Bob Hairstyle Trend Is So Famous, But Why?

Bob’s hair is a classic hairstyle with a fashionable hairstyle. This article has picked up recommended hairstyles for each trend and face type that will make your hair look like it is now that you want to know because it is such a classic.

Check out the six major trends! The latest Bob catalog

  • Bob’s hair is synonymous with clean hair.
  • Since the base is a simple style, you can make various impressions by incorporating the cutting method and perm.
  • First of all, we will continue to introduce Bob Hairstyles.
  • If you want to enjoy the season’s fashion, please find the bob hair you want to do from here!

Trend 1: Bob uncut

  • The most popular bob style that can be said to have become a standard item is the uncut bob!
  • Uncut bob is bob hair that you can enjoy fashion by cutting the ends of the hair with lines and splashes.
  • It’s been talked about that you can create a friendly atmosphere by finishing it roughly without cutting it.
  • If you style it with oil etc., it will be more fashionable.

Trend 2: Layer Bob

  • The modern style is to add movement to your hair and enjoy it.
  • If you want to give movement not only to the tips of the hair but to the whole hair, we recommend Layer Bob, which incorporates a layer cut that steps the hair.
  • The point is to add lightness and movement by adding exquisite layers on the top and sides.
  • You can get a more modern roughness if you add softness with color.

Trend 3: Bob down the front

  • A front-down bob is a bob hair that has been cut to become longer and longer toward the front.
  • The stylish design, including the cut line and side view, is an attractive hairstyle.
  • One of the features is that the neckline is quite refreshing, so it is finished with a clean feeling.

Trend 4: Rounded Short Bob

  • For those who are worried about short bobs, round bobs are recommended.
  • It is a popular hairstyle with a cute silhouette.
  • The neckline is tight, and the area around the face looks neat.
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Trend 5: Mini Bob

  • Mini bobs cut on or above the chin line are also a must-see trend style for those who like short bobs.
  • Because it is simple and nothing extra, the facial expression looks bright, and the chief effect can be obtained.
  • Even a straight hairstyle is decided without becoming too heavy so that it will be a cute hairstyle.

Trend 6: Diamond Bob

  • One of the trends in the diamond-shaped bob, which has a diamond-shaped overall silhouette.
  • It is said that even if you have any face shape, you can make a small face look by cutting it into a diamond-shaped silhouette.
  • This style is recommended for those who want to show a small face with bob hair and those who emphasize the silhouette of the bob.
  • Also, many of them have simple hairstyles, so they are perfect for women who are busy at school or work.

Let’s find something that suits you; recommended Bob Guide by Face Type.

  • If you want to make bob hair, you want to have a trendy look, but you also want to make bob hair that suits you best.
  • So how do you know which bob hair suits you?
  • The shape of the face is essential for knowing the hairstyle that suits you.
  • The body of a person’s face can be divided into several types as face types.
  • Examples are round faces, face lengths, and so on.

By choosing a hairstyle that suits your face shape, you can bring out your charm, cover the areas you care about and get a small face effect.

From here, we will introduce recommended bob hair for each face type.

A Recommended Bob Hairstyle That Suits Round Face

If you are worried about the width of your face, emphasize the height with a bob style that shows your forehead and moves your hair. A see-through bang with a sense of sheerness and Bob’s outside splash can leave a cute impression, so it’s perfect for a round face!

Constricted bob x center part bangs for outstanding small face effect

A style that combines a bob with a constricted neck and a center part. The center part creates a vertical line on the face of the round face and makes the visible face area look smart. The small face effect will be outstanding if you put the face line together with a constricted bob. Wet styling will give you a feeling of mellowness. 

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A Recommended Bob Hairstyle That Suits You

Wolf Bob for hair now. If Mr. Omochi challenges bob hair, aim for a style that can produce width. The straight bangs around the eyes and the wolf bob that creates the horizontal lines are a perfect match. You can create an ennui style for an adult-looking face manager!

Constricted hair makes you look like an adult.

A hairstyle that adult girls with constricted hair decide. By creating a constriction and volume on the side, even the head, which tends to look intelligent, can be finished cutely. It goes well with large earrings.

A Recommended Bob Hairstyle That Suits The Base Type

A curly bob decides to be cute for adults. Bob hair with a strong perm and a soft curly finish. The silhouette that spreads horizontally determines the sweet hairstyle to be fluffy and cute for adults. Make sure your bangs are well-balanced.

Alluring Kakiage Bob

The base type looks good on Bob without bangs. Scoop up your bangs and make an alluring bob hair. By letting the tips of the hair play softly, it wraps around the contours and improves the effect of showing a small face.

A Recommended Bob Hairstyle

A diamond-shaped bob that is fashionable with outside splashes. Suppose you want to match bob hair to Mrs. Misumi, the style that creates volume around the sharp chin. It is better to put the center of gravity on the lower half of the face, such as making an A-line or making the tip of the hair outside. This style adds an outer splash to the trendy diamond-shaped bob. It creates a constricted feeling and makes Bob more fashionable.

Adorable black-haired bob whose center of gravity is lowered with a perm.

A black-haired bob with a loose perm and a center of gravity on the tip of the hair. The round and curled hair tips create a girl-like pure atmosphere for the noble inverted triangular face. Just apply oil to the entire wet hair to dry the roots and rub milk or mousse into the permed area for a hair set.

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Make bob hair more fashionable! Easy hair arrangement that can be done quickly

  • Bob’s hair is cute even if it is taken down as it is, but you can make a more comprehensive impression by arranging the hair.
  • Isn’t it short enough? If you think that, don’t worry.
  • Here, we will introduce a hair arrangement that even Bob Hair can do.

Casual dumpling half-up

Half-up arrangement with dumplings at the top. If you curl your bob hair tightly in advance, you will get a casual movement, which will be fashionable. It’s cute, but it will be even more attractive if you decorate the knot with a ribbon.

Loose fluffy ponytail arrangement

For Bob Hair, we also recommend the ponytail, a classic hairdresser. Perma Bob will be easy to tie as it is. In the case of straight bob, if you wind it loosely, it will be easier to connect, and the finished product will be gorgeous.

Up hair that is also active from daily to parties

By combining crochet and crochet that breaks the knot and passes through the hair bundle, you can arrange even bob hair into neat hair. You can get a clean hairstyle even when viewed from the front by twisting it at a higher position. Up hair is also helpful daily to parties, so please try it!

Let’s come true at the beauty salon! Trend bob hair

There are many types of bob hair, such as uncut bob and front-down bob. First, find your favorite bob hair from the trends and recommendations by face type. If you are worried about whether it suits you, please consult with a beautician to decide. Let’s change into the ideal bob hair and make a mess.

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