Curtain Bangs Or Bottleneck Bangs: Which Haircut Suits You

Curtain Bangs Or Bottleneck Bangs Which Haircut Suits You

When we want to change how we look, a haircut with bangs is one of the best ways to give our hair a new look and freshen up our look. Now, bangs are a more popular hairstyle in 2023 than other cuts. But there are also different ways to cut bangs, and curtain and bottleneck bangs are two of the most popular haircuts in 2023.

People say that these two types of bangs look a lot alike. Many people need clarification about the difference between curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs. So today, we’ll tell you which bangs are best for you based on the shape of your face and other things about you.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

What Are Curtain Bangs

When we talk about bangs, there is one that always comes up in the conversation: the curtain bangs. It is the favorite of many influencers and actresses, but it is also the one for girls who want to wear bangs for the first time. Curtain bangs are in the center of your face. The curtain bangs are made by parting the hair on both sides of your face at the very center of your face to make curved bangs and cutting the hair at the brow bone in an asymmetrical way to make a diagonal shape so that your face is well wrapped and the bangs can blend in with the rest of your hair. Curtain bangs are perfect for girls who are not satisfied with their facial contours, have high cheekbones, or have a round face, and they can quickly give you a V-shaped face or a perfect oval face.

Which Face Shape Do Curtain Bangs Suit?

We give you some tips on how to show off your curtain bangs in the best way. Some of the tips are very small, but we promise that they are the ones that make all the difference.

Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape

To slim down the face, leave more volume at the top or wear your bangs long. Another trick is to draw two diagonal lines on each side of the face when you separate the bangs. It makes the features look more vertical. Also, do you want to know what haircuts look best on round faces? By the way, we can ask our salon to do a hair contour in addition to getting our hair cut to make it longer. Yes, we can also change how the features look by coloring them.

Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape

If you have a very wide chin and sharp features, the key is to round off the shape of your bangs and bring them closer to your face. It will make them wrap around your face and soften your features. You already know that how the bangs are styled is just as important as how they are cut.

Elongated Face Shape

Elongated Face Shape

In this case, to make a face look shorter, the curtain bangs should reach the level of the eyes and cover as much of the face as possible in front. Remember that wearing your bangs for an extended period of time can make your face appear even larger.

Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape

Lucky for people with oval faces, haircuts and bangs look good on them. Because of this, they can be more rebellious and take a chance with curtain bangs that are shorter or not even. If you still need to figure it out, take a look at the article, and you’ll get the ideas to style your curtain bangs without any doubt.

Here Are Some of the Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for You

Curtain bangs are versatile, attractive, and youthful. Most people today use curtain bangs.

Bob Hair With Curtain Bangs

Bob Hair With Curtain Bangs

The bob is still a popular choice for a haircut. Because of this, curtain bangs can be your best friend, whether straight up to the eyebrows, more micro or maxi, and can be combed to the side.

Long Hair With Curtain Bangs

Long Hair With Curtain Bangs

But if you want to avoid cutting your long hair, the pictures in this article will give you ideas. You can also choose straight bangs for the very long, curtain-style bangs. There are more ways to style it because you can wear it in pigtails, bows, or half-collected styles, all of which look great.

Mullet Hair and Curtain Bangs

Mullet Hair and Curtain Bangs

Undoubtedly, the mullet is one of those hairstyles that have become well-known. This cut has a lot of personalities, and the bangs must be there, but you can also play with the lengths to get it right. Above all, you want to comb it in a way that looks as natural as possible. Texturizing sprays are your best friends in this case.

Curly Hair and Curtain Bangs

Curly Hair and Curtain Bangs

Well, everyone knows that curtain bangs with curly hair will become increasingly popular, and more curly-haired women are styling their hair with curtain bangs and loving the added volume and style. Well, this type of hairstyle has very top bangs.

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What Are Bottleneck Bangs?

What Are Bottleneck Bangs

You might want to cut your bangs, but you’re afraid they won’t look good on you. Then you need to know the bottleneck bangs. It’s a style that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. It combines a cut that frames the face well with the laid-back look of the 1970s. This is it if you’ve tried other types of bangs and couldn’t get them to look good on you.

Bottleneck bangs are a mix of bushy and full-length bangs,” says George Northwood, a stylist who has cut fringes for Alexa Chung and Daisy Edgar-Jones, among others. “It is longer on the sides and could be called bottleneck bangs.

Unlike most bangs, which are the same length across the whole face, bottleneck bangs have shorter strands in the middle of the forehead, making a face look like a “neckline.” It flatters everyone because it breaks up the bangs a bit, says Northwood. “IT’S THE BEST CUT FOR ALL KIND OF FACE SHAPES.”

Here Are Some of the Bottleneck Bangs Hairstyles for You

The functionality, elegance, and freshness of bottleneck bangs are undeniable.  Bottleneck bangs are trending, and many of our celebrities have already tried this hairstyle.

Bangs Also for Curly Hair

Messy Thick Bottleneck Bangs 1

You don’t have to give up bangs or bottleneck bangs just because your hair is curly. It would be best if you asked to have it cut dry so that your curl pattern is kept as much as possible. This will help you wear it in the way that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Short Hairstyles With “Bangs.”

Short Hairstyles With Bangs.

There is a new trend among short hairstyles for women: haircuts with “fringe,” or longer strands than the rest of the hair. It can be a long bang or a line from the temples to the top of the head. Before now, this kind of hairstyle was only seen on rock stars or at avant-garde fashion shows. Now, they are becoming part of everyday life. With strands, stylists try to add variety to classic short haircuts like the bob and the pixie. As a result, these hairstyles have a unique, exciting look.

Voluminous Bottleneck Bangs

Voluminous Bottleneck Bangs

If you want to stand out and look great, give the Bottleneck Bangs a try. You’ll need a lot of volumes and a little swoop on each side, and you’ll be good to go.

Messy Thick Bottleneck Bangs

Bangs Also for Curly Hair

If you like casual, messy hairstyles like this one, you will like this example. Make your bangs thicker to make them fuller. You can also color your hair to make it thicker and give it more texture.

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What is the Difference Between Bottleneck and Curtain Bangs?

You can wear curtain bangs on either side of the face with no fringe on the forehead. Bottleneck bangs are shorter on the forehead. Don’t worry—you can style and grow this look just as quickly. Here are some examples that you can understand the differences between curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs.

  1. Different bang shapesThe main thing about this hairstyle is their different shapes and styles, like their names. Curtain Bangs have a slightly open curtain with a curve.

    Although Bottleneck Bangs look like the top of a coke bottle, they open from top to bottom, narrow to wide, and then pull back a little.

  2. Different trimming methodsThe curtain bangs are cut from outward, and you can see in the above pictures that the latter hair is gently floating outward while the straightened hair is pulled inward.The process was different for bottleneck bangs than for curtain bangs. The hair at the bottom of the bottleneck bangs is cut towards the face.
  3. Different hair layersCurtain bangs are thicker and heavier layers on both sides, with curved bangs on both sides.

    While bottleneck bangs have some short hair at the eyebrows, the hair from under bottleneck bangs can slowly wrap around your jawbone and cheekbones.

After understanding the differences between curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs, both hairstyles have benefits. Bottleneck bangs are the most popular hairstyle in 2023 and beyond. If you want to know more about Curtain Bangs  and Bottleneck Bangs hairstyles, visit our articles to learn more about these two trendiest hairstyles.

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