Bob’s Style Makes A Difference With Bangs! How To Make A Perfect Bang

Bob's Style Makes A Difference With Bangs! How To Make A Perfect Bang

Short bobs and uncut bobs with blunt cuts are popular. I am concerned about the bangs, which are an essential part of determining the hairstyle’s impression. What to do with your bangs? Please find the answer by referring to the pictures, such as bangs above the eyebrows, extending below them, and not making it anyway.

If It’s Cute, It Has Bangs. If It’s Cool, It Doesn’t Have Bangs?

It’s decided to be Bob, but the position of the bangs is a problem. This time, I would like to pursue a different impression depending on the bangs, such as a bang above the eyebrows, extending below the eyebrows, and not making it anyway, and compatibility with Bob.

Pattern 1: Comes Above the Eyebrows.

Zigzag, like an innocent child

Random cut eyebrow bangs do not feel heavy. Lavender ash has a colour that blends in naturally and has a sense of sheerness.

Asymmetric diagonal bang

The one-curl hair tips give a feminine atmosphere. It goes well with diagonal bangs.

Elegant eyebrow bang

The impression that a short diagonal bang melts into the beloved Airy Bob. It’s a pretty female style that doesn’t get too stiff in both fashion and adult fashion.

Bangs for fluffy weight

Bob combines a natural brown colour with random hair tips. The hair tips that leave a feeling of bunch surround the face, giving a rough impression.

Plump eyebrows, sweet bang

If you can see a large bundle of hair on both the bangs and the tips of the hair, it will become a dolly. Therefore, it is easy to match with girly fashion.

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Pattern 2: Under the Eyebrows

Bob’s face surroundings show a small face.

The front-down bob is fluffy and styling. If you put the side on your ear, it will be more fashionable.

Airy and see-through Bob

The beige colour has a sense of sheerness. Airy hair tips are also elegant with little ears.

Classic bob down the front

A classic bob is styled and finished with either a bangs line or bangs. As it is a sweet and spicy mix, it is easy to handle regardless of clothes.

Adult natural bang

Rounding the silhouette is feminine. It is recommended to leave the bangs thick and let them flow to blend in with the whole, blurring the lines and giving an airy feeling.

Mannish bob

By adding highlight colour, you can express stylishness instead of single. The bangs are also cut according to the surroundings, so there is a clear sense of unity.

Girly with a thick bang

The violet gradation colour can make you feel sweet. The thick bang is also a sweet and cute woman’s impression.

Pattern 3: Shed Without Bangs and Put Out a Forehead.

Cool adult glamorous bob

The scooped bangs, made with a large curl flowing behind, are very easy and elegant. The beige colour will make you look more stylish.

The bangs on the eyes are ennui.

A single length bob that doesn’t make bangs can appeal to you as an adult. You can get a soft feminine when making curls with a trowel by mixing different winding methods.

Bob with a retro mode feeling

Randomly move the one curl and inject air into the ends of the hair with wet wax. With highlights, it looks like a foreign runway model.

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Asymmetric bob

I don’t show the parting clearly, and I feel like I’m getting rid of the hair bundles and crossing them. One side is tight, giving a stylish impression.

Feminine adult bob with ears

Feminine stands out because the straight is styled wet. It is a short style that is sexy for adults and gives a feeling of the bunch to the ears.

The Point of a Stunning Impression Is Bangs.

With a bang that hides the shape of the forehead and a bang that changes the impression of the outline, you can shine light only where you want to show it. When you go to the salon, you want to hear the opinions of professionals and pursue Bob with a bangs style that suits you. Use this bangs catalogue to get your ideal hairstyle.

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