Beginners Who Want To Get Tattoos: Basic Knowledge Of Modern Tattoo With Q & A

Beginners Who Want To Get Tattoos: Basic Knowledge Of Modern Tattoo With Q & A

Let’s get started. Today we describe some basic tattoo knowledge that beginners should know.

Looking at pictures of celebrities and fashionistas, many people have tattoos. As one of self-expression, tattoos are being rediscovered in Asia with new perspectives and new interpretations. It’s a fashion tattoo. However, unlike clothes, tattoos will last a lifetime, so think carefully when putting them in.

Here, for those who want to get their first tattoo, we will introduce the basic knowledge of tattoos in a Q & A format, first of all, How to choose a tattoo design, aftercare, and the latest trends.

How Do You Choose a Tattoo Artist or Design?

First, look at the works of tattoo artists of various genres to find out what kind of worldview you like. Then, I think it’s better to know your taste and choose an artist who can design to suit your taste, and I think it’s best not to choose the same design that others have put in.

How Long Does It Take?

Everything depends on the size of the design, the density of the lines, the condition of the skin, and the speed of the artist’s work.

Is the Pain Tolerable?

People feel pain differently, but if you desire to get a tattoo, you can put up with it.

Which part of your body feels the pain strongly?

It’s easy to feel pain in places where you have a lot of nerves, such as your flanks and inner thighs.

If you have dark hair, should you shave the part you want to tattoo before putting it in?

We recommend that you shave the day before the procedure. Most tattoo studios have disposable razors for medical use, so I think you can have the artist shave them before the procedure.

About Aftercare.

Various methods depend on the artist, but in my case, I wash the tattoo immediately after the treatment with additive-free soap and rinse it clean with water. After that, apply a wound medicine to prevent it from drying out.

Immediately after tattooing, you will get a burn-like scar, which may turn a little red, or the skin may come off. The tattoo scab will gradually come off over the next few days after the procedure. In the meantime, apply the cream to keep it moisturized.

You should avoid swimming or going into the sauna until your wound is healed. Still, if you want to, put on a waterproof bandage. And you should check if you have any adhesive allergies before applying.

Do You Need to Retouch?

It may be necessary. Let’s decide after consulting with the artist.

Are there any precautions to take when tattooing a color other than black?

Please note that you are allergic to color. If you are allergic and want a colored tattoo, you should first go to the hospital and have an allergy test.

About the Recent Trends in Tattoos.

Designs of new genres are emerging, but I think it’s difficult to say that “this is the trend!” There are various genres such as ethnic, minimalistic graphics, trendy, old school, etc., so the a wide range of trends.

Are there any trendy designs?

  • Recently, many tattoo artists have been discussing orders for thin lines of botanical patterns, traditional Amazighs motifs, and wording (messages).

The tattoo artist concept is to convey the charm of a new generation of artists and traditional tattoo culture. Tattoo artists with various styles are also enrolled. The studio will also have an exhibition space and an art exhibition.

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