Center Part Or Side Part: Which Hairstyle Is More Suitable For You

Center Part Or Side Part Which Hairstyle Is More Suitable For You

The celebrities show us how important the choice of crown position can be. What can we learn from this? The right parting makes us look younger and makes our faces appear narrower.

Centre or side parting?

With the help of our celebrity examples, you can already see how much a part can change a person’s face. But the point where the parting stands alone is what makes the difference. When you part your hair far to the side, it changes how your face looks. Just try it in front of the mirror!

Hairstyles with a centre part: Bring on the comb

Hairstyles with a centre parting are anything but stuffy. The look is so cool that we all want to bang our combs and pull the hot trend line on our heads. Because the middle parting not only manages to keep wild manes in great shape, it makes straight hair look minimalist, brings out a sleek look perfectly, redefines the undone bob and creates something that otherwise only contouring succeeds in: it emphasizes our cheekbones. It gives clarity and symmetry to our eyes and face. And that’s completely independent of hairstyle trends.

Popular hairstyles and ideas for hairstyles with a centre part

Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, and Heidi Klum wear the centre part because it gives their long, layered hair a great swing. But you can also make a deep braid look great by parting the hair down the middle and putting each half on the side. When the hair is parted, updos like the chignon and the banana look stylish. If a few strands of hair stick out by accident, the middle parting looks a little less harsh. Try a centre parting with those hippie hairstyles or loose beach waves. You can even add a fringe to the middle parting. Long, medium length, or just below the shoulders? The middle part is fine as soon as there is some movement in the hair.

Who wears the trendy hairstyle with a part in the middle?

Whether or not a middle part works for you also depends on the shape of your face. A centre parting frames a round face too much. A side parting is a better choice. A middle part can also make a long face look even longer. You can try a middle part if your face is oval, heart-shaped, or square. Curly hair looks good on square faces, especially if styled in a certain way.

Styling ideas for the center part:



A blowout that is separated down the centre is perfect for fine hair if you want to dimension and move. We love that it works for special occasions and every day!

This hairstyle is fast and easy to replicate with a thermal brush, a dryer, and a round brush.


Wet looking

Baby hairs are great for beautiful, edgy, and fun hairstyles, especially with a wet finish.

It is enough to form a great low bun, high ponytail, or pixie cut. To frame the face with extroversion, make modest, well-defined waves.

Sleek bun

Sleek bun

Changes that have never happened before are flexible. Here, people can dress up or down. A midline adds elegance. Gloss your hair and add accessories to make it one of the prettiest middle-parted styles.

Hairstyles with side parting

It can only be a rumour that we copied the side parting from men’s hairstyles. Because it simply goes well with our hair and hairstyles! It also stretches our face and makes it appear narrower. It doesn’t matter whether we pull it near the middle parting or far to the side – the side parting makes our hairstyle interesting. If we move it by a few millimetres, it can achieve great effects. Just try out where you want to wear it and what suits your face best. Nothing can go wrong because the side parting goes well with almost any hairstyle.

Side partings can be worn with full fringes. Naturally, full hair bangs must be a manageable height. Partings shape side ponies. Like a bob or long hair, the parting decides which side has more volume. It can style a quiff that covers the face or swings up voluminously. Sleek hairstyles highlight side partings. For fine hair, the 2000s-era zigzag parting is fun. Try the diagonal parting.

Popular hairstyles and ideas for hairstyles with a side part

The side sweep is very popular on the red carpet. The long hair is styled with a side parting and draped to one side – usually, the one where the parting is not. Hollywood stars like Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba are fans of this hairstyle.

Does a short hairstyle go with a side parting?

Short hairstyles also look great with a side parting. For example, the undercut. For this, the hair on the lower half of the head is shaved, and the top hair remains long. Even with the trend hairstyle sidecut, based on the side parting, the hair is only shortened or shaved on one side of the head.

Styling ideas for the side part:

Wet effect side parting

Wet effect side parting

Often, a hairstyle with a fashionable effect of wet hair is found without a parting if the loose hair is strictly combed back. It turns out to be a daring and sexy image of a girl caught in the rain. Side parting will help diversify this spectacular styling and become its highlight.

Retro hairstyle with side parting

Retro hairstyle with side parting

A side parting is good in combination with various styles. Here, the side parting helps recreate the bold lines of the retro hairstyle.

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