Bob, Who Looks Like A Child, Has Graduated! From Tomorrow To Adult, Bob

Bob, Who Looks Like A Child, Has Graduated! From Tomorrow To Adult, Bob

Childish hairstyle is graduated! From now on, I want to have an adult-like hairstyle! We would like to introduce “Adult Bob” to give to such girls. Sixteen types, from natural to volume-oriented and tight bob, are summarized. Please refer to it and choose the Bob style that suits you!

Bob Is a Versatile Style That Looks Like an Adult or a Child!

Bob’s hair is a versatile hairstyle that looks like a child or an adult. This time, I will focus on the Bob style that looks like an adult. If you still look childish in Bob’s style, there may be some hints to make you look more mature. Please look for Bob you want to be!

Natural Adult Bob

Short adult bob with ear lip line

A slightly wacky adult bob with a light texture and a light beige coloring of the bob cut at the lip line. Add a non-shedding type treatment and style with an emphasis on luster, and finally, put one on your ear, and you’re done.

Natural brown simple adult bob

The coloring is also natural brown, and it is finished in a simple gradation bob. A hairstyle with a quiet adult atmosphere seems to be liked by everyone. The styling is completed by lightly blowing, applying wax as a whole, and making a hair bundle with a hand gush.

Natural adult bob

A natural adult bob with a peaceful atmosphere applies a nuance perm to the no-bang bob. Easy styling by rubbing mousse wax etc., into a hair bundle. It feels good to put it on your ears.

Nuance Perm Ears Bob

By finishing the loose nuance perm with your ears, you can create a feminine atmosphere where you can work. The style that can be used in the office goes well with suits. It’s easy to style in the morning when you don’t have time, and it’s OK if you feel like you’re perming by rubbing mousse wax from the ends of your hair.

Volume-oriented! Adult Bob

Soft volume bob

A fluffy bob that feels volume on the top and sides. The point that makes it look voluminous is the ear hook. Use the repulsion of the hair on your ears to increase the volume on the side. In addition, the face line has a tight fit on the ears, which gives it a sharp look.

Soft perm bob layer

Soft hair with a one-curl perm applied to the ends of the hair. Add a layer to Bob’s base cut to create a hair misalignment. By adding one curl there, the atmosphere is voluminous as a whole. The styling is completed by rubbing with wax and finishing it.

Volume up Bob by changing the part

If you make it apart from the opposite side of the part that you usually divide, it will repel in a direction different from the order in which the hair grows, so it will be easier to make the volume of the top. Apply wax to it and put out the hair bundles for an excellent finish. You can shape it with a hairdryer first!

Heavy silhouette x fluffy Perm bob

A heavy one-length bob mixed with a fluffy perm. The weight and the softness of the perm are combined to create a voluminous hairstyle. Knead the mousse wax and mousse for the wave, and finish it with a crispy finish.

Cool Tight Adult Bob

Tight bob down the front

It is a tight adult bob. Because the hairstyle is closed, the coloring is an ant style even if you boldly apply high-tone coloring. Orange, ash, beige, etc., look good. For styling, apply soft wax and put out the hair bundles.

Soft ash tight bob

Bob with a semi-wet finish in an ash color with a soothing atmosphere. The texture of the hair tips and the see-through feeling of the bangs make it feel even softer, yet it has a tight finish. Use wax to give a sense of the bunch to the ends of the hair and keep the hair from the root to the center tight.

Wacky orange tight outside bob

It is a bob style with a wacky orange color and a tight outer splash with a wet finish. I feel that this wet finish will be trendy this year. Just apply wax in a damp state for styling that emphasizes luster and tightness—a simple and easy finish.

Natural Simple Bob

The simple yet natural Wanrenbob is tapered to reduce the amount of hair and soften the tips. Because it has black hair, it has a tight finish. The most eye-catching is the impression of the bangs. It is a style that is extremely simple.

Adult-like Perm Bob

Bob with nuanced hair tips

By applying a light nuance perm to the ends of the hair, the texture will be easy to play with. It is easier to clean the perm if you wrap it inward. If you turn the inner wrap to the outside, it will become an outer splatter, but it is surprisingly tricky to make the outer splatter into an inner wrap. If you are tired of the inner winding, you can enjoy two style patterns by blowing to the inner winding when you get tired of the outer splash.

Soft S-shaped perm

It is a style with a soft S-shaped perm applied to the bob of the lip line. For busy people in the morning, styling is more accessible and less time-consuming if you have this perm. Wet the whole thing with a sprayer and rub in mousse or wax to complete it.

Wanrenbob’s Perm

It is a perm style with a strong wave on one side of the bob. The other is a weakly permed, and it is an adult bob perm that is sharpened by stalling on the ears. The styling is OK with a mousse for waves.

Crumpled and casual Perm bob

Perm the ends of the hair so that it is casual, and finish it with wax or mousse. It will be sharp and feel good when you put it on your ears. However, the perm is weak, so try to make it as close to wet styling as possible. Be aware that when it dries, it looks just like a splash.


How was it? Did you have any hints on how to become an adult, Bob? Bob can change his impression by adding a little gradation or perming. Also, if you listen to the styling, it will look like an adult!

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