Audi RS Q3: Top 10 Things You Need to Know About It

This is the new Audi RS Q3. It’s a practical small family SUV with a sporty mean streak. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about it.


RS Q3 looks like a normal q3 that’s taken up MMA fighting as a hobby. At the front, it’s been pumped up with an aggressive bumper and vents. A new honeycomb grille and sharp-eyed LED headlights. Where larches that are 10 millimeters wider than the standard cars. Also, add to the muscular look as do optional 21-inch wheels and huge oval exhausts.


If you’re after a little more Reiki style then you’ll want the sport back version of the RS Q3. Its┬ásloping roofline makes it look a little bit like a coupe. You get much more rear headroom than their normal coupe age just not as much as in the normal RS Q3.


The RS Q3 sounds like a 1980s movie rally car. It’s 5 cylinders, 2.5-liter turbocharged, petrol engine. It’s got the power to back at the noise. As well as 400 horsepower on tap which incidentally 17% more power than you had from the old. RS Q3 torque is now 480 Newton meters as well which is pretty impressive with all this power on tap.


The new Audi RS Q3 has some pretty decent performance figures naught to 60 takes just 4.5 seconds. Although that’s about point 3 over second slower than the normal Audie rs3 Sportback. More than half a second slower than the Mercedes AMG a 45. This is a small SUV and it doesn’t really hang about either. It can keep going up to 174 miles an hour though. Of course, you’d only ever try and do that on a piece of unrestricted German Autobahn, your honor.


Expect the Audi RS Q3 to start from around 53,000 pounds when it goes on sale next year. That’s about 6 grand more than the normal rs3 Sportback.



The Audi RS Q3 comes with uprated brakes as standard with ventilated discs all round and six-piston front calipers finished in red or black. If your budget stretches to it you can go for the optional carbon-ceramic discs. Which will be less like to fade if you decide to rag this car on track.


The RS Q3 suspension is 10 millimeters lower than the static your threes. Plus it gets progressive steering that means you don’t have to turn the wheel so much at higher speeds. If your fanciest sport is set up you’ll want dynamic chassis control which has active dampers that help keep the car level in the bends. And also has a comfort mode. So it’s a bit more compliant when you drive around town.


The RS Q3 is full to the brim with go-faster touches on the inside. So you get heavily bolstered sport seats in leather and Alcantara. Plus the option of soft Nappa leather. You can also choose from two Rs packs. These finish the interior in either red or blue highlights.


You can have your RS Q3 in one of eight paint colors. These include Nardo grey and Kyle’s army green which makes it look like the cars been sneezed on by someone with a sinus infection. I started to get a gloss black styling pack that gives the exterior shiny black plastic highlights. Alternatively, you can go for the aluminum pack which wants the plastics for a metal finish.


Those fastidious Germans have even up the RS Q3’s infotainment screen. He gets new graphics and readouts for things like power, torque, and g-forces. You can even record lap times and Nought to 60 and quarter-mile runs. So you can attempt to prove your Q3 is even quicker than Audi.