A Hairstyle That Won't Collapse! Easy Hair Arrangement Using Ponytails

Introducing a simple hair arrangement that can be done quickly on a busy morning. Explains the basic arrangement method of crochet dumplings, ponytails, and chignon and tips for creating a feeling of mellowness. We also recommend short, bob, medium, and long hair for each length, so check it out!

Let’s Aim for Fashionable Girls With Easy and Easy-to-use Hair

Hair arrangement that is useful not only in the office but also in everyday life. For greedy women who want to make a simple hair arrangement even though they look elaborate, I’ve put together a recommended style. First of all, I will explain the basics of standard hair buns such as crochet buns, ponytails, kururinpa, and chignon. There is also a summary hair item that you can challenge according to hair length, so let’s take a look immediately.

Summary Hair Arrangement Part 1: Crochet X Dumpling Method & Hair Catalog

First of all, I will introduce how to make a tightly organized hair style by combining crochet and dumplings.

Crochet × Explanation of how to make dumplings

Step (1) Hold a thick curling iron vertically and wind the hair on the surface vertically. Divide the hair into several bundles and roll the whole hair.

Step (2) After winding, apply wax to the whole hair. However, the point is to rub it in.

Step (3) Leave behind hair on both sides and remove the hair up to the top of your ears

Step (4) Remove the hair that has fallen around the nape and put it together with rubber. Here, the dumpling is completed. If you use a thin one, you can hide it well at the end.

Step (5) For the back hair on the side, make a rope knit that twists the two hair bundles. If you knit while twisting, you will get a beautiful finish.

Step (6) Twist and loosen the hair and bring it onto the bun and fix it with a pin. Fasten it from top to bottom so as to hide the knot. Use the number of pins according to the amount of hair.

Step (7) Crochet x bun hair arrangement is complete!

Crochet x Recommended Hair Catalog for Dumplings

Dumpling that weaves the sides

Knit the sides to make a dumpling at a low position. If you loosen it softly, the feminine atmosphere will be further enhanced. Recommended when you want to decide in a formal situation.

Add accessories to loosely crochet

This is a style in which the sides are loosely crocheted and the dumplings are made at a low position. Combine with a large clip or barrette for a gorgeous impression. It’s perfect for called hair.

Crochet x twin dumplings

The cute arrangement of the left and right hair divided into buns at a low position is perfect for dates and holidays. If you pull out the hair in the braided part and give it a feeling of coming off.

Innocent cuteness with twin dumplings

The twin buns made at ear height are very innocent. By wrapping the base hair tightly, the degree of perfection is greatly improved. Also, the gold pin reinforces it, but it is a nice accent.

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Summary Hair Arrangement Part 2: How to Make a Ponytail & Hair Catalog

The second is how to make a ponytail style that is a classic but has an outstanding feeling.

How to do a ponytail

  1. Wrap your hair and rub it in to create volume.
  2. Roughly tie your hair together with your hands and tie it with rubber.
  3. At this time, if you tie it at a height that is an extension of your chin and ears. It’s decided cutely Let’s put out the back hair on the side at this stage.
  4. Separate the hair bundle from the bottom of the tied hair. Wrap the separated hair bundle around the rubber.
  5. The trick to make it easier at this time is to put your finger in the rubber. After that, you can pass the hair bundle through the rubber with your finger.
  6. Pull out the hair just above the knot. Hold the knot with your fingers and loosen it slowly. Pull out the base part instead of the hair on the surface to prevent the top from becoming flat.
  7. Continued Pinch the hair on the surface of the top a little and pull it out.
  8. Lift the bangs and apply a hairspray to give a soft and airy texture. Style the back hair and tied hair to create a unified look.
  9. Ponytail with a mellow and feminine atmosphere Is complete!

Recommended hair catalog for ponytails

Wave wave x ponytail

The wave wave style, which winds around a wavy wave, is recommended when you want to create a feeling of mellowness because it produces casual movements. The low pony that is put together in a low position is a cute adult finish. If you wrap your hair around the hair tie and hide it, the degree of perfection will improve!

Scarf x ponytail

A simple hair arrangement with a fashionable scarf wrapped around a low pony knot. The hair is finished with an outstanding presence, and it is also a point of coordination. Try sticking to the nuances of loosely swaying lagging hair.

Screw ponytail made with string

This is a screw screw ponytail made with a string. Wrap the back hair around your face for a more cute finish! Since it is originally a tight arrangement, there is little worry of collapse.

Summary Hair Arrangement Part 3: How to Make a Two-tiered Curly Hair & Hair Catalog

Here, we will introduce a simple hair arrangement that uses a that breaks the hair bundle and inserts the tips of the hair.

