Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023-2024 Review – Specifications And Photos

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023-2024 Review - Specifications And Photos

Overview of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023-2024: appearance, interior, specifications, equipment, parameters, security systems. The article’s end has a photo and review of Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Alfa Romeo has repeatedly stated that it is preparing to introduce the first crossover in its lineup. A few years ago, the manufacturer presented a prototype of its crossover, and the official premiere was scheduled for 2021. Due to various circumstances, the presentation of the novelty was postponed several times, but now the manufacturer has officially disclosed all the information about the Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover.

The production model is practically no different from the prototype, except that it has become more practical. The car itself was named after a mountain pass in the Alps in northern Italy.

Practical things include classic door handles, dedicated second-row doors, corporate identity and strict body features. The front part has acquired rigid optics, three sections each, a branded grille and a sports bumper. The rear of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale inherited from the concept massive feet, and a stretched LED line across the entire width of the tailgate. The spacious interior of the new crossover will receive a digital instrument panel, a large multimedia screen and comfortable soft seats.

Under the hood of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale is a hybrid setup taken from the Jeep e-Hybrid. The basis for the power plant was a turbocharged gasoline engine of the GSE family, with a volume of 1.5 litres. The unit operates on the Miller cycle, which gives good fuel economy. Depending on the modification of the engine, the total power of the installation can be 130 or 160 horses. The manufacturer promises to install a 9-speed automatic ZF paired with the unit.


The Exterior of the New Crossover

Most often, manufacturers showing a prototype of a future car give a superficial understanding of what the novelty will look like. Production models usually look their own with significantly changed and refined details. In the case of Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023, the opposite is true. The previously presented prototype completely migrated to the production version, and the changes in appearance turned out to be a point. Let’s look at each detail and compare what has changed.

The front of the serial crossover completely inherited the design of the prototype. A branded triangular radiator grille, a large additional grille at the bottom of the bumper and, most importantly, “evil” front optics. These elements are considered the main ones in the corporate design of the company. The grille still retains the company’s signature circular emblem at the very top. The front optics surprise in their way, three separate sections in each headlight are highlighted by C-shaped LED daytime running lights.

According to the manufacturer, starting from the basic configuration of the Alfa Romeo Tonale, the optics will be LED. Top-end modifications or for a separate surcharge, you can install matrix optics. In any case, the very appearance of the optics turned out to be perfect in combination with the front end. The maximum that stands out at the end of the novelty is the front bumper, on which everything hangs. The side part has acquired a pair of air ducts. With a raised central part and curved lines on the sides, the hood gives the new crossover no less severity.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale side is primarily distinguished by the slope of the roof and the lines of the rear. There is no rudeness in body design that can be seen in modern cars. Designers were able to join the classics and the requirements of current buyers. It cannot be said that the side part received a lot of bends, smooth lines and a minimum of decorative details. The lower part was decorated with black plastic around the perimeter to give severity to the crossover.

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Unlike the prototype, Alfa Romeo Tonale’s production received classic door handles rather than hidden ones. A similar situation with the side mirrors. Designers installed conventional mirrors in the corner of the front windows, with electric drive, LED turn signal and automatic folding. However, it was originally planned to install narrow mirrors with cameras and display the image on the central multimedia display or dashboard.

An important role in the design of the novelty was played by the body colours and the colour of individual elements. The crossover has acquired the same shades as other models of the company. For the most part, these are seasoned, not flashy shades. It is authentically known that the Alfa Romeo Tonale body can be painted in blue, green, grey, red, black, and brown. It is possible that the sports modifications of the crossover will get a bright colour, as is often the case in Italian cars.

Most likely, there will be no two-tone body colour. Yet, on the other hand, one should not exclude the situation that the roof and perimeter racks can be painted in black or white. The basis for the new Tonale crossover will be alloy wheels from 17 to 20″. The most interesting will be top-end rims, made in the form of a round dial of an old phone.

The stern of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale looks no less attractive. A slight slope of the roof, paired with a sporty spoiler, gives the novelty a sporty character. Rounded body shapes indicate good aerodynamics, which, as a result, drags along many other factors in terms of performance. The hind feet are the most striking. The designers specially made them in the same style as the front optics, plus they added an LED line across the entire width of the trunk lid.

The feet themselves received three sections each. Each team received a C-shaped LED backlight. Not without the branded inscription of the model in the centre of the trunk. It emphasizes all this rear bumper. The bumper’s main disadvantage will be a black glossy insert at the very bottom. Firstly, it will quickly become covered with dust, and secondly, small, clearly visible chips will appear over time. The bumper itself looks simple, with a minimum of bends, holes for exhaust tips and a diffuser in the centre.

The roof is the last detail in the exterior of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023. So far, the manufacturer has reliably revealed two roof options: solid and with a hatch. Whether there will be a panoramic roof is not known for certain. On the other hand, there is a possibility of installing a panorama for this class of cars.

The standard set will not include side rails for attaching an additional trunk. Just a shark fin antenna on the back of the roof. On the other hand, the roof rails would only spoil the formidable style of the crossover. The new Alfa Romeo Tonale will surprise you with its exterior design. With smooth lines and a lack of unnecessary details, you would have to overpay and seasoned style.

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The Interior of the New Crossover

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale interior turned out to be strictly and without frills of luxury. The front panel is made in several cascades, while the latter is sheathed in suede or leather. Designers did not follow the trend regarding touch panels. In general, the car in the cabin turned out to be more practical than fashionable, while being strict and with a sporty character.

