50 Amazing Christmas Party Hairstyles For The Perfect Holiday

50 Amazing Christmas Party Hairstyles For The Perfect Holiday

Christmas hairstyles are beautiful ways to try something new. When not at this particular time, add sparkle, shine, and pretty accessories. Whether you want to dress up for a Christmas party or celebrate the winter solstice like a pagan, we have something for everyone and tips to help.

It can be stressful to get dressed up on a busy Christmas evening and not know what to do with your hair. Most women have had beautiful outfits ruined by their hairstyle. Making your holiday hairstyle ahead of time and practising it can help you relax and enjoy the night. You can talk to more people and enjoy drinks and snacks without worrying about your hair. This year, there are 50 beautiful party hairstyles.



Let your afro shine! As seen, this looks amazing with hooped earrings and red lipstick.



Light curls look best on people with medium-length hair or square faces. Always look very girly and romantic.



If you want your look to stand out more, a braided hair crown is a way to go. It looks great on long hair and draws attention to flawless makeup.



While you decide whether or not to grow your hair, you can learn how to braid for short hair. You can make amazing looks with ordinary invisibility that go well with glam rock and innocent romantic outfits.



Classic and sleek, or a little bit messy? You can choose, but the most important thing is that the right dress goes well with your look.

High tail


Apply volume mousse to the roots of dried hair, spread over the entire length and dry with a hairdryer, directing the air stream upwards. Use a fine-toothed comb to comb the strands on top and at the back of the head. Put your hair in a ponytail, and use an elastic band to keep it in place. Take one strand and wrap it around the base of the tail. Use invisibility to keep it in place. Let some hair fall from the face.



A bouffant can make even a simple updo or ponytail more interesting.



If you can braid braids, you should learn how to weave with a waterfall. This hairstyle goes well with any evening outfit, doesn’t hurt your hair, and doesn’t make you feel heavy.

Soft waves


Spread styling mousse on wet hair. Dry and small strands can be wound on curlers or a large or medium-sized styler. Start at the back of your head, and pin each curl to cool. When all the curls are ready, use your fingers or a comb with a few teeth to lightly comb them.

Sloppy bun


Use a blow dryer and a big round brush to dry your hair. Comb lightly at the roots. Make a high or low tail. All hair can be twisted around the base of the head, or individual strands can be wrapped and held in place with hairpins. Don’t try to make things as smooth as possible. Allow the beam to move around. You can also make a loose bun with hair that has already been twisted, like with a hair dryer brush. It will hold better and look better.

Volume braid


You can do a regular braid, a French braid, or an inverted braid on the front, side, or back. Most importantly, it should be tight enough. To do this, comb your hair and sprinkle it with volume varnish before braiding. Give the braid some volume when you’re done by teasing it a bit.

Creative mess


This styling is suitable for short haircuts and medium-length haircuts. To towel-dried hair, add a little volume of mousse. Dry your hair while it’s up. You can put your head down and direct a stream of warm air up. Use a spray that adds texture to the model for the best results.

Boho style


Boho hairstyles are great for people who spend most of their day taking care of their home and getting ready for a party. They are easy to do on your own, and you don’t need a flat iron or curling iron to do them. Even if a few hairs fall out of the hairpin, it’s okay. They can be easily woven back in or left free, and your look will stay the same until the end of the party.

Elegant bun


When you only have a little time left before your guests arrive and your hair is still wet from the shower, it’s best to stick with a simple bun. Even in the evening, you won’t have to worry about this hairstyle. If you want to change it up, you can use bright hairpins.

Vintage curls


If you want to keep your hair from getting damaged by heat, choose a hairstyle that doesn’t need curling or flat ironing, like this one for vintage curls. You can do your hair the morning of the party and right before the guests arrive. Remove the paper curlers and add varnish to your hair to make it stronger.



Buns that are polished and have a lot of detail are very elegant hairstyles. Bella Hadid inspires today’s style. Her bun is easy to copy by making a “mouse tail” braid and then tying it into a top knot.

Wet effect


Do you want a style that looks more futuristic and shiny? Comb your hair back and play around with gels, oils, and sprays to make it look like your hair is wet. It’s an option if you want to show off your face’s features.



If you can’t decide whether to put your hair up or leave it down, a style like Camila Cabello’s is the happy medium. “This showcases the texture and length of your hair but also keeps it off the face.

Soft puffs


Two is better than one, and that goes for Afro puffs. We love doubling down on this look, which technically isn’t a bun but plays a similar role to a bun in this hairstyle. “This is a DIY hairstyle you can do at a moment’s notice. It’s a very easy style to create that shows off the natural texture.

Spiky bun


If you want a rocker hairstyle that still looks classy, try the low bun with spiky ends or the soft bun with outer ends that is in style right now. It is simple and quick to put together; the best part is that it goes with any Christmas outfit.

Box braids


If you want a fancy Christmas hairstyle, say YES to braids that start at the roots and weave each hair strand together.

Side braid


We can make a side braid by picking up the hair from one side and putting it on the other. If we don’t have the skill or time to braid from one side to the other, we can roll the hair until we reach the other side.

