Amazing 90’s Hairstyles For Men And Women That Coming Back – 2022

Hairstyles For Men And Women

A feature of any female hairstyle, popular in the 90s, if you look at the photo – bouffant. It was done for short or long hair, at the roots or along the length of the hair. The beauties of that time did lush styling. Staining was actively used. And welcomed different shades, and the more often they changed, the better.

The hairstyles of the 90s were diverse. Each woman found her version: a strict business lady chose a bob haircut, young girls involved in sports preferred a ponytail.

The most common type of styling of the past is a perm. The hair was laid up, and the bangs were cut in a semicircle and combed. Contrasting bangs or bleaching was popular.

If you look at the photos of Russian hairstyles of the 90s, you can see that they were different from the American ones. There was no Internet, and the beauty drew information from foreign magazines, which were worth their weight in gold and passed from hand to hand. They copied the style from glossy models. And due to the lack of professional stylists, they carried out the styling with improvised means at home. The result could be unpredictable.

The great advantage of hairstyles of the last century for girls is that among them you can easily choose styling for both long and short hair. The main thing is to make the right choice, and then the hairstyle from the last century will look fashionable and relevant again, and most importantly, it will help emphasize the dignity of the face and neck.

Some of us were still small in the 90s, some were already quite adults, but we all remember this wealth of choice that fell upon us after the boring 80s. Instead of the usual and gray routine, the world suddenly sparkled with bright colors – everything became different: food, clothes, music, and, of course, hairstyles! Much of what was trendy in the turbulent nineties today seem kitschy, but something is constantly returning, obeying the mood of trendsetters. We decided to remember the style of those times and look for inspiration there for today’s fashionable images. Salon Secret experts will help us understand the variety of hairstyles of the 1990s, tell you what and why they wore at that time, and what haircuts and styling of that time will be relevant today!

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Women’s haircuts: Fashion trends of the early 90s

A bob with thick bangs

In dashing times, short haircuts were not particularly in demand, but a square with bangs immediately caught on and fell in love with many women, and older ladies preferred short hair, long curls, and very young ladies.


Yes, it was in the 90s that the ponytail appeared, all thanks to a businesswoman. The girls collected a tight tail on the top of the head, separating at the same time a small strand, with which the tail was wrapped at the end, hiding the elastic. The tail was considered an office option.

Backbone bangs

As soon as the fashion for thick and straight bangs appeared, the girls rushed to transform. Straight bangs were combed with flat teeth and fixed with various means. All the girls did beautiful curls, and no matter how long the hair was, the curls looked sexy from any angle. The strands were curled on a curling iron with a small diameter, then laid on one side and secured with a hairpin or invisible.

Square on a leg

A square on a leg is so named because it is shortened at the back of the head and opens the neck. This haircut looks especially impressive on those with a slender neck and fragile shoulders. If the master correctly makes a smooth transition from short strands to long strands, a haircut on a leg in the style of the nineties will visually stretch the square or round shape of the face, making it oval.


Graduated bob squares were trendy, creating volume in the back of the head. This haircut works like a natural anti-aging – it allows you to throw off a few years seemingly and goes well with the styling “I just got out of bed and did not have time to comb my hair.”

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The super-short pixie haircut – a cropped bob with “torn” strands on the forehead – looks bold and feminine at the same time and is suitable for both straight and curly hair. The name of this edgy 1990s women’s haircut comes from the Old English pixie – elf. In the photo, Winona Ryder, then Johnny Depp’s girlfriend, looks like a fabulous creature.


Also, everyone was crazy about cutting the ladder. Remember Jennifer Aniston as Rachel from Friends? Highlighted hair, cut in steps and brushed, looked incredibly cute. The ladder is perfect for girls with straight and slightly wavy hair and will help visually correct a round face. However, a cascade is more relevant, where the transition between the strands is not so sharp.

For short hair

The easiest way is to curl your curls and add color! Roll the strands into small curlers before bed, or use another method – braid them into very tight pigtails—color dry curls with hair crayons.

For medium length hair

Arm yourself with a brush and a hairdryer: you will need to create large curls from the face outward. Use the same tools to curl the bangs in a tight semicircle. Comb the strands at the back of the head to create fashionable volume. Fix the result with a finishing spray.

Long hair

Your option is a Malvina with a lush pile! The ends of loose strands can be curled with tongs, and be sure to put the bangs in around one – with a brush and a hairdryer. Any large hair accessory is welcome – a flower or a hairpin of bright color.

Small curl and waffles

As actress Melissa Joan Hart once said, “Without the little curls in the ’90s, I wouldn’t have lived in the ’90s.” They appeared in the ’80s but became popular in the ’90s. Women braid wet hair with especially tiny pigtails and leave it in this state all night. Untwist in the morning, and you’ll get the perfect slight curl.

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Men’s haircuts: Fashion trends of the early 90s

Let’s talk about the strong half of humanity. What did they look like at the time? What did they wear on their heads?


A very short, brutal haircut symbolizes masculinity and strength in the nineties. So at least once in his life, every man of those times had his hair cut. Some even went well!

Extra-long curls

Such a haircut is a lot of merry fellows and jokers. The curls at the crown and back of the head remained long, while the side strands were cut relatively short.

Canceled wave

Unmade waves are being swept away. With a carefree air, this researched hairstyle is one of the most sought-after looks XNUMX celebrities with medium and even shorter hair. Deep curls have replaced this refreshing summer hairstyle.

Platinum blonde

One of the hottest trends at the moment, XNUMX, is to dye your hair almost white platinum blonde. It may look bold, but it looks like a wildfire. More and more blondes decide to continue this fashion with a twist on their colors.

In the ’90s, the undisputed queen of platinum blondes was Gwen Stefani, no doubt the band’s singer. This excellent color works so well for her that she keeps it to this day. Who intended to tell her that her appearance would be in great demand.

High ponytail

This type of ponytail has rebelled against children’s hairstyles and has returned powerfully over the years. This innocent and flattering look is ideal for long tamed hair, especially in the heat. Therefore, more and more women have decided to participate in this refreshing trend.

Middle part

It seems ridiculous how the simple fact of arranging the lines that determine the direction of our hair loss can make a difference. But that’s the status quo, and now, after years of dominating the sideline, the middle line is back. As elegant and straightforward as it looks.

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