Date Night Outfits Ideas To Impress A Man At First Sight

A man loves with his eyes. To win his attention, conquer and literally rivet to ourselves, we try to choose a stunning image for the first date. Plunging necklines, ultra-short dresses, endless slits, red lipstick – does it work? Surely, you noticed that not always. We at joy-pup give a little instruction on how to dress up for a date so that you can win the guy of your dreams for sure.


Contrary to popular belief, being overly sexy doesn’t always work. On the contrary, many men are captivated by modesty, as well as an outfit that only hints at your passion or desire. Therefore, when choosing an image, consider a few general rules.

A bet on femininity

Your date should be harmonious, romantic and gentle. This can be achieved with knee-length or midi dresses, skirts, light blouses. Lace clothing is a safe bet. Express your femininity with it, which conquers men.

Don’t overdo it with sexuality

A short dress with a deep neckline, an open outfit with spaghetti straps with a high slit, a miniskirt and a short top – no, you can’t dress like that for a date. Why show yourself right away? If you think that this way you will attract a man’s attention, then you are mistaken. Of course, he may want to spend the night with you. But he won’t take it seriously.

Stay yourself

The man who asked you out on a date probably already understands how you look in real life. And if you prefer to wear jeans or trousers, and came on a date in a ball gown, this can be embarrassing for him. Wear what you like and what suits you best. But don’t forget that things should be attractive, not every day.

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Choose comfort

For a date, you should choose outfits that will give you confidence and calmness. Otherwise, you will be constantly distracted by whether the bra’s strap is visible, whether the belly stands out too much, whether the underwear is visible. Your mood will be transmitted to the interlocutor; he may think that you are uncomfortable not because of the clothes but because he is you.

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Emphasis on naturalness

These trends with big bright lips, translucent or sheer tops, and shiny skin like a doll won’t work on a first date. And they also scare some men away. Guys who are seriously considering a relationship with a girl love naturalness and grooming. Therefore, focus on this – discreet makeup, well-groomed nails, a beautiful outfit that reflects your inner state. Then he will definitely be yours.

What not to wear on a first date?


It is better to refuse some things and accessories not to push the guy away from you. We’ll look at them.

  • Bulky and massive earrings. It so happened that men do not like them at all. They are also not a feminine story. Choose small, pretty accessories that go well with the whole outfit.
  • Platform shoes. For a date, choose a heel – small or medium height, which will allow you to become more feminine.
  • Defiant clothing. And men also do not like outfits with too revealing cuts and cuts, fur collars, feathers. This, on a subconscious level, pushes the guy away from the girl. By the way, do not combine a short skirt and high boots – for men, it reminds women of easy virtue.
  • Children’s and glamorous outfits. If you want to be taken seriously, give up accessories that are too childish – in the form of cartoon characters, icons, multi-coloured socks, baubles, rubber bands and more. Anything that resembles a little kindergarten girl should be left for another time, for example, for a pyjama party.
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And yet – do not overdo it to seem to status and expensive. Even if you are invited on a date by a businessman, you don’t have to run out and buy the best dress and Louboutins. Well-groomed clothes that suit you will be the best option. If you want to use accessories, a thin chain, a small bracelet, and one ring is appropriate. Earrings should be gentle and feminine, not falling out of the general style.

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Details in outfits that men like

Details in outfits that men like

To dress up for a date and conquer it, consider what details in outfits are popular with almost all guys.

  • Small black dress. This is a win-win for every girl. The length of the skirt is up to the knees, no vulgar cutouts (if there is a cutout, it is small) and too revealing cuts.
  • Red colour. Yes, it attracts men, so be sure to take advantage of it. This colour can be the main outfit or a certain wardrobe element, for example, a top or an accessory.
  • Cut on the back. Men really like these outfits. They perceive them as feminine, open and at the same time hidden. They are ready to study such a girl.
  • Lace. Another win-win option that allows you to add romance to the image. Lace dresses that literally catch the eye have an incredible effect.

When choosing an outfit for a date with a man, think carefully about your image to the smallest detail. Beautiful styling without a ton of nail polish, natural makeup, a pleasant scent of perfume and, of course, a comfortable outfit that suits your style. Thanks to this, you will conquer the man and be able to continue the relationship with him.

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