makes it cute and quick. It is finished with a natural sweetness that is not too heavy by gently flowing around the face.

Perm style for a stylish look

The perm style is cool and creates a feeling of mellowness. It is also ideal as a contoured cover because you can see the perm.

See-through bang for a light impression

Matching the round face to the roundness tends to make it heavier, but it gives a light impression when combined with the see-through bang. By flowing the flow of hair toward the back, the area around the face is refreshed.

Cool with bangs up

The impression is that it is cool at a stretch with the start-up bangs. Impressive by gently flushing the hair around the face.

The width is the point for the long face.

The point is to put out a volume on the side of the face, chief! Leave it as long as your ears, or use styling to emphasize the width.

Create a rounded feeling by creating volume on the side

Even with a short bob, the importance is put out sideways to firm the roundness even from the front. It is also effective in reducing the feeling of face length. 

With a soft movement

The centre part recommended for the face manager is to move softly. The point is that you can emphasize the roundness by making the hair fluffy. It is also recommended to apply for a perm. 

Long rhombus, short for contour cover

The long rhombus short is ideal for contour covers! The rhombus is so impressive that even the bangs don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Large inward winding makes it look like an adult.

If you put it on your ears, it will give you more depth so that it will be sharper.

The point of the base face is the rounded centre of gravity.

For the base face, it is recommended to raise the centre of gravity of the roundness as high as possible. By submitting the centre of gravity, the width is increased vertically and horizontally, which is also effective as a cover for gills.

Make a lot of face area and add sharpness.

This style with wide hair around the face is recommended because it is easy to sharpen. You can expect a small face effect by applying a little on your face.

The bangs brushing style covers both vertical and horizontal

The bangs brushing style is perfect for the base face because it has vertical and horizontal volume. The back is a compact rounded short, giving a refreshing impression.

Put a volume at the height of your ears and make it cute with a colon

You can make a cute rounded short with a colon by cutting at ear height. You can enjoy various styles when the length grows by putting on your ears.

Lightly wrap the hair flow to emphasize the roundness

You can highlight the width by styling along with the flow of hair. It is a fluffy and girlish style.

Contour cover with heavy rounded short bob

The rounded short bob is the perfect style for people worried about the erratic face and width. If it’s too heavy, make the bangs a see-through bang to make it lighter.

The point of the inverted triangular face is sharpness.

It is recommended that the inverted triangular face has a volume on the top and a tight neckline to give it a sharp look. The style that makes use of the face line looks neat.

Tighten it firmly with a rhombus

This diamond-shaped style is short with a tight neckline. The back of the head is rounded, giving it a cute but mature impression.

Compact short, and neat

The compact short makes the back of the headstand out and gives it a natural cuteness. Styling is easy because it is decided just by passing it through the iron.

Adult coolness with a loose centre part

Produce the coolness of an adult woman with a loose centre part. Shaping it and the flow of her bangs gives an impression of being naturally organized.

Let’s Meet a New Self With Rounded Shorts!

There must be a rounded short that suits various face types and a style that suits you. Whether you’ve never tried a short or want to change your shorts, why not meet a new self with rounded shorts?

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