Arrangement For Straight Hair! Collection Of Fashionable Arrangement

Do you think that hair arranging is difficult because it involves a lot of troweling and ironing? Even if it stays straight, an arrangement can be thoroughly refined! This article features easy hair arrangements for straight hair. It is a must-see for those who are not good at troweling and those worried about straight hair.

No Need to Wind Up! Cute Hair Arrangement That Straight Can Also Do

It’sIt’s attractive enough but you want to arrange something and enjoy fashion on special occasions. However, some problems are unique to straight hair, such as “it is troublesome to iron and iron before arranging” and “it is too smooth to arrange”. After all, don’t you try to arrange it, and you often end up in a rut? Here is a big feature on easy hair arrangement without the hassle of winding for such straight hair! Let’sLet’s enjoy fashion by learning fashionable arrangements such as ups and Chignon that can be done without winding!

From Super-easy to Elaborate Arrangements [down Style]

Down style for short

A feeling of the bunch with the oil! Wet hair arrangement

Just oil styling will give you a pretty fashionable finish for straight shorts. Because it is a straight dropped with a stone, it is easy to arrange with a sense of bunch! You can get a feeling of mellowness immediately.

Arrange a little knot

We recommend this arrangement for short hair and Bob’sBob’s straight hair, which can be done even if it is short. Easy arrangement to bring the hair to the back and tie it with rubber. The point is to leave a little lagging hair around the face and neckline.

Down arrangement for medium

Stop the side with a pin for a clean look.

The overall form is often already in place for medium-sized people. Here is a simple arrangement that uses such medium hair if you give a feeling of the bunch with hair oil.

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Easy with clips! Side-aligned arrangement

Straight’sStraight’s charm is beautiful hair flow! If you want to bring out its charm, we recommend a simple arrangement that brings it to the side. After tying loosely on the side, turn on the clip at the knot. It is a time-saving arrangement that is conscious of the trend of hair accessories.

An onion-like arrangement that makes the most of the smoothness

An arrangement that uses smooth hair is the charm of Mr Straight. While leaving the shape of the head beautiful, the onion part that is rolled up and the hair accessory is a good accent. It is a hair arrangement that can be done in the back.

Down arrangement for Mr Long

Tight hair with strings makes it look like it is now

The easy tight arrangement just by wrapping a string around the low pony. It’sIt’s easy enough to do in 5 minutes, so it’s an easy-to-use arrangement perfect for busy mornings.

The scarf is the point! Simple braid arrangement

Even a simple braid arrangement tied up in one piece can be made into a perfect finish by devising hair colours and accessories. If you wrap your hair so that you can’t see the hair tie, it will be even more complete!

You Can Create a Refreshing Image [up Style]

Upstyle for short

Cute with a little dumpling!

Even Mr Short can make a dumpling if he has a certain amount of hair! The little dumpling style should make you rough and cute. If you have time, try wrapping your back hair with curlers.

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Medium up style

Add a scarf to your clean up hair.

Roughly put together and make dumplings in a low position! It is a fashionable and easy arrangement just by wrapping a scarf.

Kusutto bun hair

Dumplings gathered in a low position. The back hair around the face creates a mellow feeling. When arranging, apply a styling product to the entire hair to make it easier to break.

Upstyle for long

Screw pony arrangement using a string

The ponytail that has been put together is a classic up-arrangement by Mr Long. We recommend trying the pony with a string for a more fashionable update—the movement of the hair changes depending on the tightness of the tie.

Add a large clip and get rid of it!

If you’re Long, it’s better to get rid of it by arranging your hair! Adding a clip to the standard high dumpling arrangement gives a refreshing and sporty impression.

Can Be Used in Any Scene [half-up Style]

The half-up style for shorts

Retro cat ears half up.

Turn your hair upside down with wax and half-up casually. The combined form looks like cat ears and is very cute. You can create a retro atmosphere by removing the bangs thinly.

Half-up and refreshing

Half-up is recommended for Bob, who has black hair and tends to give a heavy impression! The result is a clean and light style. Don’tDon’t forget to leave the hair of the sideburns and look like it is now.

Half-up arrangement for medium

Loosen half-up

It is a simple half-up arrangement even for Mr Straight. After making the surface wet with oil and loosely gathering it, just put out the trailing hair while looking at the balance!

Gorgeous with flowers

Half-up tied below the ear line. Add flowers to such a simple hairstyle to make it more gorgeous. It is a style that I would like to challenge on an important day that remains in the picture. 

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Half-up arrangement for long

It’sIt’s a dumpling, so it’s rough.

If you have a lot of hair, add dumplings to the half-up to make it stand out! Making a loose dumpling and making it rough will give you a mature finish with less shoulder strength.

Half-up that combines knitting and twisting

It is a half-up of knitting and twisting. By pulling out a little hair, you can get a good impression. A girly and girlish style is completed.

An Arrangement That Becomes Gorgeous at Once [crochet Style]

Crochet style for shorts

Casual with crochet twins!

If it’s about the length of a bob, try a crochet pigtail! You can create a girly casual atmosphere by knitting firmly from the top.

Medium crochet style

Roughly braided habit cover

The problem with rainy days and oversleeping days is the habit of hair! In such a case, loosen the braid roughly and cover it with a habit. Take advantage of your habit and enjoy the rough hair flow.

Crochet style for long

Braid x braid

Arrange the hair from the top and braid the remaining hair! It is an elaborate style that only Mr Long can do. Also, loosen the crochet and finish it roughly and cutely.

Arrangements That Do Not Wind Can Be Made Quickly and Fashionably.

The point is that straight hair can be arranged in a short time, so it is easy to use normally! I’m glad that you can expand the range of fashion by learning it together with the winding arrangement. Up, dumpling, down. Increase the variation and go out fashionably even on a busy morning.

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