Party Plaits


Locs are customizable, and updo is perfect for locs.

Crochet twists


Try crochet twists if you want a twist-out without letting your natural hair out. Carefully remove crochet hairstyles. It should be done gently to avoid pulling hair from the root.

Braided Crowns


Why not flaunt your crown and hair? This crown twist hairstyle protects kinks and curls and can be worn without a split for a halo look.

Straight hair


Use a heat protectant when straightening your hair.

Bow ponytail


It would be best if you prepared everything for Christmas Eve dinner, but you still want your hair to look great for the party. You should put your hair in a ponytail and tie it off with a big bow.

Low ponytail


The Christmas hairstyles with a clear part and a bit of volume at the crown are perfect for people who like to keep things simple and classic. Of course, remember that you can change the shape of the hairline to fit your face best.

Barbie ponytail

A Barbie-style ponytail is a perfect way to style your face and look beautiful for Christmas. It involves making a ponytail as high as possible and then curling the ends outward. If you prefer, add a bow for an ultra-girly touch.

Pearls in braids

Add accessories to your Christmas hairstyle if you want your hair to stand out. This year, a popular style is to do a fish braid and hold several pearls.

Half tail and a bow

The black velvet bow is the season’s must-have accessory, so don’t be afraid to add one to your Christmas hairstyles. If you want to look younger, a pair of high half-tails on the sides will look cute. However, almost every hairstyle looks different.

Velvet bow ponytail

Velvet is to winter, and linen is to summer. Putting a velvet bow on it with her ponytail. The soft, fluffy accent of this holiday hair accessory hits the mark.

Headband to the back

“Party hair is usually loud, proud, and full of volume,” says Lee Stafford, a London-based hairstylist and founder of his namesake hair-care brand. “This look is the opposite of that.”

Barrette tuck

A silver barrette placed vertically behind Thandiwe Newton’s ear keeps her brushed-out curls out of her face. We have yet to figure out who made the barrette, but The Hair Edit has a solid silver piece that will do in the meantime.

All the flowers

It doesn’t matter what Evan Rachel Wood does with her hair. All we can see are the fresh and dried flowers, like peonies, baby’s breath, roses, etc., pinned to her nape.

Vintage glam

“It makes her hair look thick and full,” says a hair stylist from Chicago. To get the look, curl your hair with a one-inch curling iron in the same direction over your head.

Tight curls

A moisturizing leave-in conditioner can keep curly hair in ringlets. Diffusers. If not, a curling iron and lots of time is preferable. “These sloppy, ruffled curls are not the tidy, defined curls we would anticipate at a party.

Christmas hairbows

Christmas hair bows and ribbons are always fashionable. The range of options makes choosing one that matches your style and wardrobe easy. From low ponytails to half-up, half-down styles, they look great.

Ribbon and bun

Christmas hair bun ideas? Many unique options exist. Finish with a pretty ribbon. It makes every haircut festive, even a bun. You can wear a neat or messy bun depending on your mood, taste, and Christmas outfit. Please take your time smoothing the threads. Ribbons finish the outfit.

Ribbons and gems

Make sure your beautiful Christmas hairdo with a ribbon is festive. Choose diamond and jewel-encrusted ribbons. Choose small, subtle, hefty, or flashy. Whatever you choose, your diamond ribbon will reflect Christmas lights and stand out.

Clean and crimped

“Holiday hairstyles make wearing hair down tricky. Kim Kardashian avoided it by adding crimps. It complements silk and ruched party gowns and this smooth and wavy haircut. She adds, “Kim’s long, thick hair. Her roots are soft, and the crimping gives them movement while slimming them.

Effortless waves

Maybe your holiday outfit is already pretty bold (’tis the season for sequins, velvet, and colour, after all), and you’re looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t compete for attention.

Wet hollywood waves

Remember how we said you could benefit from professional help with some of these styles? If you want to try it at home, “set the style first by creating a strong side part above the arch of your eyebrow and use a curl cream to smooth and prep the hair.

Bouncy with blow dries

You can’t go wrong with a voluminous blow-dry because it looks great on practically everyone! An impact dry is a terrific method to add some oomph to your hair and make you look fabulous for any party or event.

Beautiful party hairstyles

Updating your hair for a big occasion is elegant, glamorous, and on-trend. Why not try a sleek upstyle like Bella Hadid’s elegant slicked-back bun with a center part this season? You may even go all out with hair accessories as a statement piece, like Bella!

The vintage hairstyle

Looking back will inspire any hairstyle. Roll-ups and swirls give the vintage up-do structure and height.

Bangs and fringes

A fringe can instantly change your appearance without cutting your hair. Fringes highlight your eyes and cheekbones for party makeup.

The ponytail for a party

For a simple updo with a twist, liven up your Ponytail. Make a party pony by raising it and twisting the hairband.

Massive bouncy blow dry

The bouncy blow-dry suits long and short hair. It enhances strappy or sleeveless outfits.

French twists and buns

Buns and french twists provide a loose, textural appearance that works nicely with accessories. A back-combed crown and braided borders can boost it.

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