Check The Classic And Trendy Nail Designs

Check The Classic And Trendy Nail Designs

If you want to try nails that make you feel better, now you should pay attention to nails! But are you wondering what kind of new design nails have? This time, we will introduce the classic and trendy designs together with the catalog while knowing the characteristics of such stylish nails.

Mix Style Into My Nails!

As a result, it has come to be incorporated into fashion and makeup/hairstyle trends. As with nails, more and more people want to add flair to their fingertips.

Characteristics of Nails That Are Popular

The designs adopted by Korean nail technicians and popular in Korea are collectively called Korean nails. One of the characteristics of nails is how to use large parts and margins! You can finish it in a style design by firmly attaching gorgeous fingers and simple finger sharpness at once.

From Classics to Trends! Nail Design Collection

Once you have the characteristics of Korean-style nails, it is faster to look at the types of designs! Therefore, from here, we will introduce the classic & trend design catalogs of Korean staples for every kind of design.

Magnet Nail

Magnet nails are nails made by applying a special gel containing iron powder or nail polish and using a magnet before it dries to create a pattern. It features a fantastic and deep design.

Magnet Nail

A design that combines a magnet nail with a painted nail has an excellent feeling of coming off. It has more presence than simple painted nails, and its puffy design is sure to catch the eye of the surroundings.

Ring nail

A cute ring nail with a design makes you feel like you are wearing a ring. It goes excellent with fantastic magnet nails. In addition, the dull base color creates femininity.

Fruit nail

A cherry-designed nail that brightens your fingertips at once. For fruit patterns that tend to be cute, you can enjoy fruit nails like an adult by choosing an elegant design. 

Pressed flower nail

Blue pressed flower nails that give a neat impression. It makes your fingertips look elegant and creates a sense of transparency. Also, you can create a gentle atmosphere if you choose a pastel color with a flat base.

Marble nail

Marble nails that are as gorgeous as natural marble. The dark magnet nails go great with each other. It has a mature finish, so it is recommended for those who like chic nails.

Ice Nails

Ice nails are designs with embedded aurora film and clear, three-dimensional parts. It has a mysterious shine and looks like ice, so it is called an “ice nail.”

Ice nail x nuance nail

Incorporate white, familiar to the skin, into the base color to create an adult-like ice nail. The ice nails made from clear parts with a three-dimensional effect are very modern.

Moisturizing nails like water drops x Aurora nails

Aurora nails with a mysterious glow. You can create a fantastic staple if you add a moisturizing pin that looks like a drop of water. When combining hooks with various textures, matching the colors makes sense of unity.

Ice nail x large butterfly

The large butterfly parts often used in Korean nails are combined with ice nails. It has a powerful presence, so your fingertips are gorgeous at once. It is a nail that I would like to recommend to those who want beautiful designs.

Nail x Stone

A gorgeous design with the extra brilliance of moisturizing nails and stones. The base color is light blue, giving an excellent impression, so I want to try this nail in the coming summer.

Ice nail x one color nail

It is an icing nail made from film. It is very fashionable that the color changes depending on the viewing angle. Choose a pastel color with a simple one-color pin for a calm and feminine finish.

Flash Nails

Flash nails are trendy nails in Korea that incorporate glitter. The feature is that it shines brightly when the flash hits, and there is no doubt that your fingertips will brighten at once!

Flash Nail x Gradation

A design with a gradation of Kochihara Flash Nail. Since glitter is not placed on the entire nail, it looks more mature than ordinary flash nails.

Flash Nail x Heart Stone

Heart stones are placed on all fingers, giving a lovely impression. The combination of flash nails and the brilliance of parts creates a gorgeous pin.

Flash Nail x Enclosed French.

The combination of flash nails and surrounding French is novel but very attractive. Since the amount of glitter is small and casual, it gives off an elegant shine.

Flash Nail x Magnet Nail

It is a nail that has different designs on the left and right. Both are Korean nails attracting attention, so they are outstandingly modern. The overall atmosphere will be calm and balanced if you dare to bring a natural color there.

Flash Nail x Glitter Stone

A combination of glittering flash nails and stones. There is no doubt that it will give off a great deal of light if you hit it with a flash. It is recommended to finish it as an adult with silver and beige.

Book a Salon and Challenge Nails Immediately!

This time, we have introduced various catalogs, from classic Korean nails to trends. Even if you say “Korean nails,” there are many designs and types, and they are deep Korean nails. Why don’t you take such Korean staples at your fingertips and spend your days more fashionably? First, find your favorite design and book the salon that suits you best.

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