Here Are 60 Examples Of Choppy Pixie Haircuts To Try

A trendy short haircut makes the neck and face look younger and more open. Light pixie haircuts can look different depending on the women and what she wants. The messy hair adds a touch of playfulness, elegance, and authority to the look. Out of all the ways to lay, we found 60 examples. No matter what the hairdressers say, these haircuts won’t be out of style this season, next season, or in upcoming years!

What is a Pixie Haircut?

The pixie cut is a popular short hairstyle that has a boyish look and makes the neck look longer and more beautiful. It corrects the face and brings out the many good things about it by being asymmetrical and full. The pixie cut can be done traditionally, asymmetrically, or retro. It can look romantic, sloppy, or creative, depending on how it’s put together. Women of all ages love Pixie cuts because they make them look younger and more confident.

If you still need more proof, take a look at these 60 examples of people who have already given in to the trendy cut and said goodbye to their long hair. They can give you ideas.

Cropped Haircut


Cropped hairstyles are trendy and eye-catching. They’re usually irregular with short sides. This haircut would look great on the woman in the photo, who is wearing a mask.

Pixie Undercut Haircut


This hair is as soft and as white as a daisy. It’s cut close to the head, almost shaved on the sides, chopped on top, and gets longer as it gets closer to the quiff. It’s a cool cut for both men and women.

Almost Like a Faux Hawk


A fake hawk is easy to do if you have short hair. You use textured layers with spikes on top and smooth sides to get the shape you want. Styling wax or gel can help with this. Platinum blonde hair looks great with daring hairstyles.

Messy Black Pixie Hair

You might picture one with a messy, tousled top and clean, tapered sides when you think of short, sassy haircuts. You’d be correct! This classic pixie cut looks best on wavy or curly hair of any color. The art is in how messy it is. Who says that windy days have to be annoying?

Pixie One Side Brushed


Having blonde hair and blue eyes is a great look. When the bangs are swept to the side, they draw attention to the face and frame it. These cuts look feminine and pretty, even though it is short.

Razored Pixie Haircut


The razored pixie is new and cool, so it will make you look younger. The highlights take this style to the next level of sassy by making the long strands at the crown lighter and brighter.

Cute Pixie Save Extra-Short


This super short pixie cut is one of the most popular pixie cuts of the season. It brings out your beautiful features and is also great to wear when it’s hot in the summer. Pair it with big earrings to look stylish.


It has classic features and a square face that, thankfully, has no sharp angles. This face looks good with any length of haircut, even very short ones. Try a different color if you are brave enough to cut your hair very short. When you have short hair, it’s easy to let your mind wander.

Short Blonde Haircut With Points


Very short pixie haircuts are modern, risky, and edgy. You should try one. Bright blond spikes cut close to the head, bangs that aren’t even there, and dark brows that stand out sharply make this cut a stylish choice for both nights at the club and days at the office.

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Women’s Fade With a Side Design


At the very least, this pixie undercut is epic. The color is fierce, especially with the silver locks against the dark base. The real eye-catcher is the shaved line that looks like an arrow. Undercuts and fades give designers a lot of room to be creative.

Tomboy Haircut


Gray looks great on girls with cool skin tones, and if you have blue eyes, you must have it.

Bangs for a Choppy Pixie Cut


This pixie cut looks completely different with long bangs.

Choppy Bangs With a Pixie Cut


What a cute way to cut short hair! You’ll feel like a movie star wearing this Audrey Hepburn look.

Heavy Hair Choppy Bob Pixie


A pixie cut, blonde highlights, and an undercut are all great ways to make a statement.

Pixie Made a Point


Want a more interesting way to do your hair? Everything is about color! You’ll love this new look if you add bright highlights to your bangs and long layers.

Long, Chopped Hair on a Pixie Cut


If your hair isn’t thick, get a choppy pixie cut with a shiny color that will make you look great for any event.

