Bob's Type List! Trend Bob Style Reference Collection

Bob’s hair is supported by a wide range of generations. There is a wide variety of hairstyles because the image of the hairstyle changes drastically depending on the cutting technique and length. We have listed the types of bob hair by length, cut style, styling, etc.! Check it out if you want to try trendy bob hair.

What Kind of Hairstyle Is Bob in the First Place?

Bob is often featured in magazines and SNS. But do you understand what Bob is like in the first place? Bob is a hairstyle with hair about the length of the shoulder and has a rounded silhouette from the top to the whole. It features a heavy and easy-to-organize hairstyle. Such Bob can be divided into many types according to the elements! The mainstream length is from the submandibular gland to the shoulders, but it can also be shortened with the lip line or extended to the collarbone. Furthermore, the impression depends on the styling, such as whether the silhouette or perm is added. There are so many that you can’t decide which one to use.

[by Length] Trend Bob Style

Bob can first be roughly divided into three styles by their length. Short, medium and long each has a different atmosphere, so check the length of the image you want. Let’s challenge with a length that is easy for you to incorporate!

Clean and refreshing short Bob

Short Bob is a short-length bob hair among bob hair. It often refers to the length from the length of the ear to the chin, resulting in a clean and refreshing finish. The difference from what is commonly referred to as short hair is a rounded “bob.” It’s a more feminine style.

A short bob that is both refreshing and cute

The charm of short Bob is that it has femininity in a refreshing atmosphere. The rounded silhouette feels cute no matter where you look from 360 degrees. It is a good impression style that combines cleanliness and cuteness! 

Adult cute no bangs x short bob

Short hair without bangs tends to be cool. The roundness of her Bob adds softness to the acute adult style. It is a style in which you can feel the calmness of an adult while being refreshing and feminine.

Speaking of royal road length, medium bob

Medium Bob is longer than short Bob. It is the length from below the chin to the shoulders and is characterized by the widest range of cut styles. When you hear “Bob,” many people think of this length. If you wrap the ends of the hair inside, it will be girly, and it will be casual if you wrap it outside. 

Inner winding one curl bob

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Bob is this inwardly wound one-curl style. It is a style that fully demonstrates Bob’s charm with a cute roundness. The point is to create a feeling of mellowness and sheerness with the ear hook and see-through bang. It’s a royal road, but it will be a trendy style.

Arrange the ends of the hair for a casual look

A medium bob that is longer than a short bob, making it easier to arrange the tips of the hair. It is finished casually by moving with the outside splash. If you add a layer, it will move more and be lighter.

Long Bob with plenty of femininity

A long bob is a bob whose hair ends on the shoulder. It’s a long style for Bob, but not medium. It’s long enough to be tied, so enjoying a wide range of arrangements is nice. It’s also recommended for those who want to try bob hair but don’t want to cut it. 

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Bob x loose perm for a feeling of cuteness and cuteness

Rob’s long hair makes him more feminine. Loose fluffy perm and high-tone beige color make it more feminine. It is a style with great arrangements that makes you feel comfortable even if you tie your hair! 

Straight lob that makes the most of adultness

Rob has an adult-like appearance with more straight lines on the silhouette. It brings out its charm to the full with no bangs and straight. In addition, the vertical lines are emphasized to cover the roundness and width of the face. You can also aim for a small face effect! 

[by Cut Style] Trend Bob Style

The atmosphere of the hairstyle changes drastically depending on how you cut the entire hair and the tips of the hair. In other words, it is the cut part that divides the bob type into small pieces! In many cases, it is named after the way it is cut and the shape of Bob. Here, we will explain the seven classic styles.

Stylish Bob

Bob is an abbreviation for one-length Bob, a bob with no steps and a cut parallel to the floor. One length = style that makes the entire hair look the same length. Some styles make bangs, but the cool no-bang style without bangs is the mainstream. 

Bob, that is easy to organize

Bob with heavy hair tips because it has no steps. Thanks to its weight, it is a nice charm that is easy to organize. It makes styling easier, so it is recommended for those worried about habits and spread! 

Fashionable and cool, Bob without bangs.

The Bob with stylish hair tips goes perfectly with style without bangs. Its coolness stands out, creating a more modest atmosphere. It’s a fashionable yet cool hairstyle! 

Bob’s trendy, uncut Bob

The uncut Bob is a bob style with straight hair tips. It is one of the bobs, but its sharply trimmed hair tips characterize it. Tighten the ends of the hair for a cool look, and break it down for a casual look. This style is recommended for people who want to create a feeling of mellowness and Bob’s round cuteness! 

Emphasize the feeling with a little outside splash

Bob with the tips of the hair slightly outside. Along with emphasizing the feeling of being fluffy, a feeling of mellowness is also added. It’s a casual and modern trend bob style.

No bangs x uncut and cool

This Bob is cool with no bangs and no bangs. You can feel a dignified atmosphere from the crisp hair tips and matureness without bangs. Recommended for those who want to make a cool decision while keeping it casual!

A front-down bob that covers the area around the face

The front-down Bob is a hairstyle where the hair gets longer from the back to the front. Because the neckline is short, the nape of the neck looks neat. In addition, you can cover the contours with the long hair around the face. With the double effect, there is an advantage that you can aim for a small face.

The small face effect is perfect.

The hair around the face has a certain length, but the neckline is shortened. You can keep the back of your head compact and cover the face line with the hair around your face! The outline of the face and the whole silhouette looks small, and it is a perfect style if you look at the small face.

One curl is a cute adult bob.

The front down that often gives a cool impression. While taking advantage of the atmosphere without bangs, the curls on the ends of the hair add softness. It is a cute adult style that does not become too cool.

