Layer Cut Styles For Medium Hair: 2022

Layer Cut Styles For Medium Hair 2022

I often see an adorable hairstyle, “Medium Layer,” on SNS these days. I thought he had a lovely hairstyle, and most cute guys adopted this medium layer. But what kind of style is the medium layer? We will introduce many medium-layer catalogs to solve such a question this time.

Medium Length X Layer Cut Is Fashionable!

I’m looking for a new style because the arrangement has become a rut. I would like to recommend the medium layer for such people as well! The medium layer is a medium x layer cut style. This medium layer makes frizz inconspicuous. It arranges freely by cutting and gives a light impression—volume down the whole hair, etc. There are lots of lovely charms.

What Is a Layer in the First Place?

  • First, a layer is a cutting technique that creates a part to be cut short and a part to be cut long to make a step.
  • There are mainly high layers with steps from the top of the hair, short tops and long tips, and soft layers with small steps at the ends.
  • The layered cut is finished in a soft, light style with a three-dimensional effect.

Layer cuts that add steps to the hair reduce the amount of hair toward the ends of the hair. So the whole hair looks light. Also, because the length of the hair is different, it becomes easier for the hair to move when styling, and you can easily make fashionable hair with a feeling of falling out. In addition, depending on the type of layer, it is easy for the hair to get inside. It is also recommended that you can easily care for your hair because you can make a cohesive hairstyle. The layer style is a hairstyle that has many benefits for any length.

Advantages of Medium Layer Cut

  • Actually, besides the merits I mentioned earlier, there are many merits for Medium to incorporate layer cuts. I will talk about its values.
  • By incorporating layer cuts, you can add smooth movement to your hair. Medium length x layer cut with feminine impression makes it even more feminine.
  • In addition, many medium-length trend styles incorporate layers around the face and tips, such as constricted hair and wolf cuts.
  • Therefore, the medium layer is also recommended for those who want to try a popular style that looks like it now has the same length.

How to Get Closer to Your Ideal Layer Hairstyle

I will introduce “points I want to convey when ordering.”

Point 1: Tell me what kind of atmosphere you want to be

First, let’s tell the beautician the ideal layer cut style.

As I mentioned, there are multiple types of layer cuts, depending on how the layers are inserted, and each has a different impression.

Here, we will introduce the typical high layer and low layer atmosphere among the layer cuts. A high layer is a cut that puts a layer from an elevated position on the head. It moves softly from the top to the area around the face, creating volume, and making it easy to create a cute silhouette.

A soft layer is a cut that puts a slightly narrower layer on the tip of the hair. By adding flow only to the ends of the hair, you can create a calm atmosphere.

Point 2: Tell where you want to put the layer

Like the high and low layers explained earlier, the form of the style changes depending on where you put the layer in the layer cut.

For example, putting a layer around the face and hair tips can create a Korean-style constriction style.

The beautician needs to determine where the layer is in the style you want to be. For that purpose, we recommend that you consult with a salon with a sample style that is close to your ideal style.

[by Category] Medium X Layer Cut Style Collection

Here, we will introduce the recommended layer styles in the items of “with/without bangs,” “perm,” “by face type,” and “my hair color .”Please find your ideal style and use it as a reference when ordering at the salon.

Medium x layer cut style to find with or without bangs

[With bangs] Medium layer style around the face

The coating around the face is excellent for a small face effect.

[With bangs] Medium layer style

The trendy layer cut x medium style. The point is to add a large amount of curl around the face and hair tips. This style is recommended for girls with a gorgeous finish.

[No bangs] Side bang medium layer style

Adult cute style with side bangs on the face layer. Adding movement around the face gives a soft and mature impression.

Medium x layer cut style with perm

[With bangs] Loose wave x medium layer style

A popular royal road style uses a loose wave perm to move the entire hair. It is also recommended that you quickly set it because it is moving with a digital perm. 

[With bangs] Clavicle line layer x medium

Putting a perm on the tip of the hair gives an excellent impression. It is also a recommended point to make preparations in the morning very easy.

[No bangs] Strong curl perm x medium layer

The styling should be done with balm or oil to make it wet.

[No bangs] Nuance Perm x Medium Layer

If you don’t dare to put the ends of your hair together and break them apart, you will feel more comfortable.

Medium x layer cut style by face type

[For round face] Constriction layer style

You can make a sharp impression on a round face by creating a contraction around the face with a layer cut.

[For face length] Straight bangs x simple outside bangs style

The point is to cover the vertical feeling of the face with straight bangs.

[For base face] Hide cute with lagging hair

The whole hair is a simple constriction style. If the base face leaves a little lagging hair in front of the ears, the movement around the face will appear, and the gills will be less noticeable.

Medium x layer cut style by hair color

Natural brown beige that fits well

If you are uncertain about your hair color, try ordering this color first! It’s easy to get used to and has an attractive finish.

Sheer pink adds a sense of omission.

A mini wolf style gives a light impression with a layer cut around the face. Sheer pink adds a sense of omission, so the degree of cleanliness is improved.

White beige and unique

Both white and beige are colors that eliminate the redness of hair peculiar to Japanese people, so they are transparent.

Baby bang x chocolate beige for a soft impression

Baby bang medium layer x chocolate beige mote hairstyle. The see-through bangs and bright beige color create a soft impression.

Let’s Graduate From a Fashionable Medium Layer.

Did you come across a lovely medium-layer hairstyle? There are many types of medium layers. The atmosphere changes depending on the cut, so it’s nice to find a style that suits you. Please go to the salon with your ideal catalog.

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