Choppy Bang: 20 Selections Of Ulzzang-style Hair From Korea That Are Too Cute

Fashionable girls such as Korean idols and models, “Ulzzang,” are the source of recent fashion and makeup trends. Ulzzang-style hair is also attracting attention.

What Is Choppy Bang?

Choppy bang is a bang that is attracting attention because it was adopted by a Korean model whose etymology is “choppy,” which means “interrupted” and “irregular.” The image is an eyebrow version of the “see-through bang” from South Korea that creates a sense of bunch and shows off the forehead. Why don’t you take in the choppy and see-through bangs that are attracting attention, which can produce cuteness and a sense of omission at once?

Appeal Cuteness With Choppy Bang X Short Hair

Combining choppy bangs and short hair will give you a cute impression. The rounded style of the short hair and the cuteness of the choppy bang is a perfect match. It is also recommended for those who want to change the overall length and bangs length because it is an image change.

Cool short with cuteness

The cool dark berry shorts have a cute atmosphere with the choppy bang. A style with a lot of cute adult feelings is completed.

Very short, that doesn’t become too boyish.

Very short, that creates femininity with soft brown color and curls. The choppy bang with the ends of the hair wrapped around it makes it even more fashionable.

Adult cute natural short

Natural short hair is recommended for adult women. Combine it with her rough and boldly cut choppy bangs to give it a clear impression.

Feminine loved short

A beloved short with a smooth silhouette and a feminine finish. Add a choppy bang on the eyebrows to the light hair to create a relaxing style.

Overseas style bright short

When combined with the bright color Berry Short, it makes trendy hair with an overseas style. The lightness of the choppy bang and the soft impression of the bright color is a perfect match.

Choppy Bang X Bob Hair Gives You a Feeling of Being Comfortable.

You can create a mellow feeling by combining choppy bangs and bob hair. Bob’s hair is a trendy hair that has been popular recently. By combining it with Choppy Bang, you can create a feeling of being different from others.

Bob, with plenty of transparency.

Bob Hair of Choppy Bang with impressive bangs cut on the eyebrows. It is a trendy style of Imadoki that has both transparency and softness.

Bob, with a sense of mode.

A bob that has been cut, leaving the cut line. The most textured choppy bang completes the sharp mode of hair.

Outside, honey bobs in a vibrant atmosphere.

Outer honey bob with a fashionable orange color makes your face look bright. It goes well with the cute choppy bangs and gives an active impression.

Soft and fluffy bob

A style that combines feminine bob hair with large waves and innocent choppy bangs. The fluffy wave makes it a beloved hair highly favored by both men and women.

Loose Wave Adult Bob

A cute adult bob with a loose wave at the tip of the hair. The choppy bang on the eyebrows adds a sense of omission and lightness.

Choppy Bang X Medium Hair for a Cute Adult Atmosphere

Combining choppy bangs and medium hair gives a cute adult impression. The lightness of the choppy bang is added to the elegant atmosphere of medium hair. From here, I will introduce a long hairstyle.

Soft silhouette constriction midi

With a beautiful constricted silhouette, Midi moves around the face and adds a small face effect. The choppy bang gives a bright and sophisticated ulzzang hair.

Adult feminine rough midi

Medium style with a sense of sheerness on the forehead creates femininity. If you make the tip of the hair a wild curl, you can enjoy the fashion of an adult with relaxed shoulders.

Wolf layer cut for a trendy look.

A wolf-cut medium style moves around the face and adds a small face effect. You can create a trendy feeling with the feeling of the choppy bang coming off and the lightness of the wolf’s hair.

Natural straight midi

The choppy bang starts to move with one curl for those who are not comfortable with straight bangs. The length of the bangs is long, so it reduces the feeling of straight bangs. When combined with straight, it gives a natural impression.

Choppy Bang’s heavy midi

The mixed winding midi that retains the weight is fashionable hair with a sense of mode. The choppy bangs are also used to create a good balance.

Choppy bang x long hair for plump mote hair

By combining choppy bangs and long hair, you can appeal to the feeling of falling out. Even long hair, which tends to give a heavy impression due to its length, is well-balanced due to the feeling of the choppy bang coming off. The atmosphere changes just by changing the bangs, so even beginners of Imechen are safe.

Straight long with plenty of transparency

A straight long choppy bang style with a neat feeling. The feeling of the choppy bangs coming off gives a more favorable impression.

Adult casual natural long

Long hair with plenty of loose waves. The curled, choppy bang matches the adult casual style.

Girly Wave

A style that combines girly wave hair and choppy bangs. The orange-brown color is not too strong, and the quiet atmosphere of the choppy bang gives a cute impression.

Adult mode long black hair

Fashionable hair with long black hair and choppy bangs in adult mode. Even if the color and length are the same, you can make a bang by just cutting the bangs.

Perm long with a sense of omission

Choppy bangs are good for heavy long hair with a natural impression. By creating a bunch on the bangs and showing the forehead flickering, you can make trendy hair with a sense of shedding.

Let’s Make a Hairstyle That Will Come True With a Choppy Bang!

I don’t want to change my hair color or length so much. I recommend Choppy Bang for Imechen. The result is a cute and fashionable impression so that you will feel more comfortable. It will be easier for those trying for the first time to get used to it by making it just above the eyebrows or starting to move with a perm or iron. If you find your favorite choppy bang, please consult with your beautician and make adjustments.

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