A Slightly Colored Cheek Nail: Features And Collection

A Slightly Colored Cheek Nail Features And How To Make To Samples

A cheek nail with soft color in the middle of the nails, just like putting cheeks on the cheeks with makeup. It has the appeal of giving a cute and elegant impression without being flashy.

The Cheek Nails That Are Colored in Pop Are Cute!

Do you know cheek nails? As the name suggests, cheek nails are designed with a soft color on the center of the nails, just like putting cheeks on the cheeks. Cheek nails are also designed to match any color. The cheek nails are not too flashy, and the nails are slightly colored. Therefore, it is recommended for those who want a cute nail design or a discreet design that does not stand out too much. It’s perfect for those who can’t do flashy nails because of work or school.

Check the Trends! Recommended Cheek Nail Design Catalog

Cheek nails with many cute designs. First, we will introduce recommended cheek nail designs for each color and design. Please try to find your favorite cheek nails.

Pink x cheek nail

Cheek nails with cute soft pink

A cute design with a soft pink color. Only cheek nails can be designed to be colored from the inside. Although it is simple, it has a very fashionable design.

Keep the trend down with French x cheek nails.

The combination of French nails and cheek nails is a trendsetting design. Pink beige cheek nails give a mellow feeling to the beige base. The accent stones shine brightly.

Girly bright pink blush nails

A cheek nail with a girly bright pink. The three-dimensional ribbon motif and transparent heart motif are very cute. The fact that the base color is intentionally made transparent is also a point to give a fashionable feeling.

Add more pink to the pink base, and it’s cute.

Based on pink, the design is cute with cheek nails and pinker. If you add a hologram to your nails, it will look gorgeous. It is a recommended design that is not too simple.

Elegant and feminine butterflies x pink blush nails

A nail that combines butterfly parts and pale pink blush nails. It is an elegant and feminine design. If the base is white, it will have a peaceful atmosphere.

Beige x cheek nail

Cheek nails with stylish gradation

A fashionable cheek nail with natural gradation. The beige color makes it look calm. It’s a simple design, so it’s recommended for people who can’t make flashy nails.

Make your hands bright with cheek nails.

Highly saturated beige cheek nails give a bright impression to your hands. In addition, the color is familiar to the skin, so it has the effect of making the whole look beautiful. You can also add parts such as stones and pearls to the accent.

A unified and fashionable shell x teak nail

Soft and light beige cheek nails. It is an elaborate design with shells scattered throughout. By giving a sense of unity to the color of the nails, it will be much more fashionable.

Beige cheek nails for a natural look

Beige cheek nails have a calm color and a natural finish. It is a nail that is easy to match regardless of the scene.

Beige-based cheek nails for an adult-like atmosphere

A beige-based cheek nail with white in the center. Because it uses a small gold leaf, you can create an adult-like atmosphere. Pressed flower parts and bijou are also fashionable.

Blue x cheek nail

Refreshing blue cheek nails

A refreshing blue cheek nail on a white base. It is a very fashionable nail with a soft cheek nail design. If you use a white base, it goes perfectly with any color, so it is recommended.

The elegant design of flower x cheek nails

A design that combines blue cheek nails with a flower design. Nuance flowers create elegance. Also, the glossy texture makes your hands look beautiful.

Accented with watercolor-like pale blush nails

A design with teak nails as an accent to the light-colored French that looks like watercolor. Unifying the colors is also the key to creating a nuanced look. It looks simple and has various designs, so just looking at your hand will make you feel better.

The heart motif is not too sweet if it is blue.

It is a simple cheek nail design with a heart-shaped bijou. The heart motif is not too sweet with blue cheek nails. It’s also cute that the cheek nails are closer to the toes than normal cheek nails.

Cheek nails with cute casual star parts

A cute cheek nail with casual star parts on the nails. The cheek nail part is also a good balance to mixing blue and other pale colors. It will give you a refreshing impression. 

Can You Do It Yourself? How to Make Cheek Nails

The cheek nail that puts the color in the center can also be challenged with self-nail. The procedure is as easy as four steps!

Step (1) Apply the base color polish twice and dry it

Step (2) Apply the polish of your favorite color to the make-up sponge and cut it into small pieces.

Step (3) Spread the sponge polish from the center like drawing a circle on your nails.

Step (4) Finely adjust the circle and complete! If you usually do one-color self-nail, why not take this opportunity?

If You Want to Stick to Color and Design

Cheek nails are a self-made design. However, if you put colors with exquisite nuances or incorporate parts like trend design, the hurdles will be high. If you want to stick to the color and design, it is recommended to nail at the salon.

Also, if you want to try cheek nails yourself, it may be a good idea to take a look at the nail technician’s example at the salon and then try it yourself. If you look at the manicurist’s example, you should be able to understand more about how to make cheek nails.

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