Braided Fishbone Hairstyle Collection: How To Knit Explained

Fishbone Model Style Collection. There Is Also An Explanation Of How To Knit

Fishbone is one of the braided arrangements with a unique knitting pattern. It looks difficult, but it’s very easy if you keep the knack! This time, I will introduce the basic knitting method and model style of such fishbone.

What Kind of Style Is the Popular Crochet Fishbone?

Fishbone is one of the hairstyles made by crocheting. To be precise, it is the name of the knitting method, and it is named Fishbone because it has a unique fine stitch like a fishbone.

Fishbone, which can create various atmospheres depending on the thickness of the hair to be woven and the looseness of the stitches, can be used for both casual and formal occasions. At first glance, the Fishbone looks difficult, but in reality, it’s just an arrangement in which the left and right bundles are woven in a fixed order. You can easily do it if you get the hang of it, so it’s perfect for greedy people who want to make it look like an elaborate hairstyle.

Also, by combining it with other hair arrangements, you can easily upgrade your usual hairstyle, which is another attraction of Fishbone. It is also recommended for those who usually make up-style arrangements such as ponytails and half-ups.

How is it different from braids?

Fishbones with fine stitches like fish bones. The difference between a fishbone and a simple braid is the number of bundles used when knitting! As the name suggests, three-dimensional and rough braids are made by weaving three hair bundles. Fishbone is characterized by first making two hair bundles and then dividing the hair bundle into two. The specific knitting method will be introduced later.

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Easy! The Basic Method of Knitting Fishbone

Once you have learned the basic operation of knitting fishbone, all you have to do is repeat it! Therefore, it is a nice arrangement that even a clumsy person can challenge. In this item, we will introduce the basic method of knitting fishbone.

Step (1) Spread the oil on your hands and apply it to the entire hair, like combing the hair bundles with a hand comb.

Step (2) Divide the hair into zigzags on the left and right The reason for making the hair zigzag is to make the hair divisions inconspicuous. A must-have for making fashionable fishbones!

Step (3) Divide the thin hair bundle from the outside of the straight hair (blue) and bring it to the left hair (pink) bundle, as shown in the figure.

Step (4) Divide the thin hair bundle from the outside of the left hair (pink) and bring it to the straight hair (blue) bundle, as shown in the figure.

Step (5) Divide the hair bundle from the outside of the straight hair (blue), bring it to the left side (pink) as shown in the figure, and stack it on the surface of the hair bundle.

Step (6) If you can’t knit at the back, bring the hair bundle to the right or left side.

Step (7) Put the hair back, pinch it with your fingers and loosen it, and you’re done!

Fishbone can be arranged freely!

Mastering the basic fishbones, I introduced earlier will greatly expand the range of arrangements. A simple half-up like the image can be made gorgeous at once by adding Fishbone. There are many other arrangement methods, so find your favorite arrangement method.

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As a Model for Arrangement. Fishbone Style Catalog

Now that you know how to knit, the next step is to challenge! This item will introduce multiple fishbone styles that you want to use as a model for arrangement, from basic to applied.

Classic grated style

The classic Fishbone is a gorgeous accessory.

A classic style, grated Fishbone. Of course, it is cute, but if you add accessories, it will have a gorgeous atmosphere. By choosing delicate accessories, you can create a sense of elegance perfect for formal occasions.

Fishbone accented with Kururinpa.

This style is a combination of grated Fishbone. For a hairstyle that looks even more elaborate with just a little effort. By loosening the knots and the stitches of the Fishbone, you will feel more comfortable!

Girly Fishbone on the side

A style in which the roots are softly tied and brought closer to the side so that the Fishbone can be seen from the front. It is a hair arrangement perfect for a girl with a strong girly impression. If you loosen the stitches, you can create a gentle atmosphere at once.

Fishbone x pony style that increases the cuteness

Match the Fishbone to the low ponytail base

This style is based on a low pony arrangement with Fishbone added to the tying hair bundle. It is an exquisitely balanced arrangement in which the fishbone part is tied tightly, and the low pony at the tip of the hair is loosely wrapped.

Girly style combined with crochet

It is a common pony style with a bunch of two braids as a fishbone. By braiding the top and loosening the Fishbone at the ends of the hair, it is a girly arrangement like a fluffy girl. Cover the knotted rubber with your hair to improve the perfection!

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Half-up style with fishbone accents

Half-up with four fishbones

A style in which the hair on the half-up bee is woven with four fishbones. Each Fishbone is woven up to the tip of the hair and tied in a bundle at the back. The back is very cute as if wearing a corolla. Since it is finely woven along the skin, it is an arrangement that is easy to challenge even for short lengths such as Bob.

Elegant half-up to go away

A feminine half-up style made by combining fishbone and rope knitting after wrapping the entire hair. The point of elegant appearance is to loosen the stitches of the Fishbone a little. If you stick a pearl pin in the stitch, you can arrange it to use it even if you are called. 

Master Fishbone and Be More Fashionable

This time, I introduced the model style from the basic knitting method of Fishbone. A fishbone can be used regardless of the scene and can be used as the main arrangement or as an accent for arrangements. Mastering Fishbone should raise your level of hairstyles every day. If you want to make a little special arrangement in the scene you are called in, it is recommended to ask for a hair set at the beauty salon!

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