Become A Girl With Tassel Cut, Catalog And Styling Sample To Find The Ideal

Become A Girl With Tassel Cut, Catalog And Styling Sample To Find The Ideal

Many people think when it comes to Korean-style Bob style. However, there is more than one Korean-style bob style. In addition, we recommend a tassel cut. The straight bob style creates a dignified atmosphere. We will introduce a model catalog of the tassel cut and stalling method.

What Kind of Style Is Tassel Cut?

  • The tassel cut, one of the Korean bobs, is attracting attention as being very cute. The tassel cut is a style similar to the uncut bob in Japan.
  • It is said that it was named because it looks like a tassel for a tufted decoration attached to an interior.
  • It refers to a straight bob style that has been cut straight and is characterized by many of them having slightly heavier hair tips than Japanese uncut bobs.
  • While leaving the cute impression of Bob, the merit is that casualness is added, and it does not become too sweet.
  • The impression of a tassel cut can be changed freely depending on the hair color to be combined.
  • Dark tones create a sense of mode, giving a more mature and crisp impression, while high tones bring out Bob’s cuteness, giving pop and a bright appearance.
  • In addition, it goes well with hair arrangements such as outer hair and the style as it is. When trying, combine it with hair arrangements and hair colors to suit your mood.

What is different from the classic Korean Bob?

  • There are two main differences between tassel cuts: -whether the ends of the hair are trimmed-whether the finish is straight or curved.
  • Due to this difference, even with the same bob style, gives a girly impression, and the tassel cut gives a casual appearance.
  • It refers to a style in which the tips of the hair are trimmed, and the finish is soft and curved, as shown in the image. This hairstyle is highly recommended for those who want a peaceful atmosphere like a girl.
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I Want to Try It Right Away! Trend Tassel Cut Catalog

A tassel cut gives a different impression depending on the length and hair color of the bob. This section will introduce several recommended tassel cut styles with different lengths and hair colors. Please refer to it when ordering at a beauty salon! 

See-through bang enhances Korean style.

A style that combines tassel cut and Korean classic bangs see-through bang to enhance the Korean feel. Putting the side hair on your ears gives a refreshing impression.

Tassel cut with a good balance around the face.

An orthodox tassel cut style with a layer around the face. Usually, a tassel cut cuts all the hair evenly, but incorporating lightness around the front creates a feeling of pulling out.

Feminine tassel cut with the outer winding arrangement.

You can feel the coolness peculiar to the tassel cut, but this style is somewhat feminine. That’s why the Yoshin Moria range is on the side! By adding the movement of the outer wrap around the bangs and face, it gives a feminine impression.

Add transparency with a dark color.

A style with a tassel cut with bangs arranged outside. By matching the transparent dark tone hair color, you can make the hairstyle like a real Korean girl. The point is the sideburns are left behind for a long time.

Soft pink is girlish.

The high-tone pink is adorable. If you combine the dignified tassel cut with the soft pink, you will get a girlish impression. You are at a glance in a fragile atmosphere.

Make the Tassel Cut Even More Fashionable! Points of Styling and Arrangement

The tassel cut style will look even more fashionable by learning the styling and arrangement. This item will introduce the tassel cut’s points of styling and performance.

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Point 1: It is good to keep your hair straight.

  • Keeping your hair straight with a straightener is essential to make it look fashionable.
  • Even though the straight style is essential, some people may say, “I have a strong habit, and it’s hard to get straight!” If you force it straight with an iron, it may cause your hair to hurt. In that case, consider a straight perm.
  • Perms can also damage your hair, but they may be less damaging than forcing them.

Point 2: Let’s make it lighter by styling

  • Tassel cut is a style that cuts the hair evenly and often makes the tips heavier.
  • Therefore, it may look heavy depending on the hair color and hair quality.
  • To solve this problem, use a styling agent to create a feeling of the bunch.
  • Create a sense of the bunch with your favorite styling agents such as hair oil or shea butter to add lightness to your hair.

Point 3: It’s cute even if you arrange the outside, honey!

The simple form of the tassel cut can be made more fashionable by adding an outer honey arrangement that wraps only the ends of the hair. The outside splash can be easily arranged using a trowel or a straight iron.

If You Want to Make Tassel Cuts, Go to a Salon That Specializes in Korean Hair.

We introduced a model catalogue of tassel cuts and a stalling method. The impression of the base is an excellent and dignified tassel cut. However, you can freely change the appearance by arranging it. When you try such a tassel cut, it is recommended to go to a salon that is good at Korean hair. Why don’t you try the attractive tassel cut?

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