Braid Hairstyles For Women to Look Different

Braids for women

Braid Hairstyles for Women: There are many hairstyles, but braid is one of the most popular or elegant hairstyles. We have found the most beautiful braid hairstyles.

If one hairstyle trend never goes out of style, it is the braid. The selection is vast, whether bun, Gretchen braid, French braid or the popular waterfall braid. So it never gets boring on our heads. Anyone who thinks pigtail hairstyles need a sure instinct and skill is wrong. In addition, pigtail hairstyles have some advantages. Here we go!

These are the easiest braid hairstyles.

The ponytail

The ponytail is the classic among ponytails – and super easy to implement. You can also change the ponytail as you like. We can wear it as a high braid à la Ariana Grande or strictly at the nape of the neck with a center parting. There are also numerous hair ties – something invisible, scrunchies or silk scarves.

The herringbone braid

This braid is one of the most popular braided hairstyles – but many do not dare to go for the braid, as it seems pretty complicated at first glance. But it is not at all. Here you will find super easy instructions for the herringbone braid.

Messy bun

We love the messy bun, especially in summer, when doing sports or things have to be quick in the morning. The messy bun is the dirty brother of the traditional bun and has been enjoying growing popularity for years. Gather the hair overhead at the top of the back of the head and tie it into a bun with a large hair tie. Pull out some strands and loosen the bun with your hands.

Cord braid

The cord braid is a kind of braided hairstyle, but don’t worry: once you get the hang of it, the hairstyle is child’s play. The cord braid is particularly suitable for fine hair. If it is loosened up a little, it conjures more volume in our hair. For the cord braid, divide your hair in half. You turn them to the left and twist them together in opposite directions. This is how the cord is made. Repeat the whole thing until you have reached the tips.

Mermaid Braid

Can you only wear beautiful and playful hairstyles in summer? Not correct! Even if we like to put on hats, caps and the like in autumn and winter, we also style them into a lovely braid in the cold season. It can be a classic braid, or you can rely on a bit of twist and opt for the trendy mermaid braid, which is an eye-catcher. You should know: The hairstyle requires a certain amount of sensitivity and may need a try or two for beginners. But if you have the trick, you can use the Mermaid Braid in next to no time.

For those bored of always wearing their hair open or in a ponytail, a braided hairstyle is just the thing for you.

The hairstyles always look great and can be conjured up for any occasion. The mermaid braid (also known as mermaid braid) is one of many braided hairstyles we don’t want. It can be a little messy and have a familiar undone look. We’ll now reveal how to style your hairstyle step by step.

Box Braids

Braids have a fascinating and important story with them. Because box braids, cornrows, twists, Rasta braids and Co. are traditional braided hairstyles and have a solid cultural background. People from the African diaspora mainly wear them.

Box Braids are elaborately braided hair, which consists of many even braids. Each braid is braided with a three-strand braiding technique and often thickened or lengthened with synthetic hair.

Box braids are called box braids because the braiding on the head creates small, square boxes.

Comfortable and elegant hairstyles with braids in different variations

Semi-open braid with braiding for long hair

Long hair can be a hassle every day, which is why a braided braid is the best recipe for comfortable and practical styling.

Double Danish braids

Danish braids are perfect for parties and everyday use and add volume to semi-loose hair.

Braids for long hair for a special occasion

Long hair opens up tremendous possibilities – flowers braided from braids look spectacular and unusually romantic.

Flowers from braids

Long hair opens up tremendous possibilities – flowers braided from braids look spectacular and unusually romantic.

Double long braids

This sophisticated hairstyle is perfect for everyday use as it holds the strands ideally and provides total comfort.


Short to medium hair works just as well for this hairstyle as long strands. Best of all, they will stick on the head in the micro version.

Smooth, tightly braided braids

A haircut like this is another good way to get unruly short hair. The tightly braided braid will keep each strand in place.

Fulani braids

Choosing such a hairstyle for a party will not go unnoticed! However, weaving such braids requires trained hands.

Braid crown for long hair

If you find it difficult to say goodbye to loose hair, try braiding yourself a crown of pigtails. You will feel like an actual princess!

Braiding and French braids

Straight hair will look phenomenal in this dizzying hairstyle. No one can look away from this hairstyle.

Braid of five strands

This hairstyle is perfect as a wedding hairstyle – add embellishments to it, and it will look dazzling.

Tightly intertwined French braids

It’s a quick and easy hairstyle for every active woman. It allows you to maintain complete comfort and feel very feminine at the same time.

Large braid to one side

A rope braid is a great way to tame frizzy hair and give your hairstyle.

Two French braids

Young women most often choose this offer. Two extra voluminous French braids look very girly.


Curly hair will look incredibly romantic in this delicately intertwined hairstyle.

Weaving in cascades

This hairstyle is best done on “two-day” hair. It will be smoother and easier to intertwine than freshly washed.


When choosing a spikelet, remember that perfection is undesirable here. A beautiful spikelet is what looks natural!

French braid from the side

French braid on the side, and then let your imagination run wild – a ponytail, a bun, or maybe another loose braid. French braid has remained one of the most fashionable options for modern hairstyles.

Benefits of pigtail hairstyles

  • Braid hairstyles are a good solution, especially in summer or during sports, so as not to sweat under the long mane 
  • Braid hairstyles are done quickly 
  • There are many different possible variations
  • Braid hairstyles like to cover up one or the other greasy section of hair
  • You can wear pigtails for any occasion

Which braid hairstyle suits which face shape?

The braids can be styled in many ways. But not every braid flatters every face shape. Some of us look better with loose hair than pinned up and the other way around. So that you know which braid hairstyle fits your face shape, we have a small overview here:

Braids for oval face shape

Women who have an oval face can look forward to the fact that the oval face shape can wear anything! Every braid looks excellent – so feel free to let off steam!

Braids for round faces

Which braids suit a round face shape? Anyone with a round face knows that it is difficult with some braid hairstyles. Some braids are more suitable for round faces because they don’t emphasize the features too much. Your hair is not tied back too tightly – your hair should have a little volume to loosen up the overall look. If you tie your hair too tightly backwards, you risk making your face look even rounder. We recommend: Let a few strands of hair fall loosely on your face. By the way, a half bun is also perfect!

Hairstyle for heart-shaped face shapes

If you have a heart-shaped face, high buns look particularly good! It’s best to wear a middle log, which emphasizes your facial features to your advantage. Let a few strands hang loosely from your braid here too!

Braids for long face shape

You can play more with volume if you have a long and narrow face. A beautiful half-bun flatters the little face. Even a pony that falls loosely into the front looks very lovely on narrow faces!

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