The designers took the very top of the front panel under the 10.25″ screen of the multimedia system. It displays not only entertainment information but also data on the state of the car and duplication for managing crossover functions. The display itself is made in the form of a tablet with good quality graphics. Below the show is a pair of rectangular air ducts. Even lower is the climate control panel with mechanical buttons. It may not be as modern, but it is very practical.

The central tunnel between the front seats is also not particularly surprising. A small niche for storing small items, wireless charging and a washer for selecting movement mode. Below the tunnel is the automatic transmission lever, the electromechanical handbrake button, as well as the activation of the parking assistant. It all ends with a pair of cup holders and a small armrest with a compartment inside. A nice plus will be bright stitching on the front panel, door linings and other elements, made to match the body colour or at the buyer’s choice.

As for the Alfa Romeo Tonale interior itself, it is more sporty, although soft and comfortable. The front seats received a high back with massive lateral support, separately adjustable head restraints and a comfortable fit. The second row of Tonale seats will be standard for three passengers. You can fold the rear seats if necessary, thereby increasing the trunk.

We can say that the seats are more designed for comfort than a design solution. The headrests are embroidered with a company logo and also have stitching in colour similar to the front panel and a fully functional set for comfortable trips. As for the upholstery of the Alfa Romeo Tonale seats, everything here directly depends on the configuration. For the most part, it is fabric or a combination of fabric and leather. Full versions will get leather upholstery with perforated inserts. In terms of colour, the interior will be mostly black, but a brown or beige version is not excluded.

The driver’s seat is the last thing to consider in the interior of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023 crossover. The most pleasant moment will be the dashboard, it is made based on a 12.3″ colour display, but at the same time, it retains the image of a classic panel and not in the form of a tablet. Designers have thought of a sun visor that fits perfectly into the overall style. Depending on the drivers’ wishes, you can configure the output of this or that information to the tidy.

Behind the dash is a head-up display. The steering wheel of the Tonale crossover also played a role in the design. Round, with a flattened bottom and an engine start/stop button for the left hand. The steering wheel is designed for three spokes, two of which are reserved for functional buttons.

Specifications Alfa Romeo Tonale 2024

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover will be hybrid, while much of the technical specifications will depend on the configuration and country of delivery. Nevertheless, the buyer’s choice will be offered both gasoline and diesel modifications.

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The petrol modification of the Alfa Romeo Tonale will get a turbocharged 4-cylinder unit with a volume of 2.0 litres and a capacity of 256 horses. A 9-speed automatic will work with the gasoline engine, while the crossover drive will be full. Despite modern technologies, torque transmission to the rear axle will be classic through the Cardan shaft.

Next on the list under the hood of the Alfa Romeo Tonale will be a mild hybrid based on a 1.5-litre gasoline engine. A preselective 7-speed robot with two clutches will be installed in a pair. As expected, a 48-volt starter-generator will work in teams. Depending on the modification, the total power of a mild hybrid can be 130 or 160 horses. Regardless of the change of the unit, the drive will be only front. On the other hand, there is the possibility of movement only on electric traction. To do this, the manufacturer installs a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 0.8 kWh.

Last but not least is the PHEV plug-in hybrid. It is based on a 1.3-litre turbocharged gasoline engine. A 6-speed hydromechanical automatic machine and a separate electric motor are installed in tandem. The latter drives the rear axle with a lithium-ion battery of 15.5 kWh. The total power of such a unit is 275 hp. This modification will be an all-wheel drive. Only on electric traction the crossover can cover 60 km without recharging.

If we talk about the Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover itself, it is based on the FCA Small Wide front-wheel-drive platform, where the engine is located transversely, and the body is load-bearing. Both front and rear received independent suspension found on McPherson struts. Amplitude-dependent shock absorbers are installed as standard, and adaptive electronically controlled shock absorbers are offered for a separate surcharge.

Dimensions crossover Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023-2024

Length, mm4528
Width, mm1835
Height, mm1604
Wheel base, mm2636
Trunk volume, l500
Dimensions crossover Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023-2024

The crossover itself turned quite soft in motion and confidently held the road. Engineers realized this through a rack-and-pinion mechanism paired with active electric control. The brake system has also been improved, which works “by wire”, while disc brakes are installed in a circle. For a separate surcharge on the front axle, you can establish a brake mechanism from Brembo.

Security and Comfort Systems

Since the Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover is new and has not officially gone on sale yet, much information about safety and comfort systems is not yet available. Nevertheless, the manufacturer revealed some data. The list of the new crossover includes:

  • Front and side airbags
  • Safety curtains
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Climate control
  • Digital instrument panel
  • Multimedia system
  • Forward-collision warning system
  • Automatic emergency braking system
  • Pedestrian detection system
  • Keeping the car in the lane
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Assistant at the passage of intersections
  • Automatic parking assistant
  • Second level autopilot.

With a high probability, we can say that this list is not complete. As the new Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover enters the market, the manufacturer will introduce more and more recent systems. The crossover itself turned out to be very successful, both in design and technical characteristics. If the manufacturer does not keep the sky-high price, the car will become even more in demand. The basis of the plus is that there was no pursuit of fashion trends but settled on practicality. Tonale has a digital instrument panel and a multimedia system on board with all this.

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