Best Purple Hair Color Ideas: Hair Color Collection By Theme 2022

Best Purple Hair Color Ideas Hair Color Collection By Theme 2022

I’m curious about the purple hair color, but I don’t know what the finish will be. The characteristics of purple hair color. In addition, we also introduce samples of popular purple hair colors. We also answer questions about purple colors with a wide variety of colors!

What Are the Characteristics of Purple Hair Color?

Purple color is becoming a standard hair color now. With a soft lavender color at the top, it is a hair color that never stops being popular. The purple color suppresses the redness of the hair, and as a result, you can get overwhelming transparency, which is the perfect hair color when you want to get rid of it! This time, we will specialize in such purple colors by dividing them into warm colors and cool colors.

Purple Colors Can Be Divided Into Three Types!

Even if you say purple in a bite, if you look it up on SNS, you will find many colors, which is a problem. For those worried about purple hair color, here we will introduce how to divide purple. Purple is divided into three types: light, warm, and cool.

First: Light Colors Such as Lavender

Lavender with a pale hue among the purple colors. Lavender itself does not have a strong color, and it is common to match it with other colors. Therefore, it is classified into both cool and warm colors. In particular, it is a hair color often used to give the hair a sense of transparency and luster.

Second: Warm Colors Such as Cassis Color

Warm colors apply to hair colors with the names purple and cassis. The standard purple is purple with a slight reddish tinge. If you add bleach, it will be crisp, and if you do not have bleach, it will be a natural hair color that is easy to fit on the skin.

Third: Cool Colors Such as Violet Color

The representative of cool purple is violet, which originally refers to bluish purple. If you don’t have bleach, it will give your dark hair a sense of transparency, and if you try with bleach, you can get a mature hair color.

Violet, which goes well with other colors, is also useful in warm colors. It’s a good idea to imagine that you can change it freely depending on the color you match.

I will tell you more about each of the typical purple colors, light, warm, and cold, with different styles.

By System! Purple Hair Color Catalog 1: Lavender

A lavender color that can bring out the transparency and luster of hair. In this item, we will separately introduce such lavender color hairstyles for lavender beige and lavender ash.

Lavender Beige

Layer Wolf Bob with a slightly cute purple

Lavender beige that looks natural even in purple color. Recommended for those who want to get a sense of transparency but cannot throw away the standard colors. Wolf Bob, who has an out-of-trend honey arrangement, looks even cuter.

The back is also temporary, loose, and fluffy long.

The light color is a loose and fluffy medium that brings out the fragility from the back. By bleaching, you can make the coloring more transparent. It is a hair color that is easy to challenge, even for those who do not usually use bright colors.

Lavender Ash

Beloved by the wave and hair

A cute style with a moist texture. Wrap it in a wave with a 26mm iron, rub in the oil, and you’re done. Let’s become hair that both men and women love.

Full of transparency with high tone color

Lavender ash with bleach. Removing the color with bleach and then letting it develop firmly will be full of transparency. It is an attractive style with plenty of gloss. 

Vertical winding and elegant

A combination of long hair and lavender ash. Vertical winding adds a loose fluffy feel to your hair. The long hair gives off a calm, feminine and elegant atmosphere.

By System! Purple Hair Color Catalog 2: Purple

The warm purple color is represented by purple and cassis. Here, we will introduce a catalog of purple ash and cassis color. Let’s give a cute impression with warm colors.

Purple Ash

Add dignified coolness to the mini bob.

The purple color usually has a cute impression, but purple ash is a color with a spicy and cool spice added to it. Combined with a slightly downward-sloping mini-bob with trimmed hair tips, it gives a dignified and cool impression of the profile. Become a reliable, handsome girl!

Purple ash that is not too flashy

Purple ash is recommended when you emphasize cute colors but don’t want to be too flashy. You can combine a girly atmosphere with an adult-like elegance. The arrangement roughly wrapped around the ends of the hair is cute.

Deep purple ash for an adult look.

It is a combination of purple ash and long hair. By using deep purple ash, you can make your hair look shiny and make your straight hair look beautiful. Hairstyles with heavier hair tips create a more mature atmosphere.

Classic Color

Cassis Bob, with a bright face.

A cassis color that feels a little orange. The coloring brightens the area around the face. Lightly wrap the ends of the hair inside to create a lovely atmosphere.

Bleach to give a fresh impression

Bleached cassis lavender gives a fresh impression. The styling of the outer honey bob goes perfectly with bright colors. It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy the cassis color to the fullest.

Glossy cassis lavender

Cassis lavender is made without bleaching. Combined with long hair, it will give you a lot of lusters. If you want to enjoy the color of cassis without making it too bright, please do.

By System! Purple Hair Color Catalog 3: Violet

Cool colors that can give a cool and mature impression. In this item, we will introduce cool purple colors by dividing them into violet ash and blue-violet.

Violet Ash

Produce a feeling of mellowness with spiral winding

Violet ash x spiral winding style. The loose spiral winding creates a mellow feeling. You can have a cool feminine atmosphere with a feeling of mellowness.

For a neat impression with a dark color

The dark violet ash brings out a neat impression. Wave winding x outer winding makes you feel like a girl. Perfect for those who like long dark hairstyles.

Gradation color for plenty of sheerness

A style with a violet ash gradation color. By using a gradation color, you can get a lot of sheerness. It will be more mature by putting a layer around the face and dividing it into centers.


Let’s stand out with bright blue-violet.

Blue-violet does not make you feel the redness peculiar to Japanese hair. It is made by stacking bleach 2-3 times. When the color fades, it looks like silver, a nice hair color once and twice.

Blue-violet semi-di with a transparent color

Blue-violet color that bleaches once to remove the color and enhances the transparency of the hair. Because it is combined with Semi di, which is easy to arrange, you can make moving hair with clean hair depending on the styling. Let’s make the hair color like sucking and captivate everyone’s eyes.

Adult girls blue violet

Dark blue-violet color. You can create a calm, adult-girl atmosphere. Ideal for those who want to add violet color to dark hair casually.

We Have Collected Q & an About Common Purple Hair Colors!

A purple hair color whose nuance changes depending on how it is combined with warm, cool, and other colors. It seems that many children find it difficult to tell the beautician. So, in this item, I have summarized the questions about the purple hair color I want to solve before going to the salon!

Q: What happens to the color fading?

A: Purple-based colors approach a natural color when they fade. The image is that the hair color is one tone brighter before adding purple. The characteristic of the purple color is that you can enjoy it as it is even after the color has faded!

Q: Do I need to bleach?

A: It is possible to add purple color without bleaching. Keep in mind that violet is a relatively easy color to enter, even without bleaching. However, if you want a high tone, a light color tone, or a solid color tone, we recommend bleaching. If you are worried that your hair will hurt, choose a method that causes less damage, such as care bleach.

Q: How to make it last longer?

A: Shampoo is important for purple color care! If you use purple or silver shampoo to maintain the color, GOOD. In addition to your usual hair care, stick to shampoo.

Let’s Get Rid of Purple With Color.

A purple color gives you mysterious transparency that other hair colors do not have. When you dye it, please show your perfect color to the beautician. Let’s upgrade to a pure girl one step ahead of our current self!

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