Best Gaming Headset Under $30 in 2021

Immersive gaming doesn’t always need to cost you a lot as there is plenty of budget gaming equipment being released on the market among them are some performance-intensive headsets that will make your jaw drop with outstanding sound quality and maximum level of comfort. In today’s article, we are going to showcase 5 of the best budget gaming headsets that you can get for under $30.

Onikuma Gaming Headset


An RGB headset by Onikuma a highly adjustable headset that is quite decent for gaming the sleek headset features. An adjustable headband which you will find useful to fit in your head perfectly and comfortably. On top of that, the durable metal headset beam of this headset is ultra-flexible which further enhances its adjustability. The volume control wheel is located in the wire which will let you seamlessly adjust the audio output. While the mic on-off switch will offer you instant control over voice input. Talking about the microphone the headset features a 160 degrees foldable microphone that is capable of delivering crystal clear voice output as for comfort. It has a soft memory earpad and snug head pad which will keep your ears comforting while you enjoy your long gaming sessions. It also has colourful breathing led lights that you will find visually appealing just plug the USB in and see it in action overall the Onikuma gaming headset is a decent option for gaming enthusiasts that offer smooth adjustability and comfort to make your gaming sessions enjoyable.


Earpiece DesignOver-ear
Driver Size50mm
Max Frequency Response23kHz
Weight10.8 ounces
ComfortableCan get warm after a while
Amazing value for the money
Noise cancelation

Mifanstech V-10


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The V10 headset by Mifanstech. An ergonomic gaming headset that you will find amazing for competitive gaming featuring high precision 50-millimetre drivers. This headset is capable of delivering 3d surround sound for you to precisely track in-game audio with its sleek metal headband with a self-adjustable suspended pad. This headset offers amazing adjustability in the most convenient way possible competitive gaming can be quite intense and to make things comfortable for you this headset has breathable comfortable ear cups. Furthermore, the 360 degrees flexible noise-cancelling microphone of this headset will enable you to give crystal clear voice commands to your teammates. This headset has multi-performed compatibility including PlayStation Xbox and pc all thanks to its 3.5-millimetre audio jack and USB connectivity. It also has an inline volume controller with a flip to mute switch that will give you seamless control over volume adjustment and voice input finding a reliable headset for competitive gaming is quite hard and if you are looking for one the Mifanstech V10 can be a perfect fit for you.

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Earpiece DesignOver-ear
Driver Size40mm
Weight12.8 ounces
Very comfortable, no adjustments neededSound quality isn’t the best
Extra long braided wire, 3.5mm jack is reinforced
Earcups are very soft
Mic is clear and reduces ambient noise

Jeecoo Xiberia


The Xiberia stereo headset by Jeecoo. A premium gaming headset that is fine-tuned by professional acoustic engineers to enhance your gaming featuring 50-millimeter neodymium drivers. This ergonomic gaming headset is acoustically refined to give you something base output and immerse yourself in open-world games. These headsets triple-layered memory foam earmuffs and padded memory headband will maximize your comfort level during lengthy gaming sessions as for the microphone. This headset is equipped with a noise cancelation boom mic that can be adjustable for your convenience. Furthermore, the mic and volume adjustments are located on the cable of this headset that you will find convenient for controlling audio and mic output. It also has multiple connectivity options including a USB and audio jack that you can seamlessly connect to your controller or USB port and head back into the game. The most amazing thing about this headset is its sleek led light design which will feast your eyes with visually stunning light shows overall the Jeecoo Xiberia is an amazing blend between performance and comfort and will fit perfectly into your premium preference.

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Earpiece DesignOver-Ear
Driver Size50mm
Frequency Response20kHz
Weight9.5 ounces
Extremely comfortable and soft.volume control on cord seems a little less.
Microphone quality is fantastic.
Noise canceling feature is amazing



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The U3 gaming headset by Nubwo. An over-ear elite headset that provides amazing value for the price you pay. Featuring 50-millimetre directional drivers this headset has a stunning spatial audio output for an immersive in-game audio experience thanks to its breathable and comfortable memory foam. You will experience less ear strain for a comforting and less irritating gaming session. Furthermore, this headset is extendable up to 180 degrees and has an auto-adjust slider that is quite useful for fitting into any head size. It also features a noise-cancelling microphone with 165 degrees rotation which you can seamlessly flip and dive right into the gaming world with your friends. Weighing only about 280 grams this headset is quite lightweight and will further enhance your comfort level for your convenience. This headset is equipped with inline volume rockers and a microphone control button that will give you seamless control over your audio output. With these many features, onboard the Nubwo U3 is an overall outstanding headset that will provide you with greater comfort performance, and adjustability.


Earpiece DesignOver-Ear
Max Frequency Response10kHz
Weight15.8 ounces
Great fit for an audio system.An extra Microsoft Adapter is required
Convenient to use.
Affordable price.

Turtle Beach Recon 50P


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The Recon 50p by Turtle Beach an amazing gaming headset that is loaded with tons of useful features featuring high-quality 40-millimeter drivers. This headset will make sure that you don’t miss the tiniest wave of sound in the games that you play compatible with multiple devices including ps5 Xbox series x pc and many more. This headset will mesmerize you with high-quality sound waves on whatever device you choose to play with it just plug in the 3.5-millimeter jack and you are all set. It has convenient inland controls that will effortlessly let you regulate the volume level and microphone with just the convenience of your fingertips. It also comes with an adjustable highly sensitive mic that picks up voice crystal clear and won’t make you repeat voice commands to your allies. Twice lightweight comfortable and stylish the Turtle Beach Recon 50p was designed to make your gaming sessions enjoyable and stress relieving and if you are considering getting one you won’t be disappointed.

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Earpiece DesignOver-Ear
Driver Size50mm
Frequency Response20 kHz
Weight8.8 ounces
Sound is good enough.Less padding on top.
Microphone is great.

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