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Layer bob with plenty of omissions

Layer bob is a bob style with layers and steps on the hair. The tips of the hair are lighter, the hair is easier to move, and it features a light style. You can create a soft, airy feeling and a trendy feeling.

The perm on the tip of the hair is also lighter.

Layer bob that goes well with perms. The hair will move more, and the lightness will increase! Even the long lob style does not look heavy due to the lightness of the hair tips.

Layer bob can also make a constriction.

Constricted hair is popular for its small face effect and mellow feeling. The contrast between the side that leaves the volume and the tip of the hair that is lightened by the layer creates a constriction. The secret of the trend is in the layer.

Gradation bob with a retro silhouette due to its weight

A graduation bob is a bob with a narrow step at the hem, also known as a grab bob. Since there are few steps, the hair is thick and has a rounded silhouette. The difference from Layer Bob is the step and silhouette. Gradation bob has a heavier silhouette with few steps, and layer bob has a large step and a light silhouette. 

Perm and heavy and light mix style

This style is a combination of a gradation bob and a perm. Even the heavy Bob adjusts the volume by giving lightness to the ends of the hair. It is a heavy and light mixed style that creates a feeling of falling out of moving hair.

Gradation bob with feminine roundness

Gradation bob featuring a heavy and rounded silhouette. Its weight and roundness make you feel calm and feminine. Therefore, it goes well with the adult-like style without bangs.

Wolf Bob is not too sweet.

Wolf Bob is a bob style with a layer on the surface while leaving the neckline longer. The smooth silhouette and light, moving neckline make it look like a wolf. Recently, the trend is for a natural “neo wolf” that doesn’t add too many layers. It’s changing from a unique impression to a fashionable and cute style that is easy to incorporate. 

The tip of the hair is a fashionable point.

This wolf bob has cute bristles. The hair tips that are easy to bounce, which was a source of trouble, dare to move and become a fashionable point. An attractive hairstyle that makes the most of your habit and makes you cute!

Handsome wolf in the center part

While the cute wolf is popular, this is stylish wolf hair. The center part and the outer hair tips enhance the coolness. The cute style is nice, but the handsome style is also attractive.

Rhombus bob with a beautiful silhouette

A diamond-shaped bob with a diamond-shaped overall silhouette. It is said to be a hairstyle with a high small face effect that makes the shape of the face look well-balanced. The standard style is to add a layer and create a constriction around the chin. The hair ends are tightly constricted while leaving the volume around the face, making the overall silhouette a rhombus. 

Constricted Bob with a small face effect and a mellow feeling

Constricted Bob has been attracting attention as a trend hair these days. The fluffy volume on the side and the tight constriction are a sharp style. The small face effect of the rhombus silhouette and the mellow feeling of the moving hair tips are popular styles.

360-degree beautiful diamond short Bob

A short bob is made into a rhombus by cutting and tightening the neckline. Its neat silhouette is not just the front. The back of the head is also rounded, so it looks beautiful no matter where you look!

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French Bob that makes you feel fashionable Parisian

French Bob is a casual bob style like Parisienne. There is no clear definition, and it often refers to a voluminous style with the hair tips cut off. There are many variations, such as straight hair with heavy hair tips and casual wavy hair. 

Retro heavy straight bob

French Bob is like Matilda, the heroine of the movie “Leon.” It features a heavy straight trimmed by the lip line. Her dark-tone hair color and thick bangs make the retro atmosphere stand out more.

Random hair and foreign style

This French Bob with a casual wave that looks like a foreigner. It’s a heavy, uncut style, but it adds lightness by adding movement to the hair. It’s not just heavy, and it’s a rough and loose bob.

[by Styling] Trend Bob Style

Once you’ve decided on Bob’s shape, it’s time to focus on styling. It’s good to have a smooth straight texture, or you can add a perm to add movement. Here, we will introduce recommended hair catalogs by styling.

Straight Bob that takes advantage of Bob’s form

Speaking of styling, that brings out the round shape of Bob. After all, straight Bob. Just by cleaning your hair, you can make it look fashionable without the need for arrangements. Because it is a simple and royal road, there is a reason to be loved for a long time.

A straight bob that stands out sharply

Speaking of the style that makes the most of straight, Bob is uncut. You can make the cut line look beautiful, making the feeling more noticeable. It’s a style that can make the most of its charm without arranging it.

Adult-like & beautiful bob style

Straight x no bangs that emphasize vertical lines to give an adult look. In addition, the trimmed hair tips and ears add a clean feeling. You can produce an elegant and mature woman.

One curl bob with a popular hairstyle

A one-curl bob with the tips of the hair wrapped inward with a trowel or iron. The curled hair ends are a cute style. Also, by wrapping it inside, the ends of the hair will be easier to organize. Perfect for those who want to balance femininity and cohesiveness!

Simple royal road one curl bob

A simple one-curl bob with a square base and an inward curl on the tip of the hair. Because it’s simple, Bob’s charm of rounded femininity is fully utilized. It is a neat and cute, royal road popular style.

Wave Bob for an overseas style

Wave bob with wavy movements on the hair. The movement of the hair creates an airy and loose feeling. Of course, you can wave only the surface and the tips of the hair, and if you wind it from the top, it will give you a rougher impression. 

Wave softness for black hair

This Bob is light and soft with a loose fluffy wave. Femininity is added to the black hair, giving a heavy and dark impression. It is a style with plenty of nuances that is chic and cute.

Get the Image You Want to Be With Bob Hair.

Bob’s style can be widely enjoyed by cutting technique and length. Even with the same bob hair, there are various styles of atmosphere, so first, try to decide on the ideal hairstyle. Once you have a solid image of what you want to be, make a reservation for the next beauty salon! Let’s order your favorite Bob.