Gray Haircuts That is Chopped Up

Grey dye is a good choice for a short pixie cut if you have lighter skin. Try it! We promise you’ll like it!

Sideburned Long Pixie Shag


You’ll feel young and rebellious when you wear punk rock clothes. Try a gray-blonde balayage to draw attention to your long hair.

Choppy Endings


Pixie cuts are cute and easy to maintain. To fix it and mess up your hair, you must use hair spray or wax. You’re all set to go.

Raven Black Pixie Hairstyle

The way choppy hairstyles frame your face is one of their best qualities.

Chops of Gray Hair

Go for a pixie cut with long layers on top and bangs if you still want to style your hair. You’ll be able to put together a few different looks for special occasions.

Removed Lines Pixie Asymmetrical


An asymmetrical cut should be paired with a pale mauve color. Draw as many lines as you want on each side.

Long Undercut on Pixie


Leave your roots alone and use a warm blonde balayage on the longer layers of your hair to get a charming layered look.

Pixie Cut Fade


The color Pixie Cutie Fade White is hard to get, but if you go to a professional hair salon, you can get it with little damage to your hair.

Short and Easy


If you like cute looks, this smooth pixie cut with a small fringe on one side will make your face look elegant and sweet.

Short Shaved


Do you want your hair to make you stand out? A rock and roll look includes a shirt with many frayed edges and sides and the back of the head that has been shaved.

Pixie Cut for Hair That is Thin


You can only remember how a flat hairstyle looks if you take a shortcut. Add a short, ragged fringe to improve the look.

A Shortcut With Bangs That Are Longer


The heavily shaded back shows off your neck, and the long fringe that falls over your forehead and eyes will give you a sensual, slightly aggressive look.

Pixie Cut With Short Hair on the Nape


Wear long bangs and comb them to the side if you don’t want to look too boyish with short hair around the nape.

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Choppy Pixie Asymmetrical


This haircut is perfect for a girl who doesn’t follow the crowd. Use a razor to make lines that aren’t symmetrical and define the top of your hair.

A Stylish Pixie Cut With Shorter Ends


Classy and tasteful! Add some texture to your hair by putting some wax on it, and you’re all set.

Layered Pixie Choppy Cut


If you have fair skin, a ginger auburn color will frame your face beautifully and give you a natural, girly, and fresh look.

Pixie Highlighted Tapered


With a tapered pixie cut and blonde highlights, you can look sophisticated. Push your bangs to your forehead and sweep them to one side for an even more impressive look.

Short Pixie Cutie


Isn’t it very interesting? This amazing grey color has a lot of texture and stands out no matter where you put it.

Pixie cut with a small undercut

With a pretty shade of silver, you can give your pixie cut a little sass.

Pixie Blonde with Dark Roots


Keep your roots dark and your longer hair blonde to make a nice gradient.

Pixie White Blonde Haircut


If you choose a beautiful cool blonde with silver highlights, this full pixie cut will stand out even more.

Choppy pixie cut with a dramatic undercut


Choose an under-shave with choppy edges to go with your basic pixie haircut.

Blonde Pixie Pieces

The cut’s texture will come out when you use a flat iron to style your layers. Your hair will look simple but stylish.

Rich Auburn Layers

Layers are known for giving your hair a lot of texture and depth when styled right.

Long Pale Pink Pixie Hairstyle


You only need a little pink to make your pixie look different. Keep your layers smooth and sleek to bring out the shine of the color.

Pixie’s bangs are brushed to the front


You can wear your bangs straight, chopped, swept to one side, or asymmetrically. Pick the one that works best for you.

Women over 40 Should Get a Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts are suitable for all ages! In this situation, a cool caramel blonde pixie cut is a good choice for a woman over 40.

Long layers in a pixie haircut


Sideburns are the most important part of this hairstyle. When paired with a dark burgundy color, this look is very interesting.

Long black and blonde hair on a pixie cut

This long pixie cut has a lot of texture thanks to the skillfully done balayage and the wispy layers.

Choppy Pixie Cut for a Round Face


Thin hair is hard to style, but a haircut with layers can help you get the volume and shape you want for your face shape and hair type.

The Pixie Cut was popular in the 1990s

Since the 1950s, pixie cuts have been popular and have changed yearly. You can also choose a style from your favorite decade and make it your own.

Bob the Crooked Fairy

With a pixie bob, you have more ways to style and color your hair. You can try out highlights, ombre, or a mix of your favorite styles with longer hair.

Pixie Style With Platinum-blonde


Your face will shine if you have platinum-blonde hair. A great color for a short, choppy haircut.

Pixie With the Sides Cut Off


Put your hair to one side and get a bold undercut. How hard is it to look like a tomboy?

Pixie Crown With Short Feathers

Get layers like feathers on the crown and long, spiky sideburns. If you sweep your bangs to one side, you will look gorgeous. Backward Pixie Choppy bobs, like pixie bobs, are now very popular. The people who don’t have it want it! Don’t be afraid to chop your hair. If you look at this picture, you’ll agree that it’s the perfect blend of style and color!

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Edges That Are Not Smooth

It has so many levels! That’s all you need to get a textured look that’s both rebellious and elegant. 

Layers and Highlights in a Pixie Cut


The choppy texture and eye-catching frosted highlights make this style stand out. But remember that the bangs fall in nice layers with sharp angles! Such stylish short pixie cuts with bangs make the wearer look like a real pixie!

Bangs on a Sleek, Tapered Pixie Cut


The pixie cut with a side part is very girly and looks great on thick, straight hair. The hair is cut close to the scalp on the back and sides, and the sideburns are shaved into perfect triangles. It’s a simple way to style your hair that can look both professional and cool.

Crop in Bright White With Texture

This hair’s short, bright white color is only one part of what makes it so attractive. The short, close-cropped pixie’s fluffy texture makes each piece stand out and gives the head a fuller look. The baby bangs and tiny sideburns frame the face and give it a modern edge.

Trendy Copper-and-blonde Pixie Cuts


Surprisingly, the blonde balayage gives this rock-girl orange cut a citrusy note. Layered pixies enhance fine hair. It’s also easy to wash and style, making it ideal for busy fashionistas. This style begins at the crown and ends at the back. Short, straight sides and back. The fashionable earrings are visible with their short side prongs and bare ears. The knit upper is my favorite part, emphasized in a cool golden color.

Silver-gray Blond Geometric Pixie Cuts


The stylist gave this young model a shaved pixie cut. A stylish silver-blonde V-shaped back and a well-cut black nape make this urban-chic hairdo. We still love the long side bangs and side parting. Finally, how do you like the gorgeous medium ash blonde? The right side is purple and green.

Girls’ Trendy Pixie Haircuts: Soft and Pretty


This short haircut is more conservative and gentle, matching the young model’s facial curves. This hairstyle works well for medium-length hair with natural volume or waves, making it easier to achieve a wavy head. The crown is large and gradually tapers to embrace the nape from the side. The side tips are feathered and reach the centre of the ear to soften the line. An attractive brown pixie cut with blonde highlights.

Beige Blonde With Silver Highlights: Trendy Pixie Cuts


Layered pixie cuts suit delicate hair. Use a styling product to highlight your locks and elevate your crown to make it more intriguing. A light beige-blonde color dyes this elegant asymmetrical style with a closed back and bottom. The lavender-tinged ash-blonde top appears like silver. Long bangs over one eye highlight this model’s exquisite bone structure and lovely blue eyes.

Elegant Pixie Cut With Balayage Over Beige


One of the oddest hair color combos ever. How to wear ash blonde with a medium complexion and a warm undertone. The cut suits medium-length or fine hair. Fine, straight hair that constantly wants to be smooth and flat can look stylish with a beige color change.

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