Choose Short Bangs Like This! From The Difference In Impression Depending On The Presence

Choose Short Bangs Like This! From The Difference In Impression Depending On The Presence

When trying to make short hair, you are wondering what kind of bangs you want while changing the length of the hair. Even with the same length of hair, the atmosphere changes greatly depending on the style of the bangs. This time, I will explain the difference in impression depending on the presence or absence of bangs, their shape, and how to divide them!

If You Want Short Hair, Which Is Better, With or Without Bangs?

Many people want to have short hair in the coming season when it gets warmer. At the same time, some people may be wondering what kind of bangs to use.

Bangs are an important part that determines the impression of the hairstyle. However, there is no correct answer when choosing short bangs. It is important to be aware of “what kind of self you want to be” rather than “what kind of bangs are right.” 

Impressions and Benefits of Each Short, With and Without Bangs

If you have bangs, the atmosphere will be relatively cute. The nice point is that the margins are reduced, and the face looks smaller. The cut line is near the eyes, emphasizing it and the eyes look bigger! 

If you don’t have bangs, it will cover the width while putting out your forehead. Therefore, the vertical feeling is emphasized and looks squishy, ​​giving an adult-like impression. It is also recommended for round faces who look big and base faces who are worried about the tension of Ella.

Check the Impression of Each Shape! Trend Bang Short Catalog

Furthermore, the bangs have different impressions depending on their presence or absence and their shape. Let’s find the bangs that suit your mood. From here, we will introduce a catalog of short hair focusing on the form of the bangs!

See-through bang with attractive sheerness

The thin bangs that make the forehead transparent and the see-through bangs are the modern bangs of the royal road. A feeling of sheerness is created, and it is easy to match with any hairstyle. If you want to create a contemporary atmosphere, please try it!

Kitchen without cutting with a sink bangs

The appeal of “Bangs,” which has bangs flowing sideways, is that you can change the style without cutting. The atmosphere changes just by drifting it diagonally from the state where it is lowered, but you can also change the direction by changing the flow direction! Even if it’s long, it won’t get in your eyes, so it’s also recommended for bangs that are about to be stretched. 

Improving your eyesight with straight bangs

“The standard is good, but I want a slightly different hairstyle!” The straight bangs are recommended for such individualists. The neatly trimmed cut lines emphasize the eyes of advanced fashionable people in a stylish atmosphere.

Wide bang with plenty of modes

Wide bangs are bangs made wider. The style is like a wide version of straight bangs, giving it a more modest atmosphere. By widening the width of the face, the length of the face is relaxed, and the cuteness is improved. 

Cute and soft round bangs

Round bangs are naturally connected to the side hair by lengthening the temple area, as opposed to the straight bangs cut in a straight line. Since the margins on the face are smaller, the small face effect is improved. The silhouette that draws a semicircle gives a soft and cute impression. 

A fashionable bang with an ennui atmosphere

“Uza Bang” with a length that makes you feel annoyed. The characteristic bangs are long enough to catch your eyes. The ennui atmosphere is very attractive.

See-through bang x on eyebrows for a natural look

On eyebrows cut short above the eyebrows. The appearance of the forehead brightens the impression of the face. I often imagine the style of straight bangs, and I think some people say that they are too cute and have resistance. If you use a see-through bang, you can enjoy the on-eyebrows naturally.

The Treatment! Trend No Bang Short Catalog

In the case of a short without bangs, how to divide and treat the bangs is the point that makes a difference in the impression. Here, we will introduce a no-bang (style without bangs) that focuses on how to divide!

Emphasize the vertical feeling in the center part

Speaking of style without bangs, the center part is divided in the middle. The vertical feeling is emphasized, giving an adult-like impression. It looks squishy, ​​so it is recommended for people who are worried about the roundness and width of their faces.

Excellent small face effect with diagonal lines

It has a part on the left side of the center. Shifting the position to the left or right creates a diagonal line with the shed hair. It is a versatile hairstyle with a special small face effect covering vertical and horizontal widths.

For adult women with one-sided ear hooks

By clearly seeing the part from the opposite ear to the neck, you can get both mature and sexy at the same time. When you put it on your ears, the contrast between the left and right will increase, making it a more mature woman.

A mature and gorgeous bang with a scraped bang

By raising the root, the volume comes out, and it becomes a gorgeous style. If you feel that “it’s not enough overall,” please give it a try!

Choose Your Bangs From the Atmosphere You Want to Be in, and Make It Your Ideal Short Hair!

That is why “what kind of atmosphere you want to have” becomes an important point. Choose the bangs that suit your mood and get the ideal short hair!

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