Best Ways To Hang A Poster On The Wall

Best Ways To Hang A Poster On The Wall

More recently, decorating the walls with posters in the bedroom or living room. Today, the design of space with the help of such a decorative element.

It allows you to create a cosy atmosphere and a particular mood in the room. What is a poster, and how to hang it on the wall?

In the 19th century, such an element served as information or advertising poster. Today, its tasks have expanded significantly. For a stylish design of the space, it is recommended to select a poster, taking into account the room’s general style and individual preferences.

The suitable posters can completely transform a room from bland and clinical to personalized and filled with character. Who doesn’t love showing off their eclectic musical taste with band posters or their cinematic process with vintage movie posters?

Luckily, there are a few tricks that poster enthusiasts can practice to master the subtle art of hanging posters, and they begin long before the actual hanging begins.

Keep clean

To achieve the high-quality details that everyone expects in posters, the printed papers are not exceptionally durable. Not only do posters tear relatively easily if handled too roughly, but they also stick to stains, as in the photo.

Because of the brilliant ending, finger stains stick out like a sore thumb after the poster is hung. Each poster handler should thoroughly wash their hands before touching a new poster to remedy this.

The poster will then need to be flattened to make it easier to hang when the time is right. To do this, prepare a flat, clean surface on which the poster can be printed side up. Then the corner should be weighted for several hours; this ensures that the poster does not fold as hard as it has been hung up.

Taking extra care with clean hands and clean surfaces, the poster is sure to retain its intended appearance throughout the levelling stage, but one final area needs to be cleaned before the poster can be hung: the wall.

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Cleaning the wall before hanging the poster ensures that the poster doesn’t get dirty and helps the adhesive stick more effectively. After the wall is prepared, you can proceed to the next stage of hanging posters.

What is a wall poster?

Modular wall posters

Modular plus size wall posters exploded in popularity but are now losing relevance compared to other options. If you decide to decorate the interior with modules, you should choose large posters for the wall. A module is a picture divided into three or more parts. The small size will not look spectacular. Floral and natural designs look attractive in a modular form. It is better to choose bright colours, and the module should be an essential accent, not a faded spot. Inscriptions and complex images should not be designed as a module.

Poster on the wall in the living room

When choosing wall posters for a living room interior, it is essential to focus on dynamics – this is a room of life, and there should be energy in it. It is fashionable to order watercolour posters on the wall with images of all family members. When choosing posters for the living room, it is better to rely on the content of the picture and not on the colour scheme, and the colours can be supplemented with little things: pillows, curtains, candy bowls.

A fashionable ready-made solution for the living room is wall posters in an industrial or urban style, with graphic elements. Gamma.

Posters on the wall in the bedroom

For this room, the option of unobtrusiveness and harmony in the interior is suitable. The poster on the wall should rhyme with the surrounding style. It would be best if you did not hang funny teenage posters on the wall in the bedroom, and it is better to opt for calm, peaceful, gentle paintings. For example, in an oriental-style bedroom in black, pink, and scarlet, a Japanese-style painting on the wall, perhaps with images of a geisha or a branch of cherry blossoms, would look good. In the most classic bedroom version, posters of flowers on the wall are suitable.

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Posters on the wall in the kitchen

When choosing a poster for the kitchen wall, it is essential to determine the size of the paintings for an interior filled with little things: vases, napkins, jars for storage, miniature posters framed with wooden frames. A large framed poster on the wall will be an effective solution for a high-tech kitchen. You can pick up reproductions of artists in the original size. In this case, the picture is stretched on a baguette.

Posters of partners with images of food, drinks or spices look spectacular if there are bright details in the picture in one colour scheme on a white background. For example, you can arrange several posters with bright red peppers and tomatoes in this way. If the black background colour appeals more, pay attention to the posters made of wood on the wall.

Posters on the wall in the office

A good design for posters in the office will be reproductions of famous photographers. You can use posters on the wall in black and white or retro style, matching each other in style and content. Such designs will not distract from business meetings and meetings but emphasize the status and a severe attitude.

There are many ways to hang a poster on a wall. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Double-sided tape

The best option for placing a poster on a plasterboard wall. To hang a poster, it is unnecessary to place it in a frame. It is enough to glue small strips around the edges. Before placing, it is essential to ensure that the surface is level.

Stationery buttons

This type of fastener perfectly holds posters of lightweight. There are many varieties of buttons with decorative heads, which not only do not spoil the appearance of the poster but, on the contrary, decorate it. In this case, you should not worry that there will be traces on the wall after that. Thumbtacks adhere perfectly to plastered walls covered with wallpaper or decorative paint.

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Sewing pin or paper clip

This option is the most accurate way because it allows you to place posters on the wall with minor damage to the surface. However, such fastener options can only withstand a small weight.

Command system

Velcro fasteners are made of plastic and have a unique look at the ends. One part of the structure is glued to the wall, the other to the back of the poster. It remains only to connect them. The system can withstand loads up to 1 kg. The advantage of Velcro is that it can remove it without harm to the surface.

Cornice rail

This method will be a real salvation for those who do not know how to hang posters beautifully and securely on the wall. All you need is a small cornice rail, on which you can hang framed posters with plastic hooks and a fishing line. The advantages of the suspension system are its ability to withstand a sufficiently large weight and the ability to add or remove elements.


Reliably and without much effort, these are inherent characteristics, for example, in “liquid nails” or polymer glue. Adhesive compositions can withstand heavy compositions. However, you will have to try to return the surface to its original appearance after removing the structure.

Spider Hook

A spider hook is a small tricky item that is highly reliable despite its simplicity and modest size. It is a plastic product with a flat back. There is a hook at the bottom on the front side, reminiscent of a hook on a clothes hanger. And on the upper edge are four sharp spikes. They provide a secure hold. The spider is attached to the wall as follows – a mark is made in the selected place, to which the fasteners are leaned with the flat side.

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