Bob In The Fall Of 2022: A Guide By Colour And Bangs

Bob In The Fall Of 2022 A Guide By Colour And Bangs

Autumn is a wide range of fashion. Bob’s hairstyle is recommended because it’s autumn when the fashion is voluminous with coats and jackets! We will introduce the perfect bob hair for autumn by style and colour this time. Let’s keep Bob’s trend in the fall of 2022 and become fashionable as soon as possible.

Bob Is Perfect for Autumn Fashion!

Autumn is the season when adult-like colour makeup and a little retro fashion stand out. Sporty Bob, who can easily match the image you want to be, is perfect for such an autumn hairstyle! Even if you say Bob, the impression will change greatly just by changing the shape and colour. Let’s hold down the trend style of 2022 and get ahead of autumn fashion!

Bob Hair With and Without Bangs

First, I would like to introduce Bob Hair, the hottest item in the fall of 2022, with or without bangs. Please try to find Bob in the atmosphere you want to be in.

Trend bob with bangs

Wet bob under the chin

A calm style that combines this year’s trendy uncut bob with wet bangs. The dark grey colour gives a sense of transparency. The length under the chin makes it easy to style every day.

Uncut bob

A style that secretly highlights the uncut bob that has been cut under the chin. I want to add a bright colour, but I don’t want it to stand out. Bob’s hair is perfect at such times! You can casually show the colour.

Cut outside, honey bob.

By letting the uncut bob fly outside, you can create a neat style that doesn’t look heavy. Hair colour is fashionable by mixing brown and blue ash and choosing a colour that looks light even in the dark!

Trend bob without bangs

Outside Honey Bob

A bob style with a bob on the shoulder and an outside splash. Since the bangs are divided by the centre part, it has a small face effect regardless of face type. It is a popular hairstyle for girls who want adultness and fashion.

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Raised and desirable adult Bob

A beige colour bob that is perfect for autumn and winter. Kakiage bangs give an adult feminine and desirable impression. It is perfect for autumn when you have more chances to wear casual coloured clothes.

Soft short bob

A short bob with loosely curled hair tips in the trendy centre part. Giving volume to the top gives a soft and feminine impression. It is an attractive style with a special small face effect.

You Can Change the Atmosphere With Your Style, Bob Hair by Style

There are many styles for bob hair. By changing the style, you can get rid of it! Please find a bob hair that suits you.

Straight Bob

Straight bob without bangs

The impression is not too heavy by eliminating the bangs, even with a straight bob. The dark tone of the hair colour gives you a favourable impression. It is a style that seems useful in a wide range of scenes, whether on work days or holidays.

Natural straight bob

Bob style with a cute natural roundness. The morning styling is easy, and you can spend your time fashionably every day. The soft beige colour gives you a sense of transparency.

Orange straight bob

A straight bob tends to give a cool impression, but when combined with an orange colour, it can give a fresh impression. You can create a brighter atmosphere by turning on the eyebrows. It is perfect for fashionable people who want to challenge the orange colour like autumn.

Layer Bob

Constriction roll x layer bob

A combination of constriction and layer bob. The fluffy face area brings out the femininity of an adult. It is also attractive that it is easy to arrange because you can make it by wrapping it around the face and wrapping the ends of the hair on the outside.

Layer bob style

It is a bob style with a light outer splash for face-framing. By using a see-through bang, you can create a more loose feeling. Let’s make an impression with a small amount of hair and a sense of sheerness!

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Boredom with a layer around the face

Bob with a layer cut around his face. The combination of section highlighting and dark hair gives an even more modest impression. If you want to give a different personality, please come.

Perm Bob

Loose perm nuance bob

A loose perm bob style that creates a natural atmosphere. Apply a loose perm from around your ears to create a soothing atmosphere. It’s also fun to style and recommended for habitual hair whose bob hair bounces on the shoulders.

Bob in digital perm

Bob style with a small face effect. The perm is centred on the tips of the hair, so styling is easy. If you apply a digital perm, the cuteness will last long.

Center division x Perma Bob

Perm bob style that incorporates centre division. The naturalness, like quirky hair, is impressive. You can create an adult-like and calm atmosphere by dividing it into centres.

Autumn Colour Bob Makes This! Bob Hair in Colour

Autumn is when the colour of clothes changes drastically. Let’s change the hair colour to autumn mode and improve your mood. This colour is recommended if you want the perfect hair colour for autumn!


Constricted short bob

A short bob with 6 tones of ash colour close to black hair and full of transparency. The area around the face is wrapped around the outside, and the tips of the hair are fluffed outside for a constricted style.

Healthy Short Bob

Black hair and short bob style. You will get a healthy impression by not making the area around your face too tight. Easy styling just by rubbing oil!

Tight uncut bob

Bob is cut and cut. Black hair gives a tighter impression. It is also attractive that you can style it just by applying oil.

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Brown / beige

Heavy and light high tone bob

Gradation bob due to the weight of the A-line. It is a soft finish that does not look heavy even in high tones. Easy styling just by glazing with a balm!

Beige Korean-style bob

A combination of Korean-style Tambarumori style and beige colour. By using a see-through bang, the transparency will be improved. The volume on the ends of the hair is perfect for autumn when the temperature is calm.

Neo-wolf outside honey bob

A cute adult style with a long, uncut bob. For hair colour that is not too bright with ash brown. Strain your hair around your face to create a unique wolf cut.

Make Fashionable and Fun With Hair Arrangements!

Bob’s hair is neither too long nor too short and can be arranged freely. We have collected hair arrangements that even clumsy people can easily eliminate! Increase your repertoire and enjoy bob hair to the fullest.

Wave perm half-up arrangement

A half-up style of the outer honey bob that has been cut on the shoulder. Braids that are difficult for bob hair are easy with half-up! If you loosen it after braiding it, you will feel more comfortable.

Half-up x string arrangement

A combination of half-up and string arrangement. You can make a girly impression by wrapping it in a wave with a 26mm trowel. The bright foggy beige brings out a feeling of pulling out even more.

Pin arrangement of outer honey bob

Hair arrangement that is half-up and fastened with a large pin. It is a style that even a clumsy person can easily complete. Bob of the outside splash stands out!

Autumn Bob, Become a Seasonal Girl.

Bob style that you can make your colour, style, and arrangement. Did you find the image you want to be? It’s okay if you don’t know! If you talk to a hairdresser, you may find the perfect hairstyle. I hope that Bob, who suits you best, will be able to make a wonderful impression.

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