Black-haired Bob Is Permed! Catalog Where You Can Find Something That Suits You

Black-haired Bob Is Permed! Catalog Where You Can Find Something That Suits You

Bob with black hair with a neat impression. However, because of its neatness, some people may be worried that “it doesn’t feel right …” or “I want to give a more refined impression.” It is recommended to apply a perm to such a person! This article will introduce a perm style that will change the usual black-haired Bob.

Perm Is the Key to Getting Rid of Black-haired Bob!

Bob’s style with black hair with a neat and pretty atmosphere. It’s a popular style that looks good on your skin color, but many people may have troubles such as “it doesn’t feel right “or ” it looks heavy.”A feeling of omission that does not look heavy is needed to get rid of such a black-haired bob. The perm style that gives movement to the hair and creates a feeling of shedding is recommended for Bob with black hair! In the following items, we will introduce the perm style of black hair bob that looks pure from various viewpoints, such as black hair bob and face type.

The Current Trend Is This! Perm Style by Type of Black Hair Bob

This item will explain the perm styles for each type of black-haired Bob, with and without bangs. Find your favorite black-haired bob & perm style.

Uncut black hair Bob x perm

Light bangs for a rough impression

The combination of on-eyebrows and see-through bangs makes the bangs lighter. The large wave perm emphasizes the lightness. If you want to have a refreshing atmosphere for the summer, please try it.

Mix winding for a soft style

A style in which the bangs are mixed and permed. The style that mixes the inner and outer wraps gives a soft impression. Even if you don’t have bangs, they will be fashionable.

Emphasize the neck and make it an adult girl

A style with a strong perm applied to the uncut Bob of the gasoline. The style that the neck looks neat gives an adult feminine impression. Applying her oil to give it a glossy look will make it more desirable. 

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Rough and well-done outside honey bob

A combination of uncut Bob and rough outer Bob. All you have to do is set it with the oil! The style that does not work too hard creates a feeling of mellowness.

Black hair layer bob x perm

Feminine with loose curls

The upper part of the layer cut is inwardly wound, and the lower part is outside. The loose perm brings out a mature and feminine impression if you aim for a calm atmosphere.

Casual with a layer around the face

Wolf Bob with a layer cut around his face. The impression of his perm style is outstanding, and it can be a casual atmosphere. His bangs can be divided by the center part or taken down.

Adult-like rough wave

Rough wave style without bangs. Perfect for those who want to be cool and mature! With a simple style, you can create a sense of omission!

Black hair, short bob x perm

A short bob with a loose perm

A combination of short Bob and lose perm. It will turn into a casual and cool bob if you style it wet! Recommended for those who want to make a little change from their usual short Bob!

For Bob, who is organized by hair tip perm

A simple black-haired bob with no bangs and a one-curl perm on the ends. If you apply a perm only to the part, it will be a hairstyle that is easy to organize and style. Please try it if you want to perm but don’t want to be too flashy.

Black hair long bob x perm

Girly with roundness and constriction

Rob with a rounded and constricted perm. You can get a girlish and girly impression. Please do if you want to apply a perm while leaving some hair length.

Rob, with plenty of omissions

Rob style with a strong perm applied to the entire hair. The bangs are divided into centers, and the bangs are full of looseness.

Elegant with a loose perm

Rob style with a loose perm applied to the entire hair. The combination of lobulation and lose perm brings out elegance. Perfect for neat and mature women.

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Which One Suits You? Perm Bob Style by Face Type

This item will introduce the Perma bobs that suit each of the four face types separately with and without bangs. If you are looking for a style that suits you, the perm challenge hurdle should be below!

Black hair Perm bob for round face

The style that emphasizes the vertical lines is recommended for the round face. The side has a modest perm style to make it look like a small face! Here, I will introduce a black-haired Perma bob for a round face.

One curl on the tip of the hair for a rough style

A style that emphasizes vertical lines by eliminating bangs. One curl on the tip of the hair gives a rough and loose impression. The bangs are divided into centers, so they look fashionable even if you apply a perm.

A feeling of being able to show off your eyebrows

When a round face wants to make bangs, it is important to be aware of the feeling of falling out of the bangs. If you cut with the on-eyebrow bangs and perm the bangs to show the eyebrows, you can create a style that creates a feeling of missing vertical lines. Combined with the perm applied to the entire hair, it gives a feeling of mellowness. 

Black-haired Perm bob for face chief

I recommend the style with the volume on the side. Make your face look smaller by not emphasizing the vertical lines on your face! Here, I will introduce Perma Bob to Mr. Omochi.

Adult casual with a strong perm

A style that gives volume by applying a strong perm to the entire hair. Her bangs have a large curl, and her forehead is shown to give her an adult-like impression. The different perm method for each part brings out the casualness.

Loose Bob with lots of layers

A perm style that incorporates layer cuts and gives volume to the sides. The bangs are divided into centers and finished as an adult. Loose style with plenty of layers brings out a warm, feminine atmosphere.

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Black hair Perm bob for base face

What suits the base face is a style that has a volume around the face. By deceiving the part of Ella with your hair, you can get a great small face effect! This item will introduce the perfect perm bob for the base face.

For a style that does not work too hard with an ennui perm

A style with loose ennui perm applied to the entire hair. It looks like a small face with volume around the face, but it can also be transformed into a cool style by listening to it. 

Loosen the wave to make it look like a foreigner

A style that eliminates the bangs and applies a large wave perm to the entire hair. The small face effect will be outstanding by creating a voluminous feel around the face! If you want to have an adult-like and foreign-like atmosphere, please come.

Black hair Perm bob for inverted triangle face

The inverted triangular face looks like a small face when the width of the bangs is relatively narrowed, and the face line is softened. I will introduce the perfect Perma bob for the inverted triangular face in this item.

Random outside honey bob

An outer honey bob with a layer cut around the face. The casual outer honey bob creates a fluffy impression on the entire hair. The point is a rough and not too hard atmosphere.

For a calm woman with a nuance perm

A combination of Kakiage Bob and Nuance Perm. Kakiage Bob tends to look cool, but you can create a feminine atmosphere by applying a perm. If you want to be a calm woman, please come.

The Usual Neat Black-haired Bob Is Cuter With a Perm.

In this article, we have introduced recommended perm bob styles for each bob and face type. Even black-haired Bob, who tends to be simple at first glance, can be cleansed and impressed with a perm! Let’s add a bit to the neat black-haired Bob and get rid of it.

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