Bob Style Special Feature: Introducing Carefully Selected Shapes That Are Beautiful

Bob Style Special Feature Introducing Carefully Selected Shapes That Are Beautiful

Introducing carefully selected bob styles that cover the shapes you are interested in. In addition to styles that have cute movements with perms and curly hair, and styles that suit dark colours such as black hair, we will also cover layer bobs currently in the spotlight.

For a Soft Silhouette That Does Not Bother the Face Length

  • Don’t you think that thick bangs and static styles don’t suit your face length?
  • By widening the bangs or adding a layer only on the surface, you can challenge the ideal style while covering the shape of the face well.
  • This article will introduce recommended styles such as Warren Bob and Layer Bob that suit you!

Cover the Surface Length by Devising the Cut and Styling

For Mr Osamu, who has a strong vertical impression, the point is to strengthen the horizontal impression by devising cuts and styling. I will introduce the points and recommended styles that Mr Osamu should consider when cutting and styling.

Point 1: Move Around Your Face With a Perm or Roll

For the face length with a strong vertical impression, the loose fluffy style that moves around the face with a perm or iron is perfect. It is a good idea to add curls from the centre to the ends of the hair, giving weight to the ends of the hair. Recommended to do

Perm a casual curl around your face

The length of “Bob under the chin” can blur the face line. Firmly curl with a perm to create a loose and fluffy atmosphere with movement.

Nuance curl bob that is not too textured

A rough nuanced curb bob that is not too textured and is loosely styled inward with a thick trowel. Since volume is around the chin, a beautiful silhouette that looks like a skeleton corrected is completed.

Wrap around your face with one curl bob

To blur the face line, you can also finish it with a one-curl bob that wraps around your face. In that case, put a layer next to the bangs and the corners of the eyes to add movement. If you curl the ends of the hair short at the front and long at the back, you will get a voluminous and feminine finish.

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Rough and natural casual curls

Combined with the natural beige, the casual curl bob is finished in a rough impression that is not too textured. The point is to casually mix the inner and outer windings with a 26mm iron.

Point 2: Stick to the Silhouette With Layer Cut

To control the impression around the face, it is recommended to add plenty of layers to make the silhouette soft and large. A diamond-shaped silhouette. That spreads the sides of the face and makes the ends of the hair crispy is a good match. In addition, please consult with a hairdresser to find a hairstyle that suits your hair quality and facial features.

Plenty of layers around the face

For Mr Osamu, whose overall silhouette holds a big key, putting a layer around the face is decisive. He prepared a layer cut so that the side of his cheeks faced outward and turned his attention to the width.

Constriction layer Bob for sharpness

The face line is fluffy, and the chin is covered with a constricted silhouette that gives a feminine impression. The secret to doubling the cuteness is to finish the top softly without making it too petty.

Add tightness with dull colour.

At first glance, I think the high tone blurs the face line is recommended for the face chief, but the dark adult tone is also suitable. Choose ash or greige colour that has a soft feel and is not too dark, and is familiar to the skin. Don’t forget to put layers around your face and on the top to add movement!

The loose and rough silhouette is cute for adults.

A style recommended for adult girls with plenty of layers and long see-through bangs on the bangs. The point of her small face is to make her hair constricted with an outside splash and leave the back hair around her face rough.

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Small face charm layer bob

The layer around the face and the fluffy bangs make it look rough and waza-ari. Looking at the balance, the inner and outer windings are skillfully mixed to give nuance to the overall silhouette.

Point 3: Make the Bangs Longer to Give a Sense of Nuance

  • Foreheads with wide foreheads from above the eyebrows to the hairline should wear long bangs.
  • On eyebrows where the vertical length is easily emphasized, short straight bangs and a centre part divided into two parts are not suitable.
  • If you don’t have see-through bangs, bangs, or bangs, dividing the position off the centre is recommended.

2way bang x short bob

A short bob style with a functional 2-way bang is cute, whether a bang or a lateral flow. You can get a well-balanced finish by taking long bangs, even if the back hair is short.

Rounded short bob along the chin line

A rounded short bob style with a silhouette that follows the chin line. Control the proportion of margins by matching the see-through bang with a high division.

Beautiful bangs and bangs make your hair look beautiful

The hair that makes a face look prominent is the enemy of the archenemy. However, if you balance the length and density of the bangs, the outstanding amount and the curled hair.

High tone bob that enhances the nuance

For fair-skinned face lengths, we recommend high-tone colours that take advantage of the whiteness of the skin. The outline is blurred to create a nuanced atmosphere. With high tones, even long bangs will not give a heavy impression.

Soft and natural with bangs perm

When making long bangs, you should pay attention to their volume and texture. If you make long and heavy bangs with a sticky texture, on the contrary, the size of the bangs may be emphasized. One technique is to naturally take the plunge and apply a loose perm to attract long bangs naturally.

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[by Style] Catch Trendy Hair Recommended by the Head

We will pick up hairstyles recommended for the head of the face according to the trend! This season, many hairstyles can make the most of the facial features. Find a style that suits you and get the only hairstyle everyone envies!

Wolf Bob

Wolf Bob x Face Layer

Wolf bob style with a focus on the layers around the face. The neckline is a little short, the effect of the layer softly attracts the surface part, and by being conscious of the width, it is good to have a small face and fashionable.

Wolf with curls firmly attached is also compatible

Many people think that Karl Wolf has a high hurdle, but it is a style that goes well with an adult-like face. The top has curls suppressed, and the curls are firmly attached around the face line to create an adult-like and refined atmosphere.

Earring colour

Korean style beige colour x constricted bob.

If you want to match it with the constricted bob hair of dark hair, we recommend the inner beige colour that is popular in Korea. The contrast with the dark tone of the base stands out, and tight hair is completed.

Surrounding the face line for a feeling of omission

The earring colour and the bangs are added to make the face line gorgeous. You can naturally blur the face line by choosing a colour close to the skin colour, such as white or beige.

Let’s Make Imechen Successful With the Bob Style That Suits Your Face!

We have introduced Bob’s perms, curly hair, bangs cuts, and carefully selected trend hairs that look great on you. Whether you are stretching out or a little short, please try to make a little change to your usual hair and enjoy Imechen.

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