Braided Hairstyles: The Most Effective Way To Change Your Look

Braided Hairstyles The Most Effective Way To Change Your Look

Here are the most beautiful braided hairstyles, from the peasant braid to the Gretchen braid to the hair ring. Get inspired!

Braided hairstyles are trends

Braided hairstyles enchant us. Braiding hair is easy and not an Olympic sport. They’re trendy and stylish. You can go sophisticated, romantic, or casual.

Braiding makes pigtails, buns, and chignons stylish. Despite their conservative appearance, they’re great for creatively styling long, medium, or short hair. Boxer braids are a popular hairdo. Braided chignons and ponytails with highlights are also trending.

Braided hairstyles: This is how styling work

Braiding braids is easier than it seems. The approach is based on a simple braiding idea, tweaked slightly: Repeating the right and left strands over the centre is easy! Repeat this style on long hair.

Catwalks, Instagram, Pinterest, fashion portals, and blogs show that braided hairstyles are no longer girly: Farmer braids, braided buns, Gretchen braids, French braids, waterfall braids, and herringbone braids—our braided hairstyles portfolio has lots of ideas.

To braid madly. Browse our best braided hairstyles. Rocking, romantic, or playful—this has it all. If you need more guidance, here are simple guidelines for the most frequent braided hairstyles:

Loosely braided wreath

  • Divide your hair into two equal strands and braid it deep with thin hair ties.
  • Separate braids into three parts.
  • Finally, ponytail the hair again and wrap it around the head on both sides with hair clips.
  • This loosens the haircut.

Herringbone braid

  • Shoulder-length hair is ideal.
  • Split a braid in half.
  • Then add some left-side hair to the right strand over the left.
  • Next, insert a right-side strand into the left.
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Braided plait

  • What a nifty idea for the simple braid! When tying it together at the neck, let out two thin strands on the right and left and first braided down a simple braid.
  • Fold it back and tie it with a hair tie.
  • Twist the remaining strands of hair and loop them around the braid.
  • Make a loop in one strand and wrap it with the rest of your hair.

Half braid

This hairstyle needs precise sectioning.

  • First, straighten the hair. Otherwise, the braid will be uneven.
  • Unbraid three strands and add one deeper each time.
  • Stop adding side strands after four and braid the hair to the tips.

Waterfall braid

  • The waterfall braid is an exciting variant of a braided side braid that gives the hair a pretty fall and more volume on the sides.
  • Then let the strand that is braided in from above slide down and continue braiding.

Herringbone braid for thick hair

  • The herringbone braid is a brilliant idea for long, thick hair – and it also looks great in an undone look.
  • Dust the hair with hair powder – this makes it manageable – and braid the herringbone braid.
  • Pull the braid out with both hands until it has a good volume.

French braid

This hairstyle needs precise sectioning.

  • First, straighten the hair. Otherwise, the braid will be uneven.
  • Unbraid three strands and add one deeper each time.
  • Stop adding side strands after four and braid the hair to the tips.

Braid with a wave

  • One-sided bow braiding is elegant.
  • Change the braid’s twist and strand lengths.
  • The upper section was braided with top-right strands and the lower part with falling hair below the braid.
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Here’s how it works

  • Divide the hair into two sections.
  • Braid two pigtails and pull the ends through an elastic to create a loop.
  • The tips may protrude.
  • The messier the styling looks, the better! 

Dutch braid

Comb the hair carefully first. For an accurate result, flatten curly hair with a straightening iron – this way, the braid’s structure becomes better.

How to braid

  • Use your fingers to separate three sections on the forehead and place the right strand under the middle. Place the left strand under the new middle strand as well.
  • In the next round, add hair to the sides of the strands and alternately place the outer strands under the middle strands, always picking up hair to the strands on the side.
  • Finally, braid the braid to the end and continue braiding “from below”. 

Professional tips

  • It’s harder to braid freshly washed hair as it has less grip. The hairstyle would collapse again too quickly. If this cannot be avoided or if you tend to have very smooth and fine hair, you can use shine sprays and dry shampoo as a trick.
  • Comb your hair beforehand – after all, you don’t want to have to untangle small knots while braiding!
  • When braiding, it’s an advantage not to look in the mirror. Instead, it’s better to focus on the hands.
  • It is best to braid your hair a little tighter so that the braided hairstyle holds up well. You can always pull the hairstyle apart slightly at the end for more nonchalance and volume.
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