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Classic Hairstyles For Men

Classic Hairstyles For Men. A classic haircut is ideal for the appearance of any representative of the stronger sex as if it personifies the masculine style, lifestyle, and character of its owner. Every modern man who is not indifferent to his appearance will be able to find his type of haircut.

A high-quality men’s haircut must not only suit the appearance of a man. She symbolizes the inner masculine content, the way of life, and the disposition of her wearer. Any modern man who is intent on his appearance finds his type of hairstyle. We will find out what a classic men’s haircut is and what types exist.

The classic men’s haircut was and remained in trend. There are many types of haircuts, and many men do not even know about them. Therefore they almost always stick to only one style. Today, traditional men’s hairstyles that will never go out of fashion are considered famous. It is loved by both men at a respectable age and guys who, in addition, want to create a unique image.

The length of the hair in a classic hairstyle can change very. Although there are characteristic features, it can also change the order of treatment of the head areas and hair division. The classic men’s hairstyle implies an even parting on the side or combed back hair and neat styling. A flawless look is not in the beauty of styling but in the beauty of cutting features. They say that just such hairstyles are most popular with women. It can be combed and styled as you like best. And whichever direction is combed, a perfectly produced haircut will remain stable.

Classic hairstyles

A regular classic men’s haircut will suit everyone. Classics are relevant almost always, and traditional hairstyles are no exception everywhere. They are appropriate both at official receptions and in the gym. And they are suitable for both young boys and men of respectable age, owners of different hair types. Whatever the latest trends, the traditional men’s hairstyle remains the leading one among the favorites. This variation is always timeless and almost always in the first place in modern times.

Simple classic haircuts are often short-lived. Behind and around the edges, the length of the hair is usually short, and various long hairs are found at the crown. But before choosing this type, you need to consider how the hair will look in the shortest section.

The most popular is the classic men’s haircut. This hairstyle is always relevant, suitable for both a young man who wants to create a modern look and a respectable man who prefers a classic look and sophistication in everything.

So you don’t always need to try on the latest trends in hairdressing. Several time-tested classic hairstyles will decorate you without raising any questions. Even if your hair is far from perfect, they look stylish.

Before heading to the salon to see your master, check out the four classic haircuts we have selected for you. Among them, you will find the one.

Varieties of classic haircuts for men

There are clear lines at the edges with a classic haircut with bangs. It is performed with scissors. Moreover, the hair should be of the same length. The owner of such a hairstyle can diversify it by applying various styling forms.


Boxing is a haircut that looks a bit like a helmet. It is characterized by shaved areas in the temples and the lower part of the back of the head. Hair is kept to a minimum to reveal facial features.

Half box

A half-box is a haircut in which the hair in the crown region is left a little long. And the edging on the back of the head is made lower than in a hairstyle called boxing.

Under the typewriter

A clipper haircut is suitable for many men. It is performed using a hair clipper with a specific attachment. As a result, the man gets the desired length on the entire head.


A Canadian is called a short haircut, in which you need to leave long strands on the forehead, and you can do a fleece in front.


Someone thinks that this haircut is like a comb. We see a stylish hairstyle version with long temples and a removed top. This haircut has been in the hairdressing arsenal since the 1960s. You need to lay the temples back with a gel or mousse and comb the upper part as it suits you best (right, left, or exactly back). Depending on this, you will repeat the original version of the haircut.

Hedgehog and bobrik

Hedgehog and beaver are called one of the more popular men’s styling. They are distinguished by a length of no more than 2 cm. Only the hedgehog is round, and the beaver is square.


A haircut called Bob is characterized by elongated strands wrapped inward. In this case, the bangs are made in a rounded shape.


A cutting platform – its feature is a trimmed platform located from the frontal part to the crown and has a straight surface. To make this shape, the hair needs to be coarse.

A classic haircut is often not meant as a specific hairstyle but rather a general concept that unites several men’s hairstyles. All of them are united by a rather short length, versatility, and practicality. They help create a style close to a strict business one.

Modern fashion trends in hairstyles do not exclude the usual classics. A trendy cut shows the classic with long bangs that emphasize the masculinity and severity of an individual look. The hair on the back of the head and the temples is strongly shaved, and the length of the entire head of hair at the crown of the head varies.


This hairstyle has characteristic features: a short-cut back of the head and sides, hair of medium length on top, and the bangs are laid to one side, while the hairline near the forehead is often leveled, making it more even and clear. This hairstyle is perfect for those with an imperfect forehead, as it perfectly corrects a narrow or bulging forehead.

Fritz haircut (Hitler Youth)

The peak of popularity of this hairstyle fell in the 80s of the last century, but it is still relevant to this day. The Fritz or Hitler Youth hairstyle is easily recognizable: it has a short-cropped back of the head and temples like the previous hairstyle. However, in this case, longer strands are left on the crown. These strands can be laid to the side or combed back. This type of haircut requires daily styling, so few people can afford to spend time getting their hair done every morning.

Medium waves

This haircut has many options: wavy and straight hair, with long and short temples, with and without parting. We prefer the classic medium length. It will look perfect on an athlete, a clerk, and an artist. Choose for yourself whether you wear it combed forward or backward. Either way, you need a styling product (sea salt sprays and gels are our favorites) to show off the volume of your hair.


This youth haircut is at the forefront of fashion, a cross between a bob and a British woman. The whiskey is made a little shorter, and the bangs are cut like a long line. The combination of torn strands adds volume to the hair well.


The haircut appeared about 100 years ago. Synonyms – “Hitler Youth,” hairstyle “under the Wehrmacht,” etc. Initially, “Undercut” was worn by soldiers. Subsequently, “haircut under a haircut” spread among the civilian population and at one time was even the privilege of wealthy youth.

“Undercut” has a feature that sets it apart from classic styling: the absence of a smooth transition between long hair on the crown, crown of the head, and short – on the temples and back of the head. The haircut suits men with different face contours, except for triangular and elongated ones. Depending on how long the bangs are, you can style them differently.

Comb your hair back with the help of gel, put it on one side or put it with a Hedgehog, Mohawk, give the hair pomp, or collect the crown-parietal strands in a ponytail a bun. The closest option to the classics is to style your hair back.

Side part hairstyle

It’s a classic of all generations, what you certainly saw with parents and grandparents in their pictures of their youth. Gives a serious and sophisticated touch, simple, clean, and polite cut for work environment and creationIt can be created with a small side parting. It is a classic type of cut in the classics and has always worked well in many face shapes.

The cut is not very angular, round in shape, and can be much better on a face with a large forehead. The horizontal split gives that straight cut to the facial structure. Its shape is low enough on the sides and slightly longer on the top. When combing, it can be fixed with wax or fixed lacquer.

Shaved cut

A classic and traditional cut Men have already opted for this type of shaving when they have lost their hair and want to hide it in a particular way. Others cannot hide the relief from the heat that hair can give a little longer in the summer, either because they are unaware that they comb their hair every day. That’s why they choose to take the razor and leave it almost zero, but for this, it should be noted that this cut needs to be a pretty flattering face.

Cluttered or fringed haircut

This hairstyle has a messy composition, and the hair is the same length on both sides and top. The cut is great for curly hair, thick hair, or hair with small waves. The ideal is to have a harmonious composition or turn down the volume.

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