Collection Of Aurora Nails: Find Your Favorite From 15 Designs In 3 Colors.

If you’re worried about nail design, why not try an elegant and beautiful Aurora nail? Just like Aurora, the characteristic of Aurora Nail is the brilliance that overlaps each other. Introducing the charm of dress styles and designs that are likely to be useful in weddings and everyday life.

What Kind of Nail Is Aurora Nail in the First Place?

Aurora’s nails are nails that have an aurora-like shine by layering colors and films. Aurora’s nails are also characterized by their shine changes when they are exposed to light.

White Aurora Nail

Simple design that can be used anywhere

Aurora nails with pearls. With a simple and elegant design, it seems to be useful in various situations, from office to dress style. It’s an adult, feminine, calm design.

With pure white nails, it has a lot of presence.

Aurora nails in pure white color. Sprinkle a little glitter to increase the shine. Recommended for those who don’t want to attach parts but want a design with a strong presence!

Luxury gold French

A combination of white aurora nails and gold French. The calm white and luxurious gold give an adult-like impression at once. Perfect for adult girls who want to do aurora nails in the office scene.

Asymmetrical design with a sense of elegance

Holograms are studded in only one hand to create an asymmetrical design. By deliberately making it asymmetric, you can create a feeling of mellowness. If you want an accented design, please come.

Nuance nail and mature

A design that combines aurora nails and nuance nails. You will get a stunning and mature impression by attaching parts and making them plump. Recommended for those who want to enjoy adult-like nails.

Pink Aurora Nail

Girly with Aurora x Glass French

A combination of aurora nails and glass French with glitter on the tip. The center is moisturized, the fingertips glitter and the design is very cute. If you want a girly design without attaching large parts, please do.

Gorgeous with ribbon parts

A girlish and gorgeous design with ribbon parts. The combination of the pink base and the ribbon parts is outstandingly cute. It is perfect for those who want a strong presence at their fingertips.

Aurora x magnet makes it cute no matter where you look

The appearance of magnet nails also changes depending on how the light hits them. The combination of magnet and aurora nails makes a cute design no matter where you look. The pink base gives a sweet feeling, and it is a charming design.

Feminine with a simple design

Simple design using aurora film. The combination of pink color and simple design brings out a feminine feel. It is an adult-like design that seems to be active in the office.

Now with zebra nails

A design with a pink aurora base in a zebra pattern. The combination of girly pink and flashy zebra patterns makes it look like it is now. It is perfect for those who are tired of simple nails.

Cool and Mature! Cool Aurora Nails

Fantastic with a purple base

Purple-based, fantastic aurora nails. It goes well with stone and stud parts if you want to enjoy a lot of fantastic aurora nails.

Cool x gorgeous good points

A combination of purple-based aurora nails and silver nails. Combined with the flashy silver nails, the cool purple feel is accentuated. It is a design that can be cool and gorgeous.

In a calm atmosphere with blue color

A combination of blue-based aurora nails and magnet nails. The calm blue color brings out a fantastic atmosphere. If you like a mature and calm design, please come.

Like a girl, even in cold colors.

Only part of it is an aurora nuance nail. The girly design and the aurora nails that are moisturized are lined up in a good balance.

Summery with drop nails

A combination of drop nails and aurora nails that look like the water’s surface. The glittering design, like the sea of ​​a resort, is impressive. By all means, it is a design that I would like you to incorporate in the summer.

Can Aurora Nail Be Done by Yourself?

So far, we have introduced attractive aurora nail designs. Maybe some people thought, “It’s a cute and noisy design, but you can do it yourself …?” So, here are two ways you can do your own Aurora Nail.

Method 1: Make aurora nails with a manicure

The first is to use nail polish to make aurora nails. You can make your aurora nails by using nail polish with aurora glitter or nail polish that gives an enamel-like finish. Although it is relatively easy to do at a low cost, it also has the disadvantage that it is difficult to create the three-dimensional effect peculiar to gel.

Method 2: Make aurora nails with self-gel nails

The second method is to make aurora nails with self-gel nails. In the case of gel nails, after making a base using aurora color gel or aurora powder, it is completed by layering aurora film. Gel nails are easy to last for a long time, but they cost some Money and time at first because you have to prepare tools and materials and cure them at each stage. If you can do it well, it will be cheaper in the long run, but if you try for the first time, you will feel that the hurdles are a little high.

Aurora Nail and Get It in Your Hands

Aurora nails with a moisturized design. Did you find your favorite design? You can do it yourself, but the time and quality it takes are the bottlenecks. If you want a satisfying and moisturizing aurora nail, have a professional nail technician do it! Please go to the salon and order Aurora Nail.

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