Best Way to Change Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

How to transition your wardrobe from the summer to the fall season. My mission is to help you with your personal style to make it simple. Today’s I’m gonna show you how to extend the life of your wardrobe and take those summer looks. Transition them seamlessly into fall looks. All it requires is swapping out a few pieces so hopefully, this will help you give you some ideas. You can pull items out of your very own closet shop your closet which I always recommend.

1.Black Dress

For these looks I’m gonna highlight one key piece and how I would style the one key piece now and then how I would style it later for fall. The first piece I want to show you is this beautiful ruffle sleeve dress. It’s black but there are a couple of other colors I think it’s a really versatile dress. The neckline I think it makes it more versatile you could wear a big statement necklace with it. You can really do a lot with this dress you can belt it you can layer with it. I’m gonna talk more about those colors in a minute those spicy brown tones very hot right now. Sandals make it really summery and fresh and sexy you could also do something like a black pump.

By the way, we could do a little Paik kind of sheer and then throw on a pair of clothes toe booties. These are really sexy stiletto booties I love these in a suite of faux suede. Then you have the option of adding either a moto jacket or a blazer. In this case, add a black blazer. The Blazer is one of those wardrobe basics so this is a really great option if you don’t already have one. It’s very affordable and the quality is terrific I love wearing tights and booties with dresses in the fall season. Such an elegant chic look but also when you wear booties with dresses it actually modernizes the look. It makes it feel more current and youthful and updated. That’s how you would take this dress and wear it into the fall season.

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2. Maxi Skirt

The next piece I want to highlight is a striped maxi skirt. This skirt it’s ridiculously affordable that gets very flattering sometimes stripes across the body are tricky. It does add a little volume but this is ideal. If you want to add a little attention to the hips button thighs. A lot of times I talked about minimizing them but sometimes you want to call a little bit more attention to your lower body. Especially if you have the body tape where you have very slim hips or no hips. This is a great print for your lower half but with this maxi skirt, it is long. It gives you that coverage that you might want. If you don’t want to wear shorts and that’s one of the things I love about a maxi skirt in the summer. Just paired it with a simple v-neck black tee.

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I’m wearing a pair of black Peep-toe mules by Liz Claiborne. That’s how I would style the skirt right now into the fall season. You can even add a little scarf I thought it would be kind of fun to play around with print mixing. If you don’t want to do the print mixing the other thing to think about is not tucking in your t-shirt. This is a way to go back to what I said before which is to minimize the hips button thighs. You’re putting that solid black cross that potential problem area but you’re not losing your waist. The jacket actually nips in the waist, you see where the jacket falls. The hemline of the jacket is right at my natural waist maybe a little bit lower. That’s what creates the waist just something to think about on the styling front.

3. Leopard Print Top

The next piece I want to show you is this wrap front leopard print sleeveless blouse. It is by Worthington and again it’s in this beautiful yummy brown tone palette that is so hot for fall. Another huge trend for fall is animal prints you guessed it. I just showed you scarf that is a leopard print scarf and here’s another example of a leopard print. This time in a blouse and I just love the wrap front. The blouse has a modesty snap at the top so you can really make sure that you have everything covered up.

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I would do to wear this blouse is I would just layer a blazer or jacket over it. Also, swap out my shoes for something a bit more transitional like a bootie or a shootie. A shootie is a shoe bootie here is that same pair of black Peter booties. They’re super sexy and modern and I love them and they look awesome with this black blazer. I absolutely love the combination of wearing Browns with blacks. You can combine Browns with blacks they look incredibly chic it’s an unexpected combination.

4. Button-Down Top

The next key piece I want to show you is this chambray knot front button-up short sleeve top. This is one of those pieces that you easily can wear year-round. It’s basic for sure I love the knot front because that gives it a little extra something special. It actually highlights the waist as well. How I wear this now is I would wear it either with like white shorts, white denim shorts, a white denim skirt or white skinny jeans. Would just do a really simple slide sandal or some sort of metallic sandal or neutral-colored sandal. I would take off the white jeans and swap those out for a dark wash pair of jeans.

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Just to make everything a look a little bit more seasonally appropriate. I do love to wear white in the fall but I wanted to show you an option with the dark jeans. I also added a cargo jacket a really cool crossbody brown bag. What I love about this cargo jacket is that it cinches in the middle. It creates shape it doesn’t feel so masculine because the nature of a cargo jacket is a bit masculine. It’s a very utilitarian sort of military-inspired so with that cinched waist almost creating that peplum. It gives it some femininity this is a great basic jacket.

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5. Spice Colored Cami

The next piece I want to show you is actually this camisole. This one is by Arizona it does have adjustable straps which I love. You can cheat it down a little bit or not you can make it very conservative. I kind of tend to like to keep things covered up but the print is really simple and subtle and sophisticated. Sometimes floral print is tricky I feel like this one is really good and I just I love this camisole. It’s great now to wear with maybe a pair of shorts or a denim skirt. I paired it with some Peep-toe booties these are in skin color so it keeps my legs looking long and lean. Can easily do a flip-flop with this or a sandal or a slide a wedge you have a lot of shoe options.

I would swap out the skirt and put on a pair of high-rise dark-wash skinny jeans. These have some distressing at the knees I know some of you are not interested in distressed jeans.I’ve paired it these jeans and the camisole with those same Brown peep-toe booties that I just showed you. The same crossbody brown bag and then I added this heathered spy stone Arizona cardigan. This cardigan you absolutely have to wear open I think it looks so chic and effortless when it’s unbuttoned and locked hanging open. You can really see the waist you can see the cami and it’s just such a flattering look. Whenever you wear that third layer that cardigan it does slim the tummy and the hip spot and thighs. It’s sort of shaves that all down which is great it’s a very easy way to really pull you’re the whole look together.

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