All You Need To Know About Hair Colour.

All You Need To Know About Hair Colour.

Short hair is a classic style that looks fashionable without any arrangement. However, some people may find it difficult to express their individuality. I want to recommend the inner color style for such short hair. By subtly adding another color to the inside of the hair, you can completely change the impression! We will focus on short hair and introduce various inner color styles.

Short x Inner Color is Fashionable.

  • The inner color is a style that puts a color different from the base hair color inside the hair.
  • The range of bleaching is only the inner hair, so the advantage is that the damage range of the hair is negligible.
  • Especially for short hair, which is challenging to arrange hair, you can make it a unique style by adding an inner color!
  • If you devise a color and how to put it in, you can firmly imitate even a casual way of taking.
  • This article will introduce inner color styles for short hair with significant color variations for each base hair color.

Inner Color catalogue for Short Hair 1: For Black Hair

First, I will introduce the recommended inner color for those with black hair as the base! Many black-haired people may have strict students or workplaces. Therefore, we mainly pick up casually taken items in a narrow range. We have also selected a bold design that allows you to enjoy the contrast with black hair.

Upgraded with silver inner

The silver inner color that creates elegance goes well with the excellent impression of black hair. This style has a reasonably narrow bleach range, so the point is that it is easy for beginners to try inner colors and bleaching. The hair on the back is trimmed to create a relaxed atmosphere. 

Discreet lavender inner

The lavender color is easy to use for Japanese hair and recommended for beginners. This is a cohesive short style with an inner color around the ears. The position and color are so modest that you won’t notice at first glance, so it should be easy to incorporate even in workplaces and schools where hair color is strict.

Men’s-like in turquoise

A style with a bright turquoise inner color from under the ears to the neckline. The black hair on the top brings out the turquoise color. The mash wolf puts your hair on your ears for a men’s-like atmosphere.

Warm pink inner color

A style that combines bob with black hair and pink inner color. Warm colors are trendy in early spring, so add them to your face in the season. If you put it on the top, you can easily enjoy the flashy high tones by putting it on the inner. 

Orange x black is more unique than anyone else.

A bleached style and has an orange inner color on the bangs. You can create a more tense atmosphere by adding orange to the modest black hair berry short. It is a style that is sure to be noticed.

Inner Color Catalogue for Short Hair 2: For Dark Colors

Next, we picked an inner color style recommended for people with darker bases. Dark hair is characterized by a softer contrast with the inner color than black hair. If you want to enjoy fashion, you can enjoy the gradation feeling with similar colors, or you can play with different colors.

Beige inner for a natural look

Beige is one of the colors that are easy to take in because it is natural and familiar to the skin! This is the so-called earring color style, in which the color is added only around the ears. Recommended for those who want to casually add a sense of omission to their usual style.

Gorgeous with brown x orange

A framing style with brown as the base and orange all around the face. The classic rounded shorts and dark brown give it an adult-like atmosphere, but the addition of orange makes the area around the face gorgeous at once. This style is recommended for those who want to avoid making a heavy impression!

Enjoy the colors in bright green.

The bright green is an inner color that looks like an accessory. Add highlights to the bob trimmed along the chin line for added movement! The cool green inner looks good because it is a warm dark brown. 

Glossy navy and playful

A short mash style based on dark greige has both femininity and coolness. The overall transparency will improve if you put a glossy navy inner there! Perfect for those who don’t want to forget their playfulness, even with dark hair!

Contrast inner color that makes white stand out

Short hair with a wide inner color from around the bee to the ear. Since the range is wide, it also has a highlighting effect if it looks thin from the covered hair. The contrast between the dark brown color and white is a unique style recommended for those who do not want to wear it with anyone.

Inner Color Catalogue for Short Hair 4: For Bright Colors

Finally, we will feature an inner color style recommended for people with light base hair. Even if the base color is bright, the contrast is as strong as black hair. Another feature is that the benefits that can be obtained differ depending on the inner brightness. If the inner is brighter than the base, it will create a feeling of omission, and conversely, if the internal is dark, it will tighten the whole style.

Orange beige x white beige is a good match.

A style that puts a white, beige inner color in a bright orange, beige base color. You can achieve a unique style while suppressing flashiness by adding the same familiar colors!

Pink beige inner that is familiar with the same system

A style with a cute pink beige inner. The base color is the same beige milk tea beige. Even though the colors are entirely different, it is a fashionable style that strangely fits in.

Mint beige for a feeling of omission

A style with a cute silhouette mini bob and a wide mint beige inner color. Mintha beige has no redness, so it gives an overall transparent impression. It’s nice to see the color casually with or without hair on your ears!

Accented to high tone base

A novel style with a dark inner color on a light beige base. Adding a dark color to the inner color can also be used as a tightening color, and you can also aim for a small face effect. It is also recommended for those who want to put in an inner color different from humans!

Lightly with a green inner hem

A style with a green inner color based on a lightly pigmented olive-gray. If it is a bright base, the color will stand out even if you put in a dark inner. You can also give lightness to the ends of the hair so that the impression will be moderately loose!

Let’s Enjoy the Inner Color Because it is Short.

Even the standard short hair can be made into your style by adding an inner color. I’m glad that it’s easy to incorporate colors that tend to be flashy and hesitant if they are inner colors! When ordering, it is also recommended to tell your perfect shade and decide the menu with the beautician. Mr. Short, who wants to make an image change, why don’t you take this opportunity to try inner color?

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