Two-stage method explanation

  1. Take the hair from the ears on both sides and tie it with rubber to make a half-up. At this time, if you use a thin rubber, you can hide it cleanly later. Separate the tied rubber firmly in the middle Let’s pass the hair bundle from top to bottom.
  2. Now you have the first stage of kururinpa. Take the remaining hair that has fallen from both sides and tie it with rubber.
  3. At this time, be careful that the knot comes on the curly hair bundle. Also, tie the curly hair bundle that comes to the first stage. Please be careful not to tie them together.
  4. Break the hair bundle that you just tied in the middle and make it so that it overlaps just below the first step.
  5. If you want to make it look tight, pull out the hair if you want to make it look loose.
  6. The fashionable two-tiered curly hair is completed !
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Recommended hair catalog using Kururinpa

Twin tail

A twin tail arrangement with hair that is divided into left and right. By wrapping the entire hair loosely in advance, a loose and fluffy texture will be created when it is broken. I want to decide on a cute date today! It is a recommended hair bundle at that time.

Adults are cute with low chignon and kururinpa

This is a style that combines low chignon and kururinpa. By shifting the chignon a little from the center, you can get a mature finish. Also, fasten the gold pin to the cross for one point!

Up hair made

Up hair that has been refreshed with a kururinpa and a scarf. Let’s create a nice atmosphere by leaving behind hair moderately. You can easily make fashionable hair bundles because you can do it only with Kururinpa.


Rinpa half-up that divides the top hair into left and right. If you curl your hair firmly, it will be gorgeous, so it is also recommended for parties and second parties. I’m glad that short bob and medium with short hair can also challenge.

There are many other things! Hair arrangement by hair length

Summary I know how to make a hair arrangement, but many people wonder, “Can I do it with my own hair length?” So, at the end, we picked up the recommended hair arrangements that do not crumble according to the length of the hair. Find a style that is close to your length and try to arrange it.

Easy hair arrangement for short hair

Crochet up hair

Up hair with crochet around the face of short hair. If you decorate with gorgeous hair accessories, it is perfect for parties. The curly hair moves casually, creating a cute atmosphere. The point is to wrap your bangs tightly!

Twist half up

Half-up with the top hair tied with rubber and the side hair twisted together. Gently pull out your hair to create a cute, loose silhouette. Why don’t you make a quick hairstyle with simple hair that can be done even with short hair?

Up hair gathered with gold pins

Up hair that is made by twisting short hair and pinning it with gold pins. The hair is tidy and refreshing, and the gold pins that are casually fastened are fashionable. Let’s show the nape and create a desirable rear view.

Cute with a small dumpling

This is a dumpling arrangement that even Mr. Short can do! The small dumplings are very cute. If you wrap the base hair tightly, it will be easier to make dumplings.

Bob’s Easy Hair Arrangement

Adult-like evening party roll

The evening party roll is a bundle of hair that is twisted up from behind and a comb is inserted and fastened. It is also recommended for the office scene as you can easily challenge yourself even on a busy morning. Please be aware of the exquisite balance that is neither too tight nor too broken!

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Crochet half-up

Half-up with a roughly crocheted bob hair back. At this time, make the crochet slightly slanted to create a nice atmosphere. You can get a bright and cute image by styling the grated hair so that it looks like an outside splash.

Rope knitting up hair

Up hair with rope knitting on the sides and back. By scattering the tips of the bob hair, the gorgeousness is greatly increased. Why don’t you try to imitate yourself with fashionable hair that you can easily challenge?

A little low pony for a clean look

This is a simple arrangement with bob hair tied at the back! By putting your hair together, your face and neck will look neat and bright. You can also aim for a small face effect by pulling out the hair behind.

Medium Easy Hair Arrangement

Dumplings with raised bangs

For bun hair made by hand, it will be easier to put it together if you knead the product wax all over in advance. The bangs are also neatly raised to create a bright look. Roll the lagging hair loosely to complete a cute arrangement!

Kururinpa’s down hair

Down hair that piles up the rimpa that comes in the back several times. The twist design is fashionable. Wrap the trailing hair loosely to make it feminine. Check it out as a versatile hair bundle that can be used for everyday and formal occasions!

Crochet pigtails for a lively impression

This is pigtail hair with left and right hair braided from the top. The area around the face is clean, and it gives a pop and energetic impression. Also, it’s a tight hairstyle, so I’m glad that it doesn’t crumble easily.

Long easy hair arrangement

Crochet side down

Down hair woven from top to side. By roughly knitting, a loose and fluffy texture is created. By using a see-through bang for the bangs, the finish will be full of looseness. Don’t knit the ends of the hair, but try to make use of the casual curls.

Adult-like crochet chignon

An adult hair arrangement with a crocheted back and a chignon at a low position. By loosely knitting and loosening, it creates a relaxing atmosphere. It is recommended as a long, easy-to-use hair that is perfect for offices and dates.

Large scrunchie and now

If you combine a simple low pony with a large scrunchie, it will be gorgeous at once! It’s a simple arrangement, but it’s very modern. You can decide whether to wrap your hair or not.

Let’s Try a Quick and Easy Hair Wrap

If you want to put your hair together so that it doesn’t get in the way at work, or if you want to easily dress up on holidays, please refer to the hair arrangements we have introduced. There are a lot of hair bundles that can be cute according to the length of the hair. It’s very easy, so why not try a different hairstyle every day?