Discover the Autumn Trends in Men’s Fashion 2021

This season’s collections offer us long coats to create sophisticated looks and padded coats to create more casual looks. We parked our trusty skinny pants to say hello again to an old acquaintance: the bell bottoms. And there is no shortage of colors and patterns to brighten up the season. Here are our fall trends in men’s fashion 2021:

Long coats

With the arrival of autumn, the cool and windy weather arrives. The long coats are the perfect garment to keep warm so cozy stylish during this season. Besides being comfortable, we find them in great diversity. They are one of the main autumn trends, good investments for our wardrobe. Whether they are black, camel, prints, or different colors, they are very useful for dressing in layers and making different combinations.


One of the simplest ways to achieve a simple and clean style is solid color outfits. Perfect to get that look elegant yet chic. In addition, it is a style that allows great versatility when adding accessories. If styled correctly, a monochromatic look can be the same or more striking than a look based on color mixes.

The versatility of cardigans 

The cardigans are one of the most underrated garments we can find, but that should change. They should be a staple in all of our fall wardrobes. They are a symbol of a clean and formal image, to add a classic and sophisticated touch to our looks. But, that image is changing, they are very versatile and allow us to create all kinds of outfits for this fall season.

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Polygons, flowers, landscapes, are drawn on the fabrics to offer us a great variety of garments. Prints are another of the fall trendsDo not be afraid of color or attract attention, we are talking about garments that will not leave anyone indifferent. We find more informal garments such as Bobby Abley and Koche and slightly more formal garments such as Prada and Dirty Pineapple.

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One of the trend colors this fall is red, a color that encourages us to enjoy the Christmas spirit. According to the dates, we will not be short of occasions to be able to wear our red clothes and do it with style. Either with a daring completely red look, or combining some of the garments that we will see below.

Padded jackets

An alternative to long coats is padded jackets. Another basic for our wardrobe. A trend that we never tire of, they are a garment with a very functional and at the same time fashionable design. Let the volume not scare us, if we want to achieve a casual look, padded jackets are the ideal garment to take into account. We find them medium-cut like Balenciaga and Burberry and others a little longer, with a cut to the knees like Michael Kors and Custo Barcelona.

The return of a classic: flared trousers

It is time to stop monopolizing our outfits with skinny pants and give way to our old well-known bell bottoms. The flared pants carry with them a feeling of nostalgia, they are a look into the past with a modern touch of more subtle design. With this garment, you can create fun vintage looks.

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Military-style boots

Inspired by a military-style,   the extra thick boots are a necessary investment. These shoes will dominate the looks of this Fall season. They bring a grunge touch, a casual air to our outfits. Besides being a basic garment, they are the perfect boots to finish styling